Neither shopkeeper will speak their quotes once the player has left their vicinity and become locked out of shopping until they have died and respawned.


The Viking

ProfileIcon0575 Iceborn Keeper Gregor's spirit, his frozen body behind him

Upon Entering the Store

  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op
    "I am Iceborn."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (2)
    "I guard this place lest the Watchers return."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (3)
    "Ah, you smell of battle! (sniffs) That's the stuff!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (4)
    "Prepare yourselves for the greatest battle of your lives."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (5)
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (6)
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (7)
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (8)
    "Prove your worth."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (9)
    "Take the bridge."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (10)
    "Artifacts for the worthy."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (11)
    "To the victor go the spoils."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (12)
    "Throw them into the abyss!"
Upon Entering the Store with a Lot of Gold
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Ea (5)
    "You've earned your place in the afterlife, my friend."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Ea (6)
    "They must tremble at the sight of you."

While Browsing the Store

  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Br
    "Oh, no, take your time! I'm already dead!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Br (2)
    "Battle is a lot more interesting than shopping, you know."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Br (3)
    "Shouldn't you be killing someone?"

Upon Buying an Item

  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu
    "Nice choice."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (2)
    "Take this."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (3)
    "Cold steel."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (4)
    "Bought with blood."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (5)
    "There's more killing to do."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (6)
    "Worthy of an Iceborn."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (7)
    "Fight for Freljord."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (8)
    "Strike like an Iceborn."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (9)
    "A mighty weapon."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (10)
    "Freljord's finest."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (11)
    "That one's magical, I think."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (12)
    "It's an ancient artifact, but it's still good!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (13)
    "The blood price has been paid."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (14)
    "Sharpen it on their skulls."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (15)
    "Guaranteed to help you kill things."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Pu (16)
    "Good choice! That one's seen a lot of blood."
Upon Buying Frost Queen's Claim item.png Frost Queen's Claim
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Ea (7)
    "Be careful with that. True Ice is powerful stuff."
Upon Buying Frozen Mallet item.png Frozen Mallet
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Ea (8)
    (laugh) "I crushed my share of skulls with that one!"
Upon Buying Seeker's Armguard item.png Seeker's Armguard
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Ea (9)
    "The Lissandra Seeker was a respected leader of the tribe, but some say she betrayed us... "

Upon Leaving the Store

  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl
    "For freedom!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl (2)
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl (3)
    "Leave no one standing."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl (4)
    "This! Is! Freljord!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl (5)
    "Lead the charge!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl (6)
    "Death to the Watchers!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl (7)
    "Freedom is worth dying for!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl (8)
    "Victory or death! Or in my case, both!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl (9)
    "If you aren't winning, try a bigger sword. Usually works!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl (10)
    "Cut off their heads! If that doesn't work, throw them into the abyss!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl (11)
    "Once you've killed them, bring me back a ghost or two. I'll kill 'em again!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Cl (12)
    "Let me know if you see any, uh... lady ghosts out there."
Upon Leaving the Store Without Buying an Item
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Ea
    "A true warrior brings only his fists to battle."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Ea (2)
    "Oh, looking for a challenge I see... "
Upon Repeatedly Leaving and Reentering the Store
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Ea (3)
    "You're making me angry! You won't like me when I'm angry."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Ea (4)
    "Insolent whelp!"

While Idling Near the Store

  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (14)
    "I am Gregor, the eternal guardian of the Howling Abyss! Avarosa herself killed me; it was a great honor. She bound my spirit here, so I can sound the horn if the Watchers return."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (6)
    "So you want to hear the story of this place? Of my glorious death? Stay a while, and listen! I might tell you that... and more."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (7)
    "We were human once, then the Watchers came. They changed us, forged us into weapons, made us Iceborn."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (8)
    "We served the Watchers willingly; the Seeker was their voice. She told us their desires, what to build, and who to kill."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (9)
    "We took Freljord! We took Valoran! Everywhere we went men trembled and the ice followed us. We forged a mighty empire, but it wasn't truly ours... so long as we served the Watchers."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (10)
    "Avarosa united us. She showed us that freedom was worth dying for. So we turned on the Watchers. We knew we were stronger than they were; they had given us too much power."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (11)
    "This is where the final stand took place, this bridge. They held out for days, so many Iceborn died, but we kept on fighting. We climbed over the bodies of our fallen to press the attack, but the Watchers still wouldn't die."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (12)
    "In a mighty, final surge, we overran them! We lifted them from the ground! We tossed them, howling, into the abyss! That must've killed them, nothing could survive that fall... "
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (13)
    "We needed a guardian in case the Watchers came back. We needed someone who couldn't be killed, someone who could never leave. Hundreds volunteered, but Avarosa chose me... "
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (15)
    "If you hear me sound the Guardian's Horn item.png horn, the Watchers have returned! If that happens you must come at once! Bring an army, bring ten armies! Throw those damned Watchers back into the Abyss!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (19)
    "An Iceborn never truly dies. Except... well, there are some exceptions... "
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (5)
    "I reckon the whole world must be ruled by the Iceborn now, right?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (18)
    "I should have asked Avarosa to kill my boar and bind her spirit here! I miss you, Boarhilda!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (16)
    "Sometimes I wish there were two eternal guardians of the Howling Abyss. Gets lonely here."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (3)
    "I remember one time I was fighting this pack of trolls, and broke my sword on one of their skulls. So, I grabbed one by the ears and used him like a club to bludgeon his friends to death. That was a glorious day!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (4)
    "If you want these weapons, you'll have to earn them. Get into battle!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (2)
    "You lure them here, I'll kill them. That's the plan."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am
    "If you see a little man with a flying pot, bash his head in for me!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Am (17)
    "That old man across the bridge is a damned fool! His flying pot seems nice though."

Upon Entering the Store as...

Ashe Ashe
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (16)
    "You carry an Iceborn weapon, Ashe. Use it wisely."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (17)
    "Is that... Avarosa's bow?! Do you know what happened to her?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (18)
    "You look so much like my queen... "
Sejuani Sejuani
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (34)
    "Lucky boar... "
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (35)
    "Iceborn blood is strong in you, Sejuani!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (36)
    "You look like Serylda! That woman knew how to fight!"
Lissandra Lissandra
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (24)
    "Seeker, you still live?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (25)
    "Who do you speak for - the Watchers or the Iceborn?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (26)
    "What happened to Avarosa?"
Anivia Anivia
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (13)
    "I welcome you, Cryophoenix."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (14)
    "I remember your sacrifice."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (15)
    "If the Watchers return, we will need you, Anivia."
Gragas Gragas
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (21)
    "Got any Graggy Ice for me? C'mon, just a drop!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (22)
    "A man of Iceborn girth!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (23)
    "After you win the battle, let's talk brewing. It was a hobby of mine."
Nunu Nunu
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (28)
    "Have you considered riding a boar?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (29)
    "The yeti can be powerful allies if the Watchers return."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (30)
    "I tried to ride a yeti once... it, uh, didn't work out too well."
Tryndamere Tryndamere
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (40)
    "Rage unlocks the power in your blood, Tryndamere."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (41)
    "Such anger... can you control it?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (42)
    "You understand the blood price."
Olaf Olaf
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (31)
    "Find your destiny in battle, Olaf!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (32)
    "Battle brings out the ice in your blood, brother!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (33)
    "You will find truth... in death."
OlafSquare.png Brolaf [S|L]
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (20)
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (21)
    "Got any Graggy Ice for me? C'mon, just a drop!"
Udyr Udyr
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (43)
    "Welcome, honored shaman."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (44)
    "You still follow the ancient ways."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (45)
    "May your spirits guide you."
Volibear Volibear
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (46)
    "The Ursine have always been our allies."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (47)
    "Visions are only warnings, you can save Freljord!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (48)
    "If I sound the horn, will the Ursine answer the call?"
Trundle Trundle
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (37)
    "Watch yourself, troll! I've killed my share of your kind."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (38)
    "Uuggh! Smells like something died in here!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (39)
    "Even the trolls have kings now? Hah!"
Brand Brand
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (19)
    "Not sure this is your kind of store... "
Nami Nami
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (27)
    "Sorry, I'm fresh out of moonstones."
A Yordle
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Barbarian.Op (49)
    "A Yordle? Gah!"


The Hermit

Lyte and his robot Geeves to the right

Entering the Store

  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open0
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open0 (2)
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open0 (3)
    "Warm yourself!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open0 (4)
    "Good day!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open0 (5)
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open0 (6)
    "Oh, come right in!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open0 (7)
    "Nothing but the finest."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open0 (8)
    "Welcome to the dig site!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open0 (9)
    "What are you buying... what are you selling?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open1
    "I have all manner of marvelous things."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open1 (2)
    "Treasures of the ages, on sale now!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Open1 (3)
    "Finally, a customer!"
Entering the Store with a Lot of Gold
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Easte (5)
    "Oh, you've done very well for yourself. I'll bring out the good stuff."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Easte (6)
    "Such riches! Perhaps I'll finally be able to afford a better robot."

While Browsing the Store

  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Brows
    "I can tell you appreciate detail and craftsmanship."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Brows (2)
    "Take your time! There is so much to learn."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Brows (3)
    "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself, but, uh, there is a war going on out there."

After Buying an Item

  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (2)
    "Thank you."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (3)
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (4)
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (5)
    "Very nice."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (6)
    "An artifact of ancient power."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (7)
    "A fascinating specimen."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (8)
    "Oh, yes, that one!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (9)
    "Priceless! Now, hand over the gold!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (10)
    "That one's top drawer!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (11)
    "I'll dig more of those up!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (12)
    "A fine choice, indubitably."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (13)
    "Freljord's finest."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (14)
    "It's a little frozen, but it's still good."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (15)
    "They won't know what hit them... because they'll all be dead!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Purch (16)
    "It's dangerous to go alone... take this!"

Upon Leaving the Store

  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close
    "To battle!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close (2)
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close (3)
    "For Piltover!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close (4)
    "Win one for science!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close (5)
    "You kill them, I'll keep digging."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close (6)
    "Have fun storming the bridge!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close (7)
    "That howling noise is just the wind... isn't it?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close (8)
    "Tell that ghost to stop interfering with my research."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close (9)
    "Bring me back something dangerous... or shiny!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close (10)
    "Oh, I'm low on supplies... hope business picks up."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close (11)
    "If I die here frozen and alone... tell them I did it for science!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Close (12)
    "Do they still talk about me back at the academy?"
Upon Leaving the Store Without Buying an Item
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Easte
    "The only weapon a true scientist needs is his wits!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Easte (2)
    "No time to shop? But I just put on a fresh pot of tea!"
Upon Repeatedly Leaving and Reentering the Store
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Easte (3)
    "Will you make up your mind?"'
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Easte (4)
    "You're making my head spin!"

While Idling Near the Store

  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (4)
    "My name is Lyte, and this is my robot, Geeves! Welcome to the dig site."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (5)
    "I was once an honored professor at the Academy of Science and Progress in Piltover. I gave it all up to pursue true knowledge."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (18)
    "I've been digging here for twenty years. Just getting down to the good stuff!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (15)
    "My research will bring a golden age to Piltover!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (13)
    "The problem with Piltover is they are always looking forward. Sometimes, there is much to be learned from the past."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (24)
    "Need more artifacts! If only that blasted ghost wasn't around."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (25)
    "It's a shame to sell these artifacts, but I need supplies badly."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (19)
    "I miss Piltover so much but... but these artifacts are fascinating. I just can't leave."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (2)
    "Books, books, books, why haven't I dug up any books? Wait... of course! Barbarians can't read."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (3)
    "I'm still putting the pieces together, but... something terrible happened here, long, long ago... "
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (8)
    "These runes say, 'The Lissandra Seeker betrayed the tribe'. Hmm... who was this seeker?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (6)
    "These runes say, 'Beware the Frozen Watchers'. Hmm... does that mean anything to you?'
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (23)
    "Did the Iceborn rule this place or was it the Watchers? These runes are so unclear."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (9)
    "Look at the size of this Iceborn Gauntlet item.png gauntlet! I thought it was a hat! Hm, the Iceborn must've had massive hands!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (10)
    Frozen Mallet item.png "Frozen mallet... even their tools were frozen."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (21)
    "The magical power of True Ice seems unlimited! Oh, if only I could tap into it."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (7)
    "The strangest thing about True Ice is... it never melts! I put a piece in a furnace and it froze the darn thing solid!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (22)
    "If a Frostfang item.png sword forged from True Ice is this powerful, just imagine what a True Ice Hextech device could do!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (12)
    "If I can only unlock the power of True Ice, I will transcend the limitations of techmaturgy!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie
    "Don't you see what this means? The whole history of this place, perhaps even all of Runeterra could be... er... wait, what was I talking about again?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (11)
    "Yes! Yes! I think I've got it...! Aw, I lost it... "
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (26)
    "So many people have died here, I should call this place Murder Bridge... no, no, the Howling Abyss is definitely cooler!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (20)
    "Sometimes, I think I see things down in the abyss. But I might just need new glasses."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (17)
    "Have you seen my robot? He probably fell in the abyss. Again... "
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (16)
    "Robot stands for 'Rusty Old Broken Obsolete Trash'! See what I did there?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.Ambie (14)
    "Tea... hm, what should I have with my tea today? Biscuits? No, too many crumbs! Can't have crumbs, might contaminate the site. Hm, yes, hm hm... yeah, this ice is strange. Could it be - True Ice? Nah! A piece of the Frozen Watchers? Hmm, yes... perhaps... hmm. Oh, tea's cold!"

Upon Entering the Store as...

Ezreal Ezreal
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenE
    "Is it true what I've heard about you and Lux Miss Crownguard... hmm?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenE (2)
    "When I was your age, Ezreal, I was already a professor!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenE (3)
    "Why don't you get a real job Ezreal? Help me here at the dig site!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenE (4)
    "Study hard, and one day you could be just like me! Stuck in the cold... with a useless robot!"
Ashe Ashe
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenA
    "That bow of yours, a unique artifact... "
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenA (2)
    "You bear a striking resemblance to Avarosa."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenA (3)
    "Welcome, Ashe! The next queen of the Freljord!"
Sejuani Sejuani
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenS
    "Does your boar like to eat robot?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenS (2)
    "You bear a striking resemblance to Serylda!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenS (3)
    "Welcome, Sejuani! The next queen of the Freljord!"
Lissandra Lissandra
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenL
    "You want to be queen as well? Too many queens!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenL (2)
    "Are you the sand witch I have heard so much about? Hmm... now I'm hungry."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenL (3)
    "Can you turn off that ice? I'm cold enough as it is!"
Blitzcrank Blitzcrank
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenB
    "Er... 'beep'... uh, 'boop'. Is that how you say it?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenB (2)
    "Would you like a job, Blitzcrank? I have an opening for an assistant."
Caitlyn Caitlyn
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenC
    "I swear, officer, I have a permit to dig here."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenC (2)
    "I knew your mother! Brilliant scientist."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenC (3)
    "Arrest that ghost for violation of... t-the Laws of Nature!"
Heimerdinger Heimerdinger
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenH
    "Order, entropy... it's not a cycle at all!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenH (2)
    "Did the academy send you, Heimerdinger?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenH (3)
    "Welcome, professor. Let's compare notes."
Jayce Jayce
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenJ
    "I made a Mercury Hammer once, Jayce! It was much nicer. Bigger, too!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenJ (2)
    "Together, we could make a... a transforming robot!"
Orianna Orianna
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenO
    "I knew your father, Orianna, nice fellow."
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenO (2)
    "You look just like her... "
Vi Vi
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenV
    "Uh, Vi? Can you punch some sense into my robot?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenV (2)
    "You look like your sister! Er, wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that... "
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenV (3)
    "Do you and Caitlyn get along or not? Seems ambiguous."
Zilean Zilean
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenZ
    "Is there an alternate timeline where this robot functions correctly?"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenZ (2)
    "Nice beard, Zilean! But mine is bigger!"
  • Shopkeeper.map13.Hermit.OpenZ (3)
    "In your past, did you know of the creatures who once lived here?"