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If  Vi or  Jinx perform one of their special taunts toward  Caitlyn, Caitlyn receives the debuff "Agitated". This debuff lasts until Caitlyn damages the source or dies.

  •  Vi - "Agitated: How agitating."
  •  Jinx - "Agitated: And you thought Vi was obnoxious."

Catch me if you can!

Whenever  Jinx is on an opposing team to  Caitlyn and/or  Vi, they each gain a debuff titled, "Catch me if you can!".

  •  Jinx's debuff states "Cait and Vi are chasing you. How fun! Cops Outsmarted:" followed by her total number of Caitlyn/Vi kills/assists.
  •  Caitlyn and  Vi's debuff states "Jinx is causing chaos again. How obnoxious... Criminals Apprehended:" followed by their Jinx kills/assists.

Additionally, Jinx gains 1 bonus gold for each cop she outsmarts; and Caitlyn and Vi gain 1 bonus gold for each criminal they apprehend. Assists count.


 Nunu and  Willump will drop  one soul each, for a total of two souls! [1]

While similar,  Sejuani and  Bristle only drop one soul between them. This had led to a joke among the community that Sejuani has ginger hair in reference to the internet meme that gingers have no soul. [2]

Good Enough To Eat

When  Chum the Waters scores the killing blow on a small champion, Chompers will eat the body - hiding the corpse that champion would usually leave on the ground. [3]

This has been confirmed to affect:  Annie,  Amumu, an enemy  Fizz,  Kennen,  Lulu,  Poppy,  Tristana,  Veigar and  Ziggs. However, it does not seem to affect  Heimerdinger or  Teemo.

Inverse Ninja Strength

Ninjas are more effective when they work alone. For every Ninja on your team beyond yourself, you lose 1 health. [4]

This is only true for champions who have the "This unit is a flippin' ninja!" cosmetic buff. Other champions with ninja skins, such as  Ninja Rammus, do not count.

On The Prowl

 Nidalee features a hidden passive that grants her the power of a "cougar". Nearby allied champions gain +5 experience every 5 seconds if they are a lower level than Nidalee. [5]

Piltover's Finest

If  Caitlyn and  Vi are on the same team, they each receive the cosmetic buff On The Case: "Piltover's Finest." Whenever they work together to score a kill, they will each receive 1 bonus gold.

They also share a selection of special taunts.

Pirates vs. Ninjas

The pirate and ninja champions of the League start the game with a cosmetic buff informing you of their position. There is no requirement to obtain this buff other than playing one of the below-listed champions:

Plants vs. Zombies

In reference to the popular game, Plants vs. Zombies,  Sion /  Karthus and  Zyra each gain 2 bonus gold when they kill one another.

Protection From Sunlight

 Leona's  Sunlight deals 1 less damage (before magic resistance) to champions wearing sunglasses. This has been officially stated in-game as a Did you know? trivia fact.

This includes all Commando skins, Surfer Singed, Classic and Aristocrat Vayne, Vandal Twitch, Vandal Gragas,  Safari and Officer Caitlyn, Dragon Fist Lee Sin,  Corporate Mundo,  Hired Gun Graves and  Riot Graves.

Contrary to popular belief, Sunlight does not deal 1 less damage to Neon Strike Vi.

Rise of the Thorns

In addition to her interaction with Sion,  Zyra features another 2 hidden passives that reference her plant-like nature: [6]

  • When hit by  Leona's  Sunlight passive,  Zyra's character model grows slightly, as do her plants.
  • When  Maokai is very close to  Zyra, he gains 1 movement speed.

Volibear vs. Zilean

 Volibear and  Zilean share a rivalry, stemming from Zileas' opposition to an armored bear champion on the forums.

  •  Volibear's hidden passive grants him a buff whenever there is a  Zilean on the enemy team that says "Chronokeeper Hater; Not even Zilean could keep an armored bear out of the League of Legends." He also shouts out special emotes whenever he kills  Zilean and receives 11 extra gold.
  •  Zilean's hidden passive grants him a buff whenever there is a  Volibear is on the enemy team that says "Armored Bear Hater; In my day, we would never have allowed an armored bear into the League of Legends." and receives 10 extra gold from killing  Volibear.


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