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Lab Report: Reinventing the revered inventor

Updating a champion like Heimerdinger Heimerdinger requires all the rigor of the scientific method. Given his upcoming PBE launch, more and more evidence from the experimentation is surfacing.[1]

The first major discovery proved the mass previously known as Heimerdinger’s brain is actually hair. After what must have been days of cutting, styling and shaping, Heimerdinger returned to his lab to experiment with his new do.

DINGR machine

With his hair density significantly reduced, Heimer implemented a long languishing invention: the UPGRADE!!!.png D.I.N.G.R., a neural-engaged robotic arm. This schematic shows the arm of the UPGRADE!!!.png D.I.N.G.R. lying in wait for Heimerdinger's supercharged grey matter to raise the apparatus and launch a bevy of Hextech Micro-Rockets.png rockets and CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade.png grenades at the enemies of science and progress.

But Heimer can't call anything an upgrade if his H-28G Evolution Turret.png turrets aren't included. Whether sporting HeimerdingerSquare.png original 'Dinger [S|L], HeimerdingerSquare.png Piltover Customs [S|L], HeimerdingerSquare.png Alien Invader [S|L] or entering the HeimerdingerSquare.png Blast Zone [S|L], there'll be no mistaking these death devices for ye olde pitching machines.

Heimerdinger VU Models
Heimerdinger VU Turrets Models

Heimerdinger visual update out of the lab!

By Riot NaKyle [2]

A good long tinker with the Heimerdinger 'Dinger yielded some epic upgrades to his H-28G Evolution Turret.png turrets, Hextech Micro-Rockets.png rockets, and CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade.png grenades. Now the updated Heimerdinger struts out of the lab and onto the Rift. Because the diminutive inventor isn't all explosions, a spiffy new do adds some style to the dangerous substances.

Heimerdinger Screenshots


LCU - Login Screen01:10

LCU - Login Screen

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