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  • Classic Heimerdinger Skingallerybutton
  • Alien Invader Heimerdinger Skingallerybutton
    (Legacy Skin, No Longer Available) (Legendary) 1820 RP / 14-Jul-2010
  • Blast Zone Heimerdinger Skingallerybutton
    520 RP / 24-Jun-2010
  • Piltover Customs Heimerdinger Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 22-Nov-2010
  • Snowmerdinger Skingallerybutton
    975 RP (Available during Snowdown 2013) / 14-Dec-2011
  • Hazmat Heimerdinger Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 14-Jul-2014

  • Alien Invader Heimerdinger
  • Blast Zone Heimerdinger


  • Heimerdinger was designed by Ezreal.
  • Heimerdinger is voiced by Dennis Collins Johnson, who also voices GangplankSquare.png Gangplank and TaricSquare.png Taric.
  • His name is a combination of the names of J. Robert Oppenheimer, a physicist known for being the "father" of the atomic bomb, and Erwin Schrödinger, one of the fathers of quantum physics.
  • Heimerdinger's walking animation is often referred to by players and Rioters alike as "derpy", highlighted as one of his unique qualities, as shown in this video.
  • His full name is Cecil B. Heimerdinger.
  • Prior to his rework, Heimerdinger was only able to place two H-28G Evolution Turret.png H-28G Evolution Turrets. However, it was possible to have 3 active by utilizing a glitch with SyndraSquare.png Syndra's Force of Will.png Force of Will. If 2 turrets were placed and one of them was targeted for Force of Will.png Force of Will, HeimerdingerSquare.png Heimerdinger could place one more turret during the stasis.
  • Heimerdinger was the only champion who could restore turrets' health, with his passive Techmaturgical Repair Bots.png Techmaturgical Repair Bots. As of his rework, the ability no longer affects turrets.
  • Activating UPGRADE!!! will give Heimerdinger a buff and the tooltip reads "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" , This is a reference to a Daft Punk song by the same name.
  • Scoring a Pentakill will grant Heimerdinger the buff, Eureka!.png Eureka!, which rejoices his successful "correction" of his opponents' living status. This is purely cosmetic.
  • Heimerdinger can toggle his walk animation, by joking, taunting, dancing, or laughing.
    • This will toggle the walking animation between his classic "derpy" animation or the new walking animation.
  • Heimerdinger is one of seven champions to have more than 4 skills, the others being NidaleeSquare.png Nidalee, LeeSinSquare.png Lee Sin, JayceSquare.png JayceEliseSquare.png Elise, KarmaSquare.png Karma, and GnarSquare.png Gnar.
    • Heimerdinger, after his rework, was the sixth champion to have more than 4 skills.
  • He has special quotes for Vel&#039;KozSquare.png Vel'Koz, ZiggsSquare.png Ziggs, JayceSquare.png Jayce, ViSquare.png Vi and ViktorSquare.png Viktor .
  • His walking quote "For great science" is a reference to the internet meme "For great justice", which originated from the Engrish translation of the game Zero Wing.
  • His other walking quote, "Back, you dirty ape, back!" is a reference to Planet of the Apes.
  • In yet another one of his walking quotes, he'll say "Raise your what?", which is a reference to "ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ raise your dongers ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ", which was posted by Michael Santana on his Twitter account. Michael Santana (Imaqtpie from Team Dignitas) is a well-known Heimerdinger player.
  • RumbleSquare.png Rumble's League Judgment contains a quote from Heimerdinger, who insults him in a technical manner: "The probability of your continued existence is rapidly approaching zero."
  • His quote "Not enough variables... hmm... not nearly enough variables." is a reference to Mordin Solus from the Mass Effect series where the characters usual quote for any situation is "Too many variables.".
  • His quotes, "Aha, 42, I knew it! Now - er, what was the question again?", and, "42... there's just something about that number.", are references to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy .
  • On the Brazilian server, one of Heimerdinger's jokes is replaced with a joke that references the mexican TV series El Chavo del Ocho.
HeimerdingerSquare.png Classic Heimerdinger [S|L]
  • Classic Heimerdinger bares a striking resemblance to a famous German physicist, Albert Einstein.
HeimerdingerSquare.png Alien Invader Heimerdinger [S|L]
HeimerdingerSquare.png Blast Zone Heimerdinger [S|L]
  • His Chinese artwork is used as an image to show that the League of Legends store is under maintenance.
  • The skin slightly changes the texture for his turrets in comparison to the classic skin, making them look more corroded and black with soot.
HeimerdingerSquare.png Piltover Customs Heimerdinger [S|L]
  • It changes the look of his turrets to engines.
  • The skin's art background has Hot Rod Corki's flying vehicle.
  • He shares this theme with BlitzcrankSquare.png Blitzcrank and CorkiSquare.png Corki.
HeimerdingerSquare.png Hazmat Heimerdinger [S|L]
  • Its inspired by Nuclear power plant hazmat suits.
  • He holds a bottle of green liquid, probably radioactive in nature.
  • This skin is probably a reference to Breaking Bad.
  • However, this skin is more likely a reference to the Bethesda/Obsidian developed game "Fallout."



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