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Upon Selection

  • Graves Select
    "Dead man walkin'."


  • Graves.attack1
    "Go ahead! I like moving targets."
  • Graves.attack2
    "This is gonna tickle."
  • Graves.attack3
    "They picked the wrong fight."
  • Graves.attack4
    "Think I'm bluffin'?"
  • Graves.attack5
    "Like fish in a barrel."
  • Graves.attack6
    "End of the line."


  • Graves.move1
    "I've got no time for games."
  • Graves.move2
    "What are you playin' at?"
  • Graves.move3
    "Feelin' lucky?"
  • Graves.move4
    "Try me."
  • Graves.move5
    "Easy, partner."
  • Graves.move6
    "Got any bright ideas?"
  • Graves.move7
    "Always trouble."
  • Graves.move8
    "Let's settle the score."
  • Graves.move9
    "I ain't got time to bleed."


  • Graves.taunt1
    "Don't die, yet! Heh, that was only a warning shot."
  • Graves.taunt2
    "Hope you weren't planning to die of natural causes."


  • Graves.joke1
    "I like my enemies two ways: dead, or about to be."
  • Graves.joke2
    "Everyone's a hero... till you shoot off a leg or two."


  • Graves.laugh1
    Graves laughs.
  • Graves.laugh2
    Graves laughs.
  • Graves.laugh3
    Graves laughs.
  • Graves.laugh4
    Graves laughs.

Upon Using Smoke Screen.png Smoke Screen

  • Graves.W1
    "Lights out."
  • Graves.W2
    "Lights out!"
  • Graves.W3
    "All in."
  • Graves.W4
    "Bettin' blind."
  • Graves.W5
    "Bettin' blind!"
  • Graves.W6
    "Night night."
  • Graves.W7
    "Night night!"
Upon Hitting an Enemy Nocturne Nocturne with Smoke Screen.png Smoke Screen
  • Graves.Winteraction1
    "Who's in the dark now?"
  • Graves.Winteraction2
    "I've got your darkness."

Upon Death

  • Graves.dying4
    "Aah... tarnation... "

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "This calls for the ol' double-barreled 'hello'."
Against Player Twisted Fate Twisted Fate
  • "Well, well, it's time I straightened you out, Fate... "
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "End of the line."


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