Hunter's Talisman is a basic item in League of Legends.[1] It can only be purchased if you have Smite Smite as a summoner spell.

Cost Analysis*

Gold Value (while in the jungle only)

Gold Efficiency*

  • Hunter's Talisman item Hunter's Talisman is 0% gold efficient when not in the jungle, but 214.29% gold efficient while in the jungle, without counting the bonus experience against monsters and the Health Drain.

Builds Into

Similar Items


  • You can only buy this item if you have Smite Smite.


Patch history

  • Tooth
    • Damage over time increased to 45 (+ 50 with bonus health from item or effect) from 25.
    • Health restored over time remains 25.
  • Special Bonus Experience
    • Removed: Bonus experience from lesser and medium sized monsters.
    • Bonus experience per level difference increased to 50 from 30.
  • Bonus experience upon killing large monsters increased to 50 from 15.
  • Added +30 bonus experience on monster kill for each level higher the monster is than you.
  • Mana regeneration now also works while in the river.
V5.22 Added
  • Item cost: Gold 350
  • Grants +150% base mana regeneration while in the jungle
  • Unique Passive - Tooth: Damaging a monster applies Health Drain, which deals 20 magic damage over 5 seconds while restoring as much health.
  • Killing large monsters grants 15 bonus experience.


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