• Hecarim references Greek mythology:
    • As an anagram of Chimera, befitting his half-man half-horse appearance;
    • Also references the centaur Chiron and the gigantic Hecatonchires "hundred-handers".
  • Hecarim started out as the ghost of a dead knight able to summon his spectral horse but by the time he was approved for production he had morphed into an undead centaur-like being.
    • Undeath in Valoran was being explored through the Shadow Isles and as such Hecarim became the poster-child for the region.[1]


  • Hecarim is Kalista Kalista's betrayer as well as the one resposible for the Ruination of the Blessed Isles and the spread of the undead.



HecarimSquare.png Classic Hecarim [S|L]
  • He was the last Season Two champion to get 2 release skins.
HecarimSquare.png Blood Knight Hecarim [S|L]
HecarimSquare.png Reaper Hecarim [S|L]
HecarimSquare.png Headless Hecarim [S|L]
HecarimSquare.png Arcade Hecarim [S|L]
HecarimSquare.png Elderwood Hecarim [S|L]
HecarimSquare.png Worldbreaker Hecarim [S|L]
HecarimSquare.png Lancer Zero Hecarim [S|L]


  • Hecarim's relations with Mordekaiser Mordekaiser as the de facto ruler of the Shadow Isles are apparently friendly.
    • The Twisted Treeline ProfileIcon0576 Spirit of the Altar West Altar warns the Shadow of War the Iron Revenant is not to be trusted.
  • Hecarim is being hunted by Kalista Kalista for his betrayal and for unleashing the Ruination of the Blessed Isles, thus turning them into the Shadow Isles and its denizens into undead abominations.