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Skill usage

  • Irelia Irelia's Ionian Fervor.png Ionian Fervor is her staple ability, making it very difficult to lock her down in teamfights and skirmishes with crowd control due to her extended tenacity.
    • For this reason, Irelia Irelia is a feared assassin and very capable at targeting and killing carries due to the difficulty involved in keeping her off them with crowd control.
    • Bear in mind that this tenacity does not reduce the crowd control applied by knock-ups or suppression.
    • Invisible units, such as enemy champions in brush or Twitch Twitch with Ambush.png Ambush active will not proc Ionian Fervor.png Ionian Fervor's bonus tenacity.
  • Bladesurge.png Bladesurge is a powerful farming tool as it refreshes and refunds mana if it kills the targeted enemy, including minions, and also serves as a gap closer.
    • If you miss when last hitting a minion, quickly use your Bladesurge.png Bladesurge on it, so you still kill it successfully without losing cooldown or too much mana.
    • Bladesurge.png Bladesurge applies on-hit effects, including the true damage dealt by Irelia Irelia's Hiten Style.png Hiten Style, the magic damage from Wit&#039;s End item.png Wit's End, and it will proc and immediately apply the additional damage from Sheen item.png Sheen, albeit only every two seconds per its cooldown limitations.
    • Use Bladesurge.png Bladesurge to cover great distances by targeting low health minions on your way to champion targets.
      • Inversely, targeting enemy minions can help Irelia Irelia escape from ganks.
      • By using Bladesurge.png Bladesurge on a full health ranged minion while having Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force, you will usually kill a full health ranged minion instantly, so you can use it one more time.
      • Use Transcendent Blades.png Transcendent Blades at range to soften up a minion to open up opportunities for a successful Bladesurge.png Bladesurge reset.
  • Hiten Style.png Hiten Style gives Irelia Irelia exceptional laning strength. Each level will provide increased sustain and bonus true damage per attack.
    • Combined with Bladesurge.png Bladesurge, this combo makes Irelia among the best champions at last-hitting under allied turrets.
    • Hiten Style.png Hiten Style synergizes strongly with attack speed. The more hits Irelia Irelia can land within the duration of its active means increased sustain and increased damage output.
    • Hiten Style.png Hiten Style also heals while attacking structures such as turrets, as it heals on-hit. She may activate this while pushing for extra sustain in lane.
    • True damage cannot be negated, so keep in mind that the Hiten Style.png Hiten Style active cannot be negated by Exhaust.png Exhaust or any attack damage debuff.
      • However, an attack speed slow such as Ground Slam.png Ground Slam will reduce your sustain and damage output.
  • Irelia Irelia's Equilibrium Strike.png Equilibrium Strike will either stun or slow depending on the total % of health Irelia Irelia has compared to her target. If higher, it will slow. If lower, it will stun.
    • This gives Equilibrium Strike.png Equilibrium Strike a lot of flexibility in its use - it will slow in a chasing situation, and stun to either turn the tides of a fight or give Irelia Irelia a means of escape.
      • For this reason, it is often best to save Equilibrium Strike.png Equilibrium Strike until later in a fight to secure a sudden advantage and turn around.
    • To help your jungler gank your lane, purposefully letting your health drop below your target's can provide a much-needed stun to ensure a kill.
    • Consider investing your first skill point into Equilibrium Strike.png Equilibrium Strike in order to avoid and survive a potential early gank during laning.
  • Transcendent Blades.png Transcendent Blades allows for strong, multi-target damage and sustain, giving Irelia Irelia increased survivability in fights, especially when focusing down important targets.
    • Remember that Transcendent Blades.png Transcendent Blades will heal Irelia Irelia for more when striking champions than striking minions.
      • In a teamfight, it's generally best to aim Transcendent Blades.png Transcendent Blades to hit as many champions as possible to keep you alive, rather than directly at a single target for extra damage, as this will give you the best sustain. With proper positioning, both these effects can be achieved without having to compromise. For example, shift around to fire the blades forward into the bulk of the enemy team while also hitting the main target.
      • During laning, fire into as large of a minion group as possible to regain large amounts of health either to continue laning or to survive a skirmish.
      • Ignite.png Ignite combined with Transcendent Blades.png Transcendent Blades makes a rather strong combo to kill fleeing enemies.
    • If coordinated well, it also makes an effective tool for escaping ganks or failed team fights at low health. By clicking the edge of your screen and firing off a few blades, you can heal from the enemy champions chasing you to buy time to escape.
    • Transcendent Blades.png Transcendent Blades can give you a "stepping stone". By using it to lower health of ranged minions, you can dash continuously when using Bladesurge.png Bladesurge on them.
    • Wait for the spellblade proc from Sheen item.png Sheen or Trinity Force item.png Trinity Force to refresh before casting Bladesurge.png Bladesurge to maximize damage output.
  • Even though Irelia Irelia has a lot of sustain, she also has a lot of burst damage when her opponent has more health than her at level 6. Opening with Equilibrium Strike.png Equilibrium Strike, activating Hiten Style.png Hiten Style and Transcendent Blades.png Transcendent Blades immediately, and Bladesurge.png Bladesurge as the opponent flees and gains some distance (so you can land another autoattack or even more with Phage item.png Phage. This combo is capable of dealing a lot of damage. Combined with Ignite.png Ignite and Sheen item.png Sheen, it can even kill somebody from full health in a few seconds.
    • Irelia also can burst at level 2 (though you can only do that with a level advantage, or if your enemy has wasted an ability). Use your Bladesurge.png Bladesurge onto a low health minion near your enemy, then follow with aEquilibrium Strike.png Equilibrium Strike, attack him and then Bladesurge.png Bladesurge after landing an auto attack or if he runs away. By using this trick, you can burn 2 of the enemy champion's Health Potion item.png health potions.

Build usage

Recommended builds

Summoner's Rift
Starting Crystalline Flask item Health Potion item3 Warding Totem item
Essential Ninja Tabi item Spectre&#039;s Cowl Trinity Force item
Offensive Blade of the Ruined King item Youmuu&#039;s Ghostblade item Maw of Malmortius item
Defensive Randuin&#039;s Omen item Spirit Visage item Guardian Angel item Sterak&#039;s Gage item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item Sight Ward item Vision Ward item Elixir of Iron item Greater Stealth Totem item
Summoner's Rift (Jungler)
Starting Hunter&#039;s Machete item Health Potion item2 Warding Totem item
Essential Ninja Tabi item Stalker&#039;s Blade (Devourer) item Trinity Force item
Offensive Blade of the Ruined King item Youmuu&#039;s Ghostblade item Maw of Malmortius item
Defensive Randuin&#039;s Omen item Spirit Visage item Guardian Angel item Sterak&#039;s Gage item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item Sight Ward item Vision Ward item Elixir of Iron item Greater Stealth Totem item
Howling Abyss
Starting Boots of Speed item Doran&#039;s Shield item Doran&#039;s Blade item Health Potion item2
Essential Berserker&#039;s Greaves item Phage item Wit&#039;s End item
Offensive Trinity Force item Zephyr item
Defensive Spirit Visage item Frozen Mallet item Randuin&#039;s Omen item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item
Crystal Scar
Starting Boots of Speed item Prospector&#039;s Blade item Health Potion item2
Essential Mercury&#039;s Treads item Phage item Warden&#039;s Mail item
Offensive Trinity Force item Wit&#039;s End item Blade of the Ruined King item
Defensive Spirit Visage item Frozen Heart item Guardian Angel item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item
Twisted Treeline
Starting Boots of Speed item Doran&#039;s Shield item
Essential Mercury&#039;s Treads item Phage item Warden&#039;s Mail item
Offensive Trinity Force item Wit&#039;s End item Blade of the Ruined King item
Defensive Spirit Visage item Overlord&#039;s Bloodmail item Frozen Heart item
Consumables Health Potion item Mana Potion item


  • Irelia Irelia is a champion that relies on attack speed. A Frozen Heart item.png Frozen Heart is a good counter to her AS. Randuin&#039;s Omen item.png Randuin's Omen also works, arguably better, due to providing HP, which reduces her true damage and burst. However, it only helps to protect yourself, while Frozen Heart item.png Frozen Heart helps to protect your entire team against Irelia's damage.
    • In fact, champions with attack speed slows, such as Malphite Malphite and Nasus Nasus, have a much easier time against Irelia. They are also too tanky for her to beat easily.
  • Most crowd control effects are not very effective against Irelia due to Ionian Fervor.png Ionian Fervor granting her enormous amounts of tenacity. However, tenacity cannot reduce the effects of knock-up and suppression crowd control.
    • For suppression, champions like Malzahar Malzahar and Warwick Warwick are good options against Irelia. They can suppress her during teamfights, giving your teammates enough time to kill her. But keep in mind that Irelia can buy a Quicksilver Sash item.png Quicksilver Sash to counter those suppression effects.
    • For knock-ups, champions like Wukong Wukong, Zac Zac and the aforementioned Malphite Malphite can give her headaches during teamfights.
  • Try to disengage when you see her Hiten Style.png Hiten Style is activating. It only has a 6s duration and the true damage and on hit heal allows her to trade. Try to harass her back when it is on cooldown.
  • Buying a Doran&#039;s Shield item.png Doran's Shield in the first trip back is a great way to counter Irelia Irelia if you are having trouble vs her, since most of her damage come from basic autoattacks but note that Hiten Style.png Hiten Style 's true damage can not be reduced by Doran&#039;s Shield item.png Doran's Shield.
    • After that, by using the same logic, you can buy Ninja Tabi item.png Ninja Tabi or stack health (Giant&#039;s Belt item.png Giant's Belt is good since it has many upgraded paths).
  • Irelia Irelia's Equilibrium Strike.png Equilibrium Strike makes her trading deceptively strong. Keep in mind that it will stun you if your current % of health is higher than hers.
  • As a top lane champion that relies on reaching an enemy and sticking to them to apply her on hit true damage, picking a champion that can outdo her constant damage once she enters melee range like Xin Zhao Xin Zhao or Udyr Udyr or disengage like Renekton Renekton is always a good idea.
  • Ask for early ganks, shut her down early. Snowball champions like Riven Riven are nightmares for Irelia Irelia to deal with when they are ahead. Though Irelia Irelia's power will allow her to turn the lane around if she gets enough levels. Riven Riven, for example, cannot burst Irelia Irelia after enough levels have passed, causing Irelia Irelia to win lane.
  • It is recommended not to fight Irelia Irelia in minion waves. Her Transcendent Blades.png Transcendent Blades allows her to heal a lot of damage if it deals damage to both you and minions.
    • Try to counter her healing with healing reduction from Ignite.png Ignite. It can be quite powerful in early game.

Champion spotlight

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Irelia Champion Spotlight

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