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  • Previous edit iterations on the wiki reveal an unsourced trivia that IreliaSquare old2 Irelia's Transcendent Blades Transcendent Blades was based on an artifact of flying blades "Sica Shishikushiro" used by Setsuna Sakurazaki, from the manga series Negima. The relaunch accentuates the use of multiple flying blades, peddling back to the Setsuna reference.
IreliaSquare old2 Irelia, the Will of the Blades
  • According to Colt 'Ezreal' Hallam, Irelia's placeholder model was Katarina RedCardCircle Red Card Katarina [S|L].[2]
  • When she died, her blades stab her, which references Seppuku.
    • This was changed because it didn't fit with her relaunch. [3]
  • Ryan 'Morello' Scott nerfed Irelia the day before her release for 'being too annoying to play against' and the subsequent nerfs she received whenever another champion was deemed overpowered led to the birth of the "Better Nerf Irelia" meme.
  • Updated splash artwork for her remained unreleased prior to her rework.
IreliaSquare Irelia, the Blade Dancer
  • A prototype of Defiant Dance Defiant Dance was a full counter capable of reflecting Unleashed Power Unleashed Power. [4]
  • A prototype ultimate allowed her to fire a wave of blades for circa 3 seconds (didnt follow her, just in the direction and spot she originally cast it in). This 'blade stream' knocked enemies back, which was cool thematically but it ended up being a support spell.
  • On an early concept she had 6 arms with each one holding a sword. [5]
  • Her motions are from Wushu and Tai Chi martial arts with a light hint of western Jazz (dancing style). A mix of western and eastern influences but weighing heavily towards eastern.
  • A bug during Irelia's updated model was both mentioned and shown here[6]


IreliaSquare old2 Irelia, the Will of the Blades
  • Rick 'ricklessabandon' Maher once described Irelia as a Lich and her blade as her Phylactery.
    • According to this, SorakaSquare Soraka bound Irelia's soul to her blade, meaning Irelia would die for good if her blades were destroyed.
  • The Art of Hiten was a blade style developed by the famed swordsman Master Lito. His art was a highly guarded secret, but it was said that swords would breathe in his grasp. When Master Lito died, his daughter inherited the Hiten style. Irelia has since taken the art form to new heights as she is capable of telekinetically commanding multiple blades.
  • Irelia wore a "Mantle of Decorum" on her back, which is the highest decoration an Ionian can receive (KarmaSquare Karma has one).

IreliaSquare Irelia, the Blade Dancer
  • The blades that she wield come from a prized emblem of her household that was smashed by Noxian soldiers. Now, after all the events of the war and everything she's done, it is also the symbol for an Ionia that will not bow. It's become her medal/Mantle of Decorum, but is also her weapon.
  • Young Irelia was just 14 when a Noxian Warhost lead by none other than SwainSquare General Swain, successfully attacked and captured the Placidium of Navori. Swain intended to use the captive villagers to lure Ionian reinforcements into his laid-out ambush, yet Irelia broke free & counter-attacked, killing Swain's veterans & dignitaries as well as severing his left arm, scoring, against overwhelming odds, a strategic victory that'd ultimately turn the tide against Noxian invaders.


Irelia OriginalCircle old2 Irelia, the Will of the Blades [S|L]
  • Her French localization jokes reference Brice de Nice.
    e "My blade is not only precise, but totally gnarly." goes hand-in-hand with Irelia riding her blade like a surfboard during her joke ('gnarly' is surfer slang for 'cool').
  • Irelia shares quotes with:
    • Irelia OriginalCircle old2
      Annie OriginalCircle
      Evelynn OriginalCircle
      Evelynn.move1 old
      Ezreal OriginalCircle
      Thresh OriginalCircle
        "This way."
    • Irelia OriginalCircle old2
      Garen OriginalCircle
        "Forge onward."
    • Irelia OriginalCircle old2
      Garen OriginalCircle
        "I will not falter."
    • Irelia OriginalCircle old2
      Lucian OriginalCircle
        "It ends here."
    • Irelia OriginalCircle old2
      Renekton OriginalCircle
        "Cut them down."
Irelia OriginalCircle Classic Irelia [S|L]
  • Irelia OriginalCircle
    Irelia 002
    Irelia OriginalCircle old2
      "Cut them down." is the only quote Irelia kept after her rework.
Irelia FrostbladeCircle Frostblade Irelia [S|L]


Irelia OriginalCircle Classic Irelia [S|L]
  • Her login music and splash art were revealed a few days before her rework launched onto the PBE.
Irelia AviatorCircle Aviator Irelia [S|L]
  • She references Amelia Earhart.
  • Her splash art references old travel postcards.
  • The stamp is her Mantle of Decorum before it was shattered to become her blades.
Irelia InfiltratorCircle Infiltrator Irelia [S|L]
  • With the release of her Champion Relaunch, this skin features a unique recall animation, which it did not have before.
  • Her outfit resembles Sivir PAXCircle PAX Sivir's [S|L].
Irelia NightbladeCircle Nightblade Irelia [S|L]
Irelia FrostbladeCircle Frostblade Irelia [S|L]
  • Just one patch after her release, patch V1.0.0.142, her original splash art requiered some tweeks. Her butt size was increased and it was emphasized more.
  • During the development of her Champion Relaunch, Rioters internally referred to this skin as "Frostbutt" or "Frost Booty". These were fan names for the skin due to her Irelia FrostbladeCircle old old artwork [S|L] emphasizing her behind.[7]
  • With the release of her Champion Relaunch, this skin features a unique recall animation, which it did not have before.
  • This skin references Killer Frost.
Irelia OrderoftheLotusCircle Order of the Lotus Irelia [S|L]


IreliaSquare old2 Irelia, the Will of the Blades
  • When Noxus Crest icon Noxus invaded Ionia Crest icon Ionia it was SorakaSquare Soraka who saved Irelia from the brink of death.
    • As a result, Irelia awakened her ability to control her father Master Lito's blade.
IreliaSquare Irelia, the Blade Dancer
  • Irelia mentions and names her entire family, whom were slaughtered during the Noxian invasion. This being her mother, father Lito , O-ma (Grandmother) and her siblings Zelos, Kai, Ohn and Ruu.
    • Kai is a common Navorian name, so Irelia's deceased brother Kai is not the same KaiSquare Kai living within VarusSquare Varus.