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Freljord Avarosan

Upon Selection

  • Gragas Select
    "If you're buying, I'm in!"


  • Gragas.attack1
    "Last call!"
  • Gragas.attack2
    "Have a drink!"
  • Gragas.attack3
  • Gragas.attack4
    "Dodge this!"
  • Gragas.attack5
    "Happy hour incoming!"
  • Gragas.attack6
    "Fight time!"
  • Gragas.attack7
    "Time to roll out the barrel!"


  • Gragas.move1
    "Don't get pushy!"
  • Gragas.move2
    "Yeah, yeah... "
  • Gragas.move3
    "Need some grog... "
  • Gragas.move4
    "Oh yeah!"
  • Gragas.move5
    "Get some!"
  • Gragas.move6
    "I'm on it..."
  • Gragas.move7
    "Let's get this party started!"


  • Gragas.taunt
    "I'll drink you under the table, scrub!"


  • Gragas.joke
    "The only time I have a drinking problem is when I spill it!"


  • Gragas.laugh1
    Gragas laughs.
  • Gragas.laugh2
    Gragas laughs.
  • Gragas.laugh3
    Gragas laughs.
  • Gragas.laugh4
    Gragas laughs.

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

GragasSquare.png Oktoberfest Gragas [S|L]
  • GragasOktoberfest.recall01
    Gragas plays an accordion.


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