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Upon Selection

  • Gnar Select
    "Gnar gada!"


  • Gnar.attack01
  • Gnar.attack02
  • Gnar.attack03
  • Gnar.attack04
  • Gnar.attack05
  • Gnar.attack06
  • Gnar.attack07
  • Gnar.attack08
  • Gnar.attack09
  • Gnar.attack10
  • Gnar.attack12
  • Gnar.attack11
    Gnar squeals.
Mega Gnar Mega Gnar
  • Gnar.megaMove01
    Mega Gnar roars.
  • Gnar.megaMove02
    Mega Gnar roars.


  • Gnar.move01
  • Gnar.move02
  • Gnar.move03
  • Gnar.move04
    "Hursh, rao!"
  • Gnar.move05
  • Gnar.move06
    "Onna legga."
  • Gnar.move07
  • Gnar.move08
  • Gnar.move09
    "Oga lagga."
  • Gnar.move10
  • Gnar.move11
    "Oga manni maxa."
  • Gnar.move12
  • Gnar.move13
    "Fue huega."
  • Gnar.move14
  • Gnar.move15
    "Ganaloo mo."
  • Gnar.move16
    Gnar groans.
  • Gnar.move17
    Gnar yelps.
  • Gnar.move18
    Gnar scoffs.
  • Gnar.move19
    Gnar sniffs.
Mega Gnar Mega Gnar
  • Gnar.megaMove03
    Mega Gnar snarls.
  • Gnar.megaMove04
    Mega Gnar snarls.
  • Gnar.megaMove05
    Mega Gnar snarls.
  • Gnar.megaMove06
    Mega Gnar snarls.


Gnar chases his tail
  • Gnar.joke01
    "Shoo shoo? Bahnah!" (laughs)
Mega Gnar Mega Gnar
  • Gnar.megaJoke01
    Mega Gnar begins to roar, but chokes and coughs.


  • Gnar.dance01
    Gnar chants.
  • Gnar.dance02
    Gnar chants.
Mega Gnar Mega Gnar
  • Gnar.megaDance01
    Mega Gnar chants.


  • Gnar.taunt01
    "Shugi shugi shugi!"
  • Gnar.taunt02
    "Haygo vaygo!"
  • Gnar.unknown
    "Jay Watford."
Taunting an Enemy Annie Annie
  • Gnar.tauntAnnie
Taunting an Enemy Fizz Fizz
  • Gnar.tauntFizz
Taunting an Enemy Garen Garen
  • Gnar.tauntGaren
Taunting an Enemy Nocturne Nocturne
  • Gnar.tauntNocturne
Taunting an Enemy Rammus Rammus
  • Gnar.tauntRammus
Mega Gnar Mega Gnar
  • Gnar.megaTaunt01
    Mega Gnar roars.
  • Gnar.megaTaunt02
    Mega Gnar roars.


  • Gnar.laugh01
    Gnar laughs.
  • Gnar.laugh02
    Gnar laughs.
  • Gnar.laugh03
    Gnar laughs.
  • Gnar.laugh04
    Gnar laughs.
Mega Gnar Mega Gnar
  • Gnar.megaLaugh01
    Mega Gnar chuckles.

When Mini Gnar Mini Gnar Transforms into Mega Gnar Mega Gnar

  • Gnar.transform01


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