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Giant Wolf



Gold 48
Experience 142
Health 1320
Attack damage 42
Attack speed 0.679/sec
Armor 9
Magic resistance 0
Movement speed 427
Spawn time 1:40
Respawn time 1:15

A Giant Wolf is a neutral monster in League of Legends. It is described in-game as "a very fast monster with an immense chance to critical strike its target".

It can be found with two WolfSquare.png Lesser Wolves on Twisted Treeline.

Smite Bonus

Using Smite.png Smite upon the Giant WolfSquare.png Giant Wolf will grant Gift of the Toadstool.png Gift of the Toadstool for 90 seconds, which poisons enemies who attack you: dealing 4 + (8 × level) magic damage over 3 seconds. This bonus can only be claimed once per spawn.

The Giant Wolf gives off purple bubbles if the Smite bonus is available. Once the bonus is harvested, the effect disappears until the Giant Wolf respawns. This is only visible to champions withSmite.png Smite.

The duration of this bonus is unaffected by Runic Affinity.


It could be found with two WolfSquare.png Lesser Wolves on Summoner's Rift.

The Giant Wolf was replaced by the Greater Murk WolfSquare.png Greater Murk Wolf on Summoner's Rift on patch V4.20.

Two could be found on Twisted Treeline with one WolfSquare.png Rabid Wolf before the remake. This camp alternated with two WraithSquare.png Wraiths with one WraithSquare.png Ghast.

The wolves on the new Twisted Treeline have been reworked to look undead in order to match the theme better.

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