Immortal Journey is a series of Parallel Universe skins in League of Legends, featuring champions as Spiritual warriors wielding powerful weapons.


"The mountaintop reaches skyward; the earth reaches for the heavens. In this mountain there is a lake, and from this lake rose the Sacred Sword." - Immortal Journey



Where the Heavens Touch the Earth

The snow howls outside the window
As we sit at the foot of our Master.
A blue frost reflected in her eyes,
Silvered light caresses her hair.

Winter days freeze the mountain,
Yet the melody of Spring remains.
The heartwood will burn to cinders
While the timeless wind beckons.

Our Master sets a journey before us,
To seek immortality’s secrets.
For where the heavens touch the earth,
Revelation will surely bloom.

For where the earth greets the sky,
She guards a blade of Myth.
A scarlet shadow reflected in the lotus pond,
And gossamer sleeves trail mystery through the wind.

Metal, forged from stone hard and ancient,
A thirsty blade quenched in a river of stars.
Possession casts all sense into oblivion
As the eight mortal sufferings are blown away.

The greenwood grows fiercely
And the wild flame blossoms, eager to meet fate.
Riled and unpredictable, blades flash like dragons.
Her elegant hand teases their destiny.

Seven eyes gaze from an immortal plane,
With eight facets of a heart clear and crystalline.
Is there a choice of perfection;

A space, between the fleeting dew and immortality?


  • Soaring Sword Fiora
  • Sacred Sword Janna
  • Eternal Sword Yi


The Quest for the Sacred Sword Immortal Journey 2017 Skins Trailer - League of Legends

The Quest for the Sacred Sword Immortal Journey 2017 Skins Trailer - League of Legends

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