For the health relic on Twisted Treeline, see Ghost Relic.
For the health relic on the removed map Crystal Scar, see Health Relic (Crystal Scar).
Health relic(Howling Abyss)

Health Relics are located in four spots along the Howling Abyss, in front and behind the first towers in each team. They restore health and mana, energy or fury. Any champion can pick up a health relic by walking over them.

Health relics spawn at 2:00 and respawn 60 seconds after being picked up.


  • Restores 55 - 140 (based on level) health, increased by 0% - 200% (based on missing health), up to a maximum of 165 - 420 (based on level).
  • Champions with mana restore 100 - 320 (based on level) mana.
  • Champions with energy restore 20 energy.
  • Champions with fury restore an amount that depends on the champion:


  • The heal counts as self-healing and is affected by healing bonuses and healing reduction.


  • Placing traps on health relic is a good strategy as the relic will act as a bait.

Patch History

  • Initial time spawn reduced to 2:00 from 3:00.
  • Heal reduced to 55 - 140 (based on level) from 94 - 315 (based on level).
  • New Effect: Now also heals for an additional 2% per 1% missing health, up to 200% (165 - 420 (based on level)).
Unknown patch
  • Health relic spawn is now at 3:00 from 3:10.