Gold is the in-game currency of League of Legends. It is used to buy items in the shop that provide champions with bonus stats and abilities, which in turn is one of the main ways for champions to increase their power over the course of a game.

At the beginning of the game, champions are given starting gold based on the map being played on, and can receive more gold through various means.

Starting Gold

Increasing passive gold gain

Champions can earn gold passively, without requiring direct action from the player. It is typically quantified in terms of the amount of gold gained over 10 seconds ("gold per 10" for short). Passive gold gain does not activate until minions spawn, and can be increased by gold-generating items.

Base gold generation

Every champion passively generates gold at a rate that varies from map to map. This gold gain does not begin until minions spawn.


The following gold income items will passively generate gold every 10 seconds, only of them may be carried at a time.

Item Cost Amount Availability
Ancient Coin item Ancient Coin350 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Celestial Eye item Celestial Eye0 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Eye of Ascension item Eye of Ascension0 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Eye of Frost item Eye of Frost0 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Eye of the Aspect item Eye of the Aspect0 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Eye of the Watchers item Eye of the Watchers0 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Frostfang item Frostfang850 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Nomad's Eye item Nomad's Eye0 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Nomad's Medallion item Nomad's Medallion850 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Relic Shield item Relic Shield350 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Remnant of the Ascended item Remnant of the Ascended1500 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Remnant of the Aspect item Remnant of the Aspect1800 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Remnant of the Watchers item Remnant of the Watchers1800 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Spellthief's Edge item Spellthief's Edge350 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Targon's Brace item Targon's Brace850 Gold2Summoner's Rift
Ancient Coin item Timeworn Ancient Coin350 Gold2Twisted Treeline
Face of the Mountain item Timeworn Face of the Mountain2200 Gold2Twisted Treeline
Frostfang item Timeworn Frostfang850 Gold2Twisted Treeline
Frost Queen's Claim item Timeworn Frost Queen's Claim2200 Gold2Twisted Treeline
Nomad's Medallion item Timeworn Nomad's Medallion850 Gold2Twisted Treeline
Relic Shield item Timeworn Relic Shield350 Gold2Twisted Treeline
Spellthief's Edge item Timeworn Spellthief's Edge350 Gold2Twisted Treeline
Talisman of Ascension item Timeworn Talisman of Ascension2200 Gold2Twisted Treeline
Targon's Brace item Timeworn Targon's Brace850 Gold2Twisted Treeline
  • Every gold income item will also grant Bandit mastery 2016 Bandit, granting gold when nearby minions killed by an ally.

Increasing active gold gain

Champions can also gain gold by doing certain actions. Gold that is earned through direct action from the player is considered active gold gain. It can be increased by items.


Champion abilities


Killing units

Minions, monsters, and pets

Gold can be earned by dealing the killing blow ("last hit") to enemy minions and neutral monsters.

  • The gold earned from minion kills is dependent on the game time. As the game progresses, each minion is worth more.
  • The gold earned from neutral monsters also increases over time, depending on when the monsters were spawned. In addition, the largest monster in a minor camp will slowly increase its gold value to a modest cap after approximately two minutes.
  • Pets and summons such as AnnieSquare Annie's Command- Tibbers Tibbers, MalzaharSquare Malzahar's Void Swarm Voidling, ShacoSquare Shaco's Jack in the Box Jack in the Box, and ZyraSquare Zyra's Garden of Thorns Plants grant gold to the champion who kills them.
  • Certain epic monsters give gold globally, providing gold for the entire team. The champion who lands the killing blow receives an additional Gold 25.


Gold can be earned by killing or assisting in killing enemy champions. The gold gain is determined by how many kills the slain champion has recently accumulated (champions that have killed many enemies without dying are worth more gold).


  • Destroying a turret grants varying amounts of gold.
  • Destroying an inhibitor or nexus grants the player Gold 50, but the latter is irrelevant as it also causes the game to end.


  • Destroying a ward grants varying amounts of gold.


Twisted Treeline

  • When someone on your team seizes an altar Gold 80 is globally earned for each member of the team.

Crystal Scar

  • Players gain Gold 100 for neutralizing a point, and Gold 100 for capturing a point. This number is dependent on the number of champions involved in the capture of a point: two champions will each gain Gold 75, and three champions will each gain Gold 63.

Selling Items

  • All items can be sold back at the shop for 70% of their total cost.
  • The exceptions to this rule are returning only 40% of their original cost:
  • When you undo an item purchase, you are refunded the full cost. Gold generation items also return any gold they generated.


  • Most gold possible from a single teamfight : Gold 8535 (abilities and items that increase gold income excluded)
    • Requires 1 champion on winning side to be very negative in KDA, 1 champion must get all 5 max shut downs, the 3 remaining must have 4 assists over kills before the fight.
    • Everyone but the player getting the shut downs must get an assist on every shut down. Everyone on the winning side must survive the fight.

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