If it's supposed to be a guide, it goes here -- Nystus talk contribs email 23:43, May 27, 2011 (UTC)

I think that instead of "roles" and "jobs" it would be better to call them "positions" and "roles". This would clarify what these terms mean. Also, althought I know many ppl use the terms currently in the article, there are also lot of ppl using roles and positions and that includes riot's official posts, in game stuff like teambuilder etc..

Organize dis buissness!----

to be honest I'm new to the whole wiki thing, so give me a break if I'm crossing a line here :D

as I've seen a lot of these different role sub-topics have different things they include. I think that each role should have the same things covered. I think each role should cover:

Common items

Common abilities

Primary objectives

An overview

Just a quick sketch-up, maybe this list could evolve to something better, but I just listed the first things that came to mind.

AD Carry Solo Lane

In the first point about advantages of having a jungler it says "Usually the AD Carry and Mage will go to the solo lanes, as they need the level and gold advantage most.". I'm new but I know this is wrong, AD Carries play duo with support innit. Not sure what the best fixd sentence would be though.