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Gavid Gavid, the Plant King is a canceled League of Legends Champion.



The reasoning for Gavid's cancelation was that he didn't fit with the game's artistic theme. Confirmation of his cancelation came in the 2010 Harrowing map skin for Summoner's Rift, where a coffin containing Gavid (along with two others each containing Averdrian Averdrian and Tabu Tabu) could be seen, effectively serving as the final 'nail in the coffin'.[1]


Data extracted from the game files


  • The icon for AnimateVitalis Animate Vitalis was recycled for the now removed Crest of Nature's Fury.png Crest of Nature's Fury buff, which used to be obtained by slaying the now removed Rabid Wolf Rabid Wolf on pre-update Twisted Treeline.
  • The icon for AnimateEntangler Animate Entangler was recycled for Baron Nashor Baron Nashor's Tentacle Knockup active.
  • Zyra Zyra closely mirrors Gavid's abilities and thematic, except for AnimateVitalis Animate Vitalis.


  • Gavid Model Files


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