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Homeguard is a bonus granted automatically to all champions from the 20 minute mark.



  • Percentage movement speed stacks additively with other sources of percentage movement speed.
  • Homeguard activates upon entering/spawning on your starting platform.
    • Simply standing on the stairs will not grant the buff; champions must stand on the center of the platform where they are dropped after spawning or recalling.
  • This buff dramatically reduces the time needed to fully regenerate at the fountain, making it effective at outlasting enemies sieging the entrance of your base.
  • It is possible to Teleport to a distant location while still standing on the starting platform, allowing you to utilize the speed elsewhere. This can often catch opponents off guard, especially with champions that usually have a hard time catching up with enemies.
  • This enchantment ridiculously speeds up your walking animation, leading to some hilarious moments on champions such as Nautilus Nautilus, Pantheon Pantheon, Vayne Vayne, and Zac Zac.
    • Some champions such as Lucian Lucian or Zed Zed on the other hand, have unique animations during high speeds.

Patch history


  • HASTE DURATION 8 seconds ⇒ 7 seconds
  • HASTE AMOUNT 175% ⇒ 75% at 20 minutes, scaling up to 150% at 40 minutes


  • Homeguard
    • Can no longer be bought in store.
    • Initial movement speed decreased to 175% from 200%
    • Health and mana healing per tick decreased to 12% of missing health/mana from 35% of missing health and mana.
  • Combat lockout.
    • Duration increased from 6 seconds to 8 seconds.
    • Is no longer triggered by damaging enemies over 5000 range away.


  • No longer instantly restores your health and mana when you return to the fountain.
  • Now restores 35% of your missing health and mana per second while on the fountain.


  • Homeguard now works immediately after purchasing the enchant.

V1.0.0.152: Added

  • Cost 475g
  • Being at fountain instantly restores your health and mana. Additionally, you gain 200% movement speed boost that decays over 8 seconds. This passive is disabled if you are in combat.

List of Items

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