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Defense Mastery Tree
(Season Two)
Summoner's ResolveResistanceHardinessTough SkinDurabilityVigorIndomitableVeteran's ScarsEvasionBladed ArmorSiege CommanderInitiatorEnlightenmentHonor GuardMercenaryJuggernautDefensetree2
Other Mastery Trees:
Offense Mastery OffenseUtility Mastery (tree) Utility
Indomitable mastery s2
Indomitable was a tier 3 defense mastery with 2 ranks.

Effect per rank

  • Reduces incoming damage by 1 / 2.


  • Requires 8 points in Defense.


  • Damage reduction from Indomitable mastery s2.png Indomitable is applied after damage reduction from armor and magic resistance. This makes Indomitable comparatively more effective than additional armor and magic resist.
  • It's currently bugged and does not reduce any damage from Baron Nashor Baron Nashor and Dragon Dragon.

Patch History

V1.0.0.152 Removed
  • Removed due to Season Three.
V1.0.0.129 Added
  • Tier 3 Defense mastery 2 ranks.
    • Reduces incoming damage by 1 / 2.

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