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Thresh Thresh and the ground-targeting of Dark Passage.png Dark Passage.

Ground-targeting is a targeting paradigm in League of Legends which requires abilities utilizing it to specify a target location within range before being used, with the crux of the spell centering at this location.

Overwhelmingly, abilities using this targeting type have a circular area of effect around the point, with the few exceptions being wall-type spells (such as Jinx Jinx's Flame Chompers!.png Flame Chompers!), vector-targeted spells (Rumble Rumble's The Equalizer.png The Equalizer and Viktor Viktor's Death Ray.png Death Ray) and certain blink abilities (which do not have an area of effect).

Ground-targeting is separated into subsets of being movement and non-movement related. Ground-targeted movement spells are either blinks or dashes that move the caster to the new location, usually dealing any damage and effects when they arrive. Non-movement spells are traditional casts that do not move the caster in any way and are instead projectile-based or instantaneous in nature.

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