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Upon Selection

  • Garen Select
    "My heart and sword always for Demacia."


  • Garen.attack01
    "Victory awaits!"
  • Garen.attack02
    "Accursed villains."
  • Garen.attack03
    "Battle the infamy."
  • Garen.attack04
    "I will lead the charge."
  • Garen.attack05
    "Vile scourge."
  • Garen.attack06
    "The scoundrels will pay!"
  • Garen.attack07
    "I will fight as long as I stand!"
  • Garen.attack08
    "Justice, by law, or by sword."
  • Garen.attack09
    "What we do is right!"
  • Garen.attack10
    "We are the vanguard."
  • Garen.attack12
    "Show them the strength of Demacia!"


  • Garen.move01
    "Forge onward!"
  • Garen.move02
    "For Demacia."
  • Garen.move03
    "In the King's name."
  • Garen.move04
    "I bring justice."
  • Garen.move05
    "Fear not, I'm coming."
  • Garen.move06
    "To protect our land."
  • Garen.move07
    "I stand ready."
  • Garen.move08
    "This world needs hope."
  • Garen.move09
    "Never forget why we fight!"
  • Garen.move10
    "Demacia marches as one."
  • Garen.move11
    "We fight for those who cannot."
  • Garen.move12
    "Our deeds shape the future."
  • Garen.move13
    "Fear is the first of many foes."
  • Garen.move14
    "Keep faith in yourself."
  • Garen.move15
    "Be bold; be just!"
  • Garen.move16
    "Our courage must never waver."


  • Garen.taunt01
    "Come forth, you will find honor in death."
  • Garen.taunt02
    "The glory of Demacia will never fade."
  • Garen.taunt03
    "No matter your numbers, I will not yield."
Taunting an Enemy Darius Darius
  • Garen.Dariustaunt2
    "Darius, you are a butcher, not a general."
  • Garen.Dariustaunt3
    "Extend the hand of Noxus, pull back a stump."


Garen does a one-hand stand
  • Garen.joke01
    "I've got a lot of weight on my shoulders!"
  • Garen.joke02
    "Hey, look, I'm holding the world up!"
  • Garen.joke03
    "I could do this for hours. Really."
Near an Enemy Darius Darius
  • Garen.Dariustaunt1
    "Darius, eat your heart out."
Near an Enemy Katarina Katarina
  • Garen.Katarinajoke1
    "Seven thousand and two--- oh, I didn't see you standing there."
  • Garen.Katarinajoke2
    "Demacia... "


  • Garen.laugh01
    Garen laughs.
  • Garen.laugh02
    Garen laughs.
  • Garen.laugh03
    Garen laughs.
  • Garen.laugh04
    Garen laughs.

Upon Using Decisive Strike.png Decisive Strike

  • Garen.W01
  • Garen.W02

Upon Using Courage.png Courage

  • Garen.W03
    "Stay resolute!"
  • Garen.W04
  • Garen.W05
    "Hold fast!"

Upon Using Judgment.png Judgment

  • Garen.E1
    "Break their ranks!"
  • Garen.E2
    "I will not falter!"

Upon Using Demacian Justice.png Demacian Justice

  • Garen.R1
  • Garen.R2
    "For the cause!"

Upon Killing an Enemy Darius Darius

  • Garen.W04

Upon Death

  • Garen.dying04
    "Demacia... "

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "Well fought!"


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