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Invulnerability is an effect that reduces all damage taken to 0 and is the only form of damage reduction that affects true damage. Drain effects, such as life steal, will have no effect against invulnerability. An invulnerable champion wearing Thornmail item.png Thornmail will still reflect damage, as Thornmail's damage reflect occurs before damage reduction.

Invulnerability may occasionally be used to refer to:

  • Undying Rage.png Undying Rage, although this only prevents Tryndamere Tryndamere's health from being taken below a certain amount and it does not actually reduce the damage inflicted.
  • Untargetable effects, such as Vladimir Vladimir's Sanguine Pool.png Sanguine Pool or Fizz Fizz's Playful.png Playful / Trickster . However, these effects only prevent you from being targeted or affected by area of effect (and will drop active targeted spells when you become untargetable). Being untargetable does not prevent you from taking damage, such as from an active damage over time.

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