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Heart of Gold
Heart of Gold
Tier Advanced
Stats +200 health
Passive Unique: Gain +5 gold per 10 seconds.
Menu Defense > Health
Item cost 825g (350g)
Sell value 412g
Item Code 3132

Heart of Gold was an advanced item in League of Legends.


Heart of Gold item
Heart of Gold
825 Gold (350 Gold)

Built Into

Similar Items


  • Heart of Gold item.png Heart of Gold paid for itself after 27 minutes and 30 seconds. If it was sold, it paid for itself after 13 minutes and 46 seconds.
  • It was the most expensive of all gold-generating items.
  • The item's appearance as a turtle shell is a reference to an obscure myth whereby gold or some assorted treasure can be obtained by breaking or prying open the turtle's shell.
  • The item was removed because it allowed non-support characters access to free extra gold, as it gave health and built into items that bruisers could use well.
  • The Relic Shield item.png Relic Shield added in Season 4 is very similar to this item.

Patch History


  • Item removed.


  • Health reduced to 200 from 250.
  • Now indicates in the tooltip how much gold it has generated over the course of the game.


  • Gold per 10 effect is now Unique. It won't stack when the bonus comes from itself, but it will stack when having different items.


  • Recipe changed to Ruby Crystal item.png Ruby Crystal + 350g = 825g from Ruby Crystal item.png Ruby Crystal + Cloth Armor item.png Cloth Armor + 200g = 975g.
  • Armor component removed.
  • Combine cost increased to 350g from 200g.
  • Health increased to 250 from 200.


  • No longer displays a +x gold over the champion although it is still granting the gold.


  • Refund value reduced to 50% from 70%.

V0.9.25.21: Added


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