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  • Gnar was leaked by Redditor 'WhyRenektonWhy' (who also leaked Ultra Rapid Fire, Yasuo Yasuo, and Kalista Kalista, and whose account has since been terminated)
    • Gnar may have more than one source.
    • Arabic for 'fire' (the G in both is silent)
  • Gnar's skull headdress might be referencing Tabu Tabu the Voodoo Shaman, a canceled champion whose staff was crowned by the same skull.


  • Gnar is about four human years old.
  • He is unaware that he transforms but that may change when he grows older.
    • He retains his personality as Mega Gnar.
  • The tribal paintings in 'Discovering the Link' depict Gnar and his family living in peace until a one-eyed entity with two horns/tentacles (speculated to be a Frozen Watcher or one of Vel&#039;Koz Vel'Koz's Voidborn species) attacked them. It knocks Gnar's family away, triggering his Rage Gene.png Rage Gene therefore turning Mega, and promptly fighting the entity to unknown success.
    • Apparently defeated Anivia Anivia encases Gnar for centuries in True Ice to preserve him and ultimately awakens him again to fight the Frozen Watchers on the brink of their return.[1]
      • Immediately after his escape he's rampaging through the woods as Mega Gnar, with Rengar Rengar hunting him down to take him as a prize.
  • Gnar learned to use a boomerang from and fashioned his after his father's.
    • The boomerang is hidden in Mega Gnar's fur when he transforms.[2]
  • Gnar is the only Yordle in modern times to have a tail due to his antiquity.


  • What appears to be childish babbling is actually Gnar's own native language.


GnarSquare.png Classic Gnar [S|L]
  • He references Stitch from Lilo & Stitch down to the way he taunts people.
  • He resembles Cubone and Marowak from Pokémon whom also have a boomerang attack.
  • Helmet Bro's helmet can be seen to the left.
  • He has a bloodstain on his left cheek likely from fighting Rengar Rengar as Mega Gnar.
GnarSquare.png Dino Gnar [S|L]
  • He is living his fantasy of being a dinosaur.
  • His Rose Quartz chroma may have been inspired by the Care Bears.
  • When he reaches over 50 rage he moves on all fours and he costume gradually turns red while the hood of it covers his face
  • He might have been inspired by Boo from Monsters, Inc. and Reptar from Rugrats.
  • He resembles Dino-Rang from Skylanders down to the use of a boomerang.
  • His artwork might be referencing a scene from Lilo & Stitch.
    • Figurines of Garen Garen and Katarina Katarina can be seen in the foreground.
  • When Recall.png recalling he will play with toy blocks spelling 'LOL' (League of Legends)
    • Mega Gnar will instead smash down a helicopter and eat it referencing Godzilla.
GnarSquare.png Gentleman Gnar [S|L]
GnarSquare.png Snow Day Gnar [S|L]
GnarSquare.png El León Gnar [S|L]


  • Gnar will befriend nearly everyone that is kind and will play with him.
  • Gnar has a strained relationship with Rengar Rengar for hunting him down while unaware of the true identity of the creature he wanted as a prize.
    • The Missing Link does not dislike the Pridestalker and seemingly forgave him since their encounter.
  • Heimerdinger Heimerdinger is very interested in Gnar for the evolutionary insights he might provide regarding Yordlekind.