Honor Crest

Crest of Honor

Honor is player behavior system in League of Legends first introduced on October 1, 2012, and relaunched with patch V7.13. The Honor system is used to incentivize positive behavior among the League of Legends community by identifying and rewarding players who positively influence the gameplay experience of others in their games.

Honoring players

After the game ends, before entering the post game lobby, players are given 40 seconds to recognize another player in one of three categories:

Honor Profile Layout

Your Honor level can be found on the bottom left of your profile. Note that only you can see your Honor level.

  • Stayed Cool: Tilt-proof, chill.
    • Stayed cool is the Honor meant for a teammate who stayed calm and was a provider of a positive playing experience.
  • Great Shotcalling: Leadership, strategy.
    • Great Shotcalling is the Honor meant for a teammate who had good leadership and was able to lead your team to a triumphant win or a gracious defeat.
  • GG <3: Team player, friendly.
    • GG <3 is the Honor meant for a teammate who was Honor worthy but didn't fit into a neat and tidy box of what they did to earn it.

Players can only honor other players in matchmade games (including Co-op vs AI), and cannot honor themselves or opponents.

Honor Progression

All players begin with honor level two. Individuals can advance to level five through receiving honors and playing the game, or demoted down to a floor of level zero if they receive punishments for behavior. Progression is not explicitly tied to an absolute number of honors received.

Honor Rewards

Key fragment

Key Fragment

  • Key Fragments
    • Originally dropping randomly after wins, Key Fragments are now exclusive to Honor. They will drop randomly in the end of game screen or login.
Honor Capsule

Honor Capsule

  • Honor Capsules
    • Starting at level three, Honor Capsules can be received. You can expect an Honor Capsule to occasionally drop instead of a regular key fragment. Honor Capsules require no key to open and unlock a couple key fragments at a minimum. Beyond that, Honor Capsules give a moderate chance at champion shards and a rare shot at the now Honor-exclusive skins Medieval Twitch and Grey Warwick. The two skin drops are permanents, and unlock the champion if you don't already own them.[1]
      • Honor Capsule can be earned with every key fragment drop.
      • Individual drop rate for Honor Capsules double each week of playing, resetting after a drop.
      • Honor Capsules are guaranteed after two months, but cannot be received more than once per three weeks.
  • Loading Screen Flair
    • Once you hit Honor level three, you're eligible for temporary loading screen flairs. Unlock your flair by earning Honor from your teammates. If you receive two Honors from premade teammates, or just one from a non-premade teammate, you'll bring a loading screen flair to your next game. The flair lasts one game, but there's no cooldown. So shoot for a streak of honors to consistently keep your flair. As you move to levels four and five, your loading screen flair levels up with you.
Honor level3flair

Level 3 Loading Screen Flair

  • End of Season Rewards
    • Just like Ranked, Honor grants exclusive rewards at season's end for those who put the work in. The renewed Honor will be a pillar for League of Legends long after you first get to play with it. Details on the rewards are to be announced later in the 2017 Season.

Honor Levels

Old Honor System

The old honor system allowed players to honor others in four categories, as well as opponents. Especially honorable individuals were recognized with a ribbon, and the top 10% of players in each category were given a summoner icon for their troubles.[2]


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Honor - Login Screen

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