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  • Gnar's concept is built on monstrous transformations in fiction coupled with the Fish Out of Water trope.
  • In Brazilian localization Gnar's title was changed to O Yordle Pré-histórico ('the Prehistoric Yordle') in order to avoid matchmaking-rating-associated jokes/bullying derived from O Elo Perdido ('the Missing Link')
  • Gnar is the second champion to have two champion portraits (GnarSquare Mini Gnar and Gnar MegaSquare Mega Gnar) the first being QuinnSquare Quinn and ValorSquare Valor.
  • Mini Gnar has the fewest active abilities of any ranged champion (Hyper Hyper and GNAR! GNAR! are fully passive effects) and the lowest health at Level 18 (1645)
  • Mega Gnar has his own separate emotes from Mini Gnar's.


  • Gnar was leaked by Redditor 'WhyRenektonWhy' (who also leaked Ultra Rapid Fire, YasuoSquare Yasuo, and KalistaSquare Kalista, and whose account has since been terminated)
    • Gnar may have more than one source:
      • Proto-Germanic onomatopoeic verb *gnarrojanan "to snarl, growl"[1];
      • The last four letters, spelt backwards, of Boomerang, from an extinct dialect of the Dharug language.
    • Mega Gnar might be referencing the Gnaar from Serious Sam.
  • Gnar's skull headdress might be referencing TabuSquare Tabu the Voodoo Shaman, a canceled champion whose staff was crowned by the same skull.


  • Gnar is about four human years old.
  • He is unaware that he transforms but that may change when he grows older.
    • He retains his personality as Mega Gnar.
  • The tribal paintings in 'Discovering the Link' depict Gnar and his family living in peace until a one-eyed entity with two horns/tentacles (speculated to be a Frozen Watcher or one of Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz's Voidborn species) attacked them. It knocks Gnar's family away, triggering his Rage Gene Rage Gene therefore turning Mega, and promptly fighting the entity to unknown success.
    • Apparently defeated AniviaSquare Anivia encases Gnar for centuries in True Ice to preserve him and ultimately awakens him again to fight the Frozen Watchers on the brink of their return.[2]
      • Immediately after his escape he's rampaging through the woods as Mega Gnar, with RengarSquare Rengar hunting him down to take him as a prize.
  • Gnar learned to use a boomerang from and fashioned his after his father's.
    • The boomerang is hidden in Mega Gnar's fur when he transforms.[3]
  • Gnar is the only Yordle in modern times to have a tail due to his antiquity.


  • What appears to be childish babbling is actually Gnar's own native language.


GnarSquare Classic Gnar [S|L]
  • He references Stitch from Lilo & Stitch down to the way he taunts people.
  • He resembles Cubone and Marowak from Pokémon whom also have a boomerang attack.
  • Helmet Bro's helmet can be seen to the left.
  • He has a bloodstain on his left cheek likely from fighting RengarSquare Rengar as Mega Gnar.
GnarSquare Dino Gnar [S|L]
  • He is living his fantasy of being a dinosaur.
  • His Rose Quartz chroma may have been inspired by the Care Bears.
  • When he reaches over 50 rage he moves on all fours and he costume gradually turns red while the hood of it covers his face
  • He might have been inspired by Boo from Monsters, Inc. and Reptar from Rugrats.
  • He resembles Dino-Rang from Skylanders down to the use of a boomerang.
  • His artwork might be referencing a scene from Lilo & Stitch.
  • When Recall recalling he will play with toy blocks spelling 'LOL' (League of Legends)
    • Mega Gnar will instead smash down a helicopter and eat it referencing Godzilla.
GnarSquare Gentleman Gnar [S|L]
GnarSquare Snow Day Gnar [S|L]
GnarSquare El León Gnar [S|L]
GnarSquare Super Galaxy Gnar [S|L]


  • Gnar will befriend nearly everyone that is kind and will play with him.
  • Gnar has a strained relationship with RengarSquare Rengar for hunting him down while unaware of the true identity of the creature he wanted as a prize.
    • The Missing Link does not dislike the Pridestalker and seemingly forgave him since their encounter.
  • HeimerdingerSquare Heimerdinger is very interested in Gnar for the evolutionary insights he might provide regarding Yordlekind.


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