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Heart of Gold
Heart of Gold
Tier Advanced
Stats +200 health
Passive Unique: Gain +5 gold per 10 seconds.
Menu Defense > Health
Item cost 825g (350g)
Sell value 412g
Item Code 3132

Heart of Gold was an advanced item in League of Legends. [1]


Heart of Gold item
Heart of Gold
{{{total}}} gold (350 gold)
Ruby Crystal item
475 gold

Built Into

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  • Heart of Gold paid for itself after 27 minutes and 30 seconds. If it was sold, it paid for itself after 13 minutes and 46 seconds.
  • It was the most expensive of all gold-generating items.
  • The item's appearance as a turtle shell is a reference to an obscure myth whereby gold or some assorted treasure can be obtained by breaking or prying open the turtle's shell.
  • The item was removed because it allowed non-support characters access to free extra gold, as it gave health and built into items that bruisers could use well.
  • The Relic Shield added in Season 4 is very similar to this item.

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