Hextech Crafting Gemstone


Patch V6.3 introduced Rare Gem gemstones that are used to forge exclusive loot.

Obtaining Gemstones

  • Opening a Hextech Chest with a Hextech Key has a 4% chance of giving you a gemstone.
  • Leveling up to certain summoner levels (150, 200, 250, 300, 350, ...) gives you a guaranteed gemstone.
  • On certain events:
    • 2018 Lunar Revel on patch V8.3, a gemstone could be bought alongside the Puppy Warwick profileicon Puppy Warwick icon for RP icon 1250.
    • Snowdown Showdown on patch V7.24, unique gemstones could be bought by purchasing the following summoner icons: Gemstone Stocking profileicon Gemstone Stocking, Gemstone Pengu profileicon Gemstone Pengu, Gemstone Poro profileicon Gemstone Poro.
    • During the Essence Emporium, unique gemstones can be bought for BE icon 50,000, BE icon 75,000, and BE icon 100,000. These are respectively given with an exclusive icon: Gemstone Knight profileicon Gemstone Knight, Gemstone Prince profileicon Gemstone Prince, and Gemstone King profileicon Gemstone King.
Epic Capsule

Epic Capsule

  • Epic Capsules were limited time capsules. They rewarded you with 3 skins, at least one being Epic and increased Chance of getting Gemstone.

Loot Exclusive Content

Skin Hextech Chest (Permanent) Re-Rolled Shards Rarity Mythical Skin token Token Crafted with Rare Gems
AnnieSquare Hextech Annie [S|L] Done Done Rare Done Rare Gem 10
DariusSquare Dreadnova Darius [S|L] Done Done Rare Done Rare Gem 10
HecarimSquare Lancer Zero Hecarim [S|L] Done Done Rare Done Rare Gem 10
Kog'MawSquare Hextech Kog'Maw [S|L] Done Done Rare Done Rare Gem 10
SivirSquare Neo PAX Sivir [S|L] Done Done Ultra Rare Not done Rare Gem 10 (31-Aug-2017 to 8-Jan-2018)
VayneSquare Soulstealer Vayne [S|L] Done Done Rare Done Rare Gem 10
Hextech Ward Hextech Ward Done Done Rare Done Rare Gem 5
Dawnbringer Ward Dawnbringer Ward Done Done Rare Done Rare Gem 3 (No longer available)
Nightbringer Ward Nightbringer Ward Done Done Rare Done Rare Gem 3 (No longer available)

SivirSquare Neo PAX Sivir [S|L] can also be obtained with a Redeemable Code from Riot events.

Other Loot

Hextech Crafting Chest and Key
One Rare Gem gemstone can be consumed to give one Hextech Chest and one Hextech Key.

Legacy Loot

On the 2018 Lunar Revel event exclusive golden chromas and summoner icons were available. Each bundle costed Rare Gem 5 gemstones (or one Golden Revel Token Golden Revel Token).

Champion Chroma Icon
CaitlynSquare Lunar Wraith Caitlyn [S|L] Caitlyn LunarWraith (Golden) Lunar Wraith Caitlyn profileicon
CorkiSquare Dragonwing Corki [S|L] Corki Dragonwing (Golden) Dragonwing Corki profileicon
GarenSquare Warring Kingdoms Garen [S|L] Garen WarringKingdoms (Golden) Warring Kingdoms Garen profileicon
KatarinaSquare Warring Kingdoms Katarina [S|L] Katarina WarringKingdoms (Golden) Warring Kingdoms Katarina profileicon
SonaSquare Guqin Sona [S|L] Sona Guqin (Golden) Guqin Sona profileicon
RivenSquare Dragonblade Riven [S|L] Riven Dragonblade (Golden) Dragonblade Riven profileicon