The following table displays all the item gold efficiencies as calculated by standards described on the parent page gold efficiency.

Item Cost Base Efficiency
Abyssal Mask item Abyssal Mask3000 Gold87%
Adaptive Helm item Adaptive Helm2800 Gold88.93%
Aegis of the Legion item Aegis of the Legion1100 Gold103.64%
Aether Wisp item Aether Wisp850 Gold76.76%
Amplifying Tome item Amplifying Tome435 Gold100%
Ancient Coin item Ancient Coin350 Gold55.24%
Archangel's Staff item Archangel's Staff3200 Gold70.76%
Archangel's Staff (Quick Charge) item Archangel's Staff (Quick Charge)3200 Gold70.76%
Ardent Censer item Ardent Censer2300 Gold108.19%
Athene's Unholy Grail item Athene's Unholy Grail2100 Gold93.29%
B. F. Sword item B. F. Sword1300 Gold107.69%
Bami's Cinder item Bami's Cinder900 Gold59.26%
Banshee's Veil item Banshee's Veil3000 Gold99.26%
Berserker's Greaves item Berserker's Greaves1100 Gold79.55%
Bilgewater Cutlass item Bilgewater Cutlass1500 Gold83.33%
Blade of the Ruined King item Blade of the Ruined King3200 Gold77.34%
Blasting Wand item Blasting Wand850 Gold102.35%
Bloodrazor item Bloodrazor2625 Gold47.62%
Boots of Mobility item Boots of Mobility900 Gold0%
Boots of Speed item Boots of Speed300 Gold0%
Boots of Swiftness item Boots of Swiftness900 Gold0%
Bramble Vest item Bramble Vest1000 Gold70%
Brawler's Gloves item Brawler's Gloves400 Gold0%
Catalyst of Aeons item Catalyst of Aeons1100 Gold92.73%
Caulfield's Warhammer item Caulfield's Warhammer1100 Gold103.79%
Celestial Eye item Celestial Eye850 Gold56.86%
Chain Vest item Chain Vest800 Gold100%
Chalice of Harmony item Chalice of Harmony800 Gold98.75%
Juggernaut item Cinderhulk2500 Gold32%
Circlet of the Iron Solari item Circlet of the Iron Solari2700 Gold83.33%
Cloth Armor item Cloth Armor300 Gold100%
Control Ward item Control Ward75 Gold0%
Corrupting Potion item Corrupting Potion500 Gold0%
Crystalline Bracer item Crystalline Bracer650 Gold105.13%
Cull item Cull450 Gold54.44%
Dagger item Dagger300 Gold100%
Dead Man's Plate item Dead Man's Plate2900 Gold80.46%
Death's Dance item Death's Dance3500 Gold87.62%
Doran's Blade item Doran's Blade450 Gold134.63%
Doran's Ring item Doran's Ring400 Gold121.56%
Doran's Shield item Doran's Shield450 Gold47.41%
Duskblade of Draktharr item Duskblade of Draktharr2900 Gold75.57%
Edge of Night item Edge of Night3100 Gold83.6%
Elixir of Iron item Elixir of Iron500 Gold0%
Elixir of Sorcery item Elixir of Sorcery500 Gold0%
Elixir of Wrath item Elixir of Wrath500 Gold0%
Essence Reaver item Essence Reaver3200 Gold106.35%
Executioner's Calling item Executioner's Calling800 Gold65.63%
Eye of Ascension item Eye of Ascension1500 Gold86.33%
Eye of Frost item Eye of Frost850 Gold111.96%
Eye of the Aspect item Eye of the Aspect1800 Gold100%
Eye of the Watchers item Eye of the Watchers1800 Gold100.63%
Faerie Charm item Faerie Charm125 Gold100%
Fiendish Codex item Fiendish Codex900 Gold114.21%
Forbidden Idol item Forbidden Idol800 Gold100%
Forgefire Cape item Forgefire Cape3900 Gold88.89%
Frostfang item Frostfang850 Gold111.96%
Frozen Heart item Frozen Heart2700 Gold114.57%
Frozen Mallet item Frozen Mallet3100 Gold94.09%
Gargoyle Stoneplate item Gargoyle Stoneplate2500 Gold60.8%
Giant's Belt item Giant's Belt1000 Gold101.33%
Glacial Shroud item Glacial Shroud900 Gold112.96%
Guardian Angel item Guardian Angel2800 Gold84.82%
Guardian's Hammer item Guardian's Hammer950 Gold155.26%
Guardian's Horn item Guardian's Horn950 Gold42.11%
Orb of Winter item Guardian's Orb950 Gold122.24%
Guinsoo's Rageblade item Guinsoo's Rageblade3300 Gold61.93%
Haunting Guise item Haunting Guise1500 Gold86.31%
Health Potion item Health Potion50 Gold0%
Hexdrinker item Hexdrinker1300 Gold102.31%
Hextech GLP-800 item Hextech GLP-8002800 Gold101.67%
Hextech Gunblade item Hextech Gunblade3400 Gold92.35%
Hextech Protobelt-01 item Hextech Protobelt-012500 Gold94.87%
Hextech Revolver item Hextech Revolver1050 Gold82.86%
Hunter's Machete item Hunter's Machete350 Gold0%
Hunter's Potion item Hunter's Potion400 Gold0%
Hunter's Talisman item Hunter's Talisman350 Gold0%
Iceborn Gauntlet item Iceborn Gauntlet2700 Gold93.83%
Infernal Mask item Infernal Mask4000 Gold94.33%
Infinity Edge item Infinity Edge3600 Gold77.78%
Ionian Boots of Lucidity item Ionian Boots of Lucidity900 Gold29.63%
Jaurim's Fist item Jaurim's Fist1200 Gold88.19%
Kindlegem item Kindlegem800 Gold100%
Kircheis Shard item Kircheis Shard800 Gold46.88%
Knight's Vow item Knight's Vow2200 Gold78.79%
Last Whisper item Last Whisper1300 Gold26.92%
Liandry's Torment item Liandry's Torment3100 Gold81.94%
Lich Bane item Lich Bane3200 Gold82.29%
Locket of the Iron Solari item Locket of the Iron Solari2200 Gold76.36%
Long Sword item Long Sword350 Gold100%
Lord Dominik's Regards item Lord Dominik's Regards2800 Gold50%
Lord Van Damm's Pillager item Lord Van Damm's Pillager3000 Gold93.89%
Lost Chapter item Lost Chapter1300 Gold99.23%
Luden's Echo item Luden's Echo3200 Gold95.76%
Manamune item Manamune2400 Gold51.04%
Manamune (Quick Charge) item Manamune (Quick Charge)2400 Gold51.04%
Maw of Malmortius item Maw of Malmortius3250 Gold89.74%
Mejai's Soulstealer item Mejai's Soulstealer1400 Gold51.07%
Mercurial Scimitar item Mercurial Scimitar3600 Gold91.11%
Mercury's Treads item Mercury's Treads1100 Gold40.91%
Mikael's Crucible item Mikael's Crucible2100 Gold130.32%
Molten Edge item Molten Edge4600 Gold83.7%
Moonflair Spellblade item Moonflair Spellblade2400 Gold124.48%
Morellonomicon item Morellonomicon3000 Gold84.67%
Mortal Reminder item Mortal Reminder2800 Gold50%
Nashor's Tooth item Nashor's Tooth3000 Gold117.44%
Needlessly Large Rod item Needlessly Large Rod1250 Gold104.4%
Negatron Cloak item Negatron Cloak720 Gold100%
Ninja Tabi item Ninja Tabi1100 Gold36.36%
Nomad's Eye item Nomad's Eye850 Gold63.14%
Nomad's Medallion item Nomad's Medallion850 Gold63.14%
Null-Magic Mantle item Null-Magic Mantle450 Gold100%
Murksphere item Oblivion Orb1500 Gold71.81%
Ohmwrecker item Ohmwrecker2650 Gold94.97%
Oracle's Extract item Oracle's Extract300 Gold0%
Perfect Hex Core item Perfect Hex Core3000 Gold0%
Phage item Phage1250 Gold84.67%
Phantom Dancer item Phantom Dancer2800 Gold90.09%
Pickaxe item Pickaxe875 Gold100%
Poacher's Dirk item Poacher's Dirk500 Gold70%
Quicksilver Sash item Quicksilver Sash1300 Gold41.54%
Rabadon's Deathcap item Rabadon's Deathcap3600 Gold72.5%
Rabadon's Deathcrown item Rabadon's Deathcrown4600 Gold82.74%
Randuin's Omen item Randuin's Omen2900 Gold78.16%
Rapid Firecannon item Rapid Firecannon2900 Gold74.05%
Raptor Cloak item Raptor Cloak900 Gold108.33%
Ravenous Hydra item Ravenous Hydra3500 Gold101.43%
Recurve Bow item Recurve Bow1000 Gold62.5%
Redemption item Redemption2100 Gold112.7%
Refillable Potion item Refillable Potion150 Gold0%
Rejuvenation Bead item Rejuvenation Bead150 Gold100%
Relic Shield item Relic Shield350 Gold38.09%
Remnant of the Ascended item Remnant of the Ascended1500 Gold86.33%
Remnant of the Aspect item Remnant of the Aspect1800 Gold100%
Remnant of the Watchers item Remnant of the Watchers1800 Gold100.63%
Righteous Glory item Righteous Glory2650 Gold100.13%
Rod of Ages item Rod of Ages2700 Gold93.52%
Rod of Ages (Crystal Scar) item Rod of Ages (Quick Charge)2700 Gold93.52%
Ruby Crystal item Ruby Crystal400 Gold100%
Runaan's Hurricane item Runaan's Hurricane2900 Gold85.4%
Magus item Runic Echoes2625 Gold92.44%
Rylai's Crystal Scepter item Rylai's Crystal Scepter2600 Gold106.06%
Salvation item Salvation2600 Gold122.44%
Sapphire Crystal item Sapphire Crystal350 Gold100%
Seeker's Armguard item Seeker's Armguard1100 Gold94.09%
Serrated Dirk item Serrated Dirk1100 Gold79.55%
Sheen item Sheen1050 Gold58.73%
Shurelya's Reverie item Shurelya's Reverie2250 Gold96.44%
Skirmisher's Sabre item Skirmisher's Sabre1000 Gold0%
Sorcerer's Shoes item Sorcerer's Shoes1100 Gold50.91%
Spectre's Cowl item Spectre's Cowl1200 Gold93.06%
Spellbinder item Spellbinder2900 Gold103.62%
Spellthief's Edge item Spellthief's Edge350 Gold97.86%
Spirit Visage item Spirit Visage2800 Gold98.45%
Stalker's Blade item Stalker's Blade1000 Gold0%
Statikk Shiv item Statikk Shiv2900 Gold78.36%
Sterak's Gage item Sterak's Gage3200 Gold37.5%
Stinger item Stinger1100 Gold103.79%
Stopwatch item Stopwatch600 Gold0%
Stormrazor item Stormrazor3200 Gold105.47%
Sunfire Cape item Sunfire Cape2900 Gold80.46%
Targon's Brace item Targon's Brace850 Gold56.86%
Tear of the Goddess item Tear of the Goddess850 Gold41.18%
Tear of the Goddess (Crystal Scar) item Tear of the Goddess (Quick Charge)850 Gold41.18%
The Black Cleaver item The Black Cleaver3000 Gold100%
The Bloodthirster item The Bloodthirster3500 Gold80%
The Dark Seal item The Dark Seal350 Gold133.21%
The Hex Core mk-1 item The Hex Core mk-11250 Gold0%
The Hex Core mk-2 item The Hex Core mk-22250 Gold0%
The Obsidian Cleaver item The Obsidian Cleaver4000 Gold102.5%
Thornmail item Thornmail2900 Gold78.16%
Tiamat item Tiamat1200 Gold85.42%
Ancient Coin item Timeworn Ancient Coin350 Gold55.24%
Face of the Mountain item Timeworn Face of the Mountain2100 Gold65.08%
Frostfang item Timeworn Frostfang850 Gold111.96%
Frost Queen's Claim item Timeworn Frost Queen's Claim2200 Gold82.8%
Nomad's Medallion item Timeworn Nomad's Medallion850 Gold63.14%
Relic Shield item Timeworn Relic Shield350 Gold38.09%
Spellthief's Edge item Timeworn Spellthief's Edge350 Gold97.86%
Talisman of Ascension item Timeworn Talisman of Ascension2200 Gold82.35%
Targon's Brace item Timeworn Targon's Brace850 Gold56.86%
Titanic Hydra item Titanic Hydra3500 Gold82.86%
Trinity Force item Trinity Force3733 Gold97.04%
Trinity Fusion item Trinity Fusion4733 Gold100.31%
Twin Shadows item Twin Shadows2400 Gold86.07%
Vampiric Scepter item Vampiric Scepter900 Gold100%
Void Staff item Void Staff2650 Gold57.45%
Warden's Mail item Warden's Mail1000 Gold80%
Warmog's Armor item Warmog's Armor2850 Gold105.26%
Warrior item Warrior2625 Gold90.16%
Wit's End item Wit's End2400 Gold71.67%
Wooglet's Witchcap item Wooglet's Witchcap3400 Gold90.44%
Wooglet's Witchcrown item Wooglet's Witchcrown4450 Gold95.98%
Youmuu's Ghostblade item Youmuu's Ghostblade2900 Gold75.57%
Zeal item Zeal1300 Gold75%
Zeke's Convergence item Zeke's Convergence2250 Gold104.74%
Zhonya's Hourglass item Zhonya's Hourglass2900 Gold96.48%
Zhonya's Paradox item Zhonya's Paradox3900 Gold93.38%
Zz'Rot Portal item Zz'Rot Portal2700 Gold91.3%
Boots of Mobility item Boots of Mobility (out of combat) 153.33%
Cull item Cull (after 100 CS) 154.44%
Dead Man's Plate item Dead Man's Plate (full Momentum) 105.29%
Guinsoo's Rageblade item Guinsoo's Rageblade (stacked) 152.71%
Maw of Malmortius item Maw of Malmortius (with passive) 138.46%
Mejai's Soulstealer item Mejai's Soulstealer (stacked) 271.34%
Rod of Ages item Rod of Ages (stacked) 150.68%
Seeker's Armguard item Seeker's Armguard (stacked) 151.02%
Tear of the Goddess item Tear of the Goddess (stacked) 164.71%
The Dark Seal item The Dark Seal (stacked) 319.64%
Wit's End item Wit's End (stacked) 132.08%