Champion Select

  • Ivern Select
    "My favorite color is spring."
  • Ivern Ban
    "Happy to sit this one out."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Ivern.start01
    "Live each day as if it's your first."
  • Ivern.start02
    "The sunshine tastes so good today."
  • Ivern.start03
    "Feels good to stretch the old beanstalks."
  • Ivern.start04
    "What a wonderful day. Gooseberries would love it."


  • Ivern.attack01
    "How very hornet of me."
  • Ivern.attack02
    "Wake up!"
  • Ivern.attack03
    "See the wonder!"
  • Ivern.attack04
    "Switch to a greener path."
  • Ivern.attack05
    "Nature isn't always gentle."
  • Ivern.attack06
    "When a tree hits you, listen."
  • Ivern.attack07
    "Harm revisits those who harm."
  • Ivern.attack08
    "You forced my limb."
  • Ivern.attack09
    "Trust me, you need this."
  • Ivern.attack10
    "It's okay, Gromp is a slow learner too."
  • Ivern.attack11
    "So this is how the scorpion feels."
  • Ivern.attack12
    "The scorpion must scorp."
  • Ivern.attack13
    "Huh. I can be thorny too."
  • Ivern.attack14
    "Turn a new leaf."
  • Ivern.attack15
    "Some buds need a little push to blossom."
  • Ivern.attack16
    "Let me help you grow."
Attacking from Brush
  • Ivern.attackBrush01
    "No-one expects the sneaky clover."
  • Ivern.attackBrush02
    "Nothing in here but us, uh, stalks of grass!"
  • Ivern.attackBrush03
    "The chameleons would be proud."
  • Ivern.attackBrush04
    "Uh, the ferns did it."
  • Ivern.attackBrush05
    "Who did that? It was me!"
  • Ivern.attackBrush06
    "Sneak attack!"
  • Ivern.attackBrush07
    "Nature strikes unseen."
  • Ivern.attackBrush08
    "Where did that come from?"
  • Ivern.attackBrush09
    "Surprises sting the most."
  • Ivern.attackBrush10
  • Ivern.attackBrush11
  • Ivern.attackBrush12
  • Ivern.attackBrush13
  • Ivern.attackBrush14


  • Ivern.move01
    "Life is such a strange miracle."
  • Ivern.move02
    "Never trust a butterfly with a secret."
  • Ivern.move03
    "Daisy stampede when no-one is watching."
  • Ivern.move04
    "Trees love tickling each other's branches."
  • Ivern.move05
    "Laugh like a hyena, and friends will gallop to your side."
  • Ivern.move06
    "Sprint like a snail, and you will never twist your ankle."
  • Ivern.move07
    "Oh, look, a happy little cloud."
  • Ivern.move08
    "I find that the stranger life gets, the more it seems to make sense."
  • Ivern.move09
    "Every river reaches the ocean in its own way."
  • Ivern.move10
    "I'm having another eye-opening day."
  • Ivern.move11
    "I should go swimming later!"
  • Ivern.move12
    "One day, I'll root in one place and be everywhere."
  • Ivern.move13
    "Everything is connected in the strangest ways."
  • Ivern.move14
    "I love how the grass is fluffy on my toes."
  • Ivern.move15
    "Brush just tickles my fancy."
  • Ivern.move16
    "I tread lightly so as not to hurt the dandelions."
  • Ivern.move17
    "Ladybugs should really befriend inchworms."
  • Ivern.move18
    "Sun and rain are the only magic I need."
  • Ivern.move19
    "I grow my own food."
  • Ivern.move20
    "Animals have more to offer than warm pelts and meat."
  • Ivern.move21
    "I follow only the sun! Eh, and sometimes a river. This one time, a scorpion."
  • Ivern.move22
    "I wonder what adventure today has in store for all of us."
Moving in the Jungle
  • Ivern.moveJungle01
    "Hm, now where did I leave my roots?"
  • Ivern.moveJungle02
    "No-one who wanders is every truly lost."
  • Ivern.moveJungle03
    "I am never lost in the wilderness... hehe, only in conversations."
  • Ivern.moveJungle04
    "I want to put my toes in the river."
  • Ivern.moveJungle05
    "Nothing beats the smell of vegetation."
  • Ivern.moveJungle06
    "Potatoes are always watching."
  • Ivern.moveJungle07
    "It's reassuring how alone we aren't."
  • Ivern.moveJungle08
    "I wonder what the ducks are plotting today."
  • Ivern.moveJungle09
    "The cleverness of mushrooms always surprises me!"
Moving Near Baron Nashor Baron Nashor, Dragon Dragon, or Rift Herald Rift Herald
  • Ivern.moveEpicMonster01
    "Why aren't dragons and void beasts friendlier?"
  • Ivern.moveEpicMonster02
    "Dragons and void beasts are beyond my aid."
  • Ivern.moveEpicMonster03
    "I get the feeling dragons don't like me too much. Oh well."
  • Ivern.moveEpicMonster04
    "That creature is not of this world."
Moving Near the Red Brambleback Red Brambleback
  • Ivern.moveRedBrambleback01
    "Brambleback, thanks for helping the beavers move their lodge."
  • Ivern.moveRedBrambleback02
    "Brambleback always has the best jokes!"
  • Ivern.moveRedBrambleback03
    "Brambleback, remember the Kumungu affair? I still think it was your fault."
Moving Near the Blue Sentinel Blue Sentinel
  • Ivern.moveBlueSentinel01
    "Don't fret, Blue. Moss builds character."
  • Ivern.moveBlueSentinel02
    "I'm telling you, Blue, you and Daisy would make a cute couple."
  • Ivern.moveBlueSentinel03
    "And how are the pebbles, Blue?"
Moving Near Rift Scuttler Rift Scuttler
  • Ivern.moveRiftScuttler01
    "Poor thing, who bent your antenna?"
  • Ivern.moveRiftScuttler02
    "Found any good crawdads lately, Scuttles? Let me know if you do."
  • Ivern.moveRiftScuttler03
    "I know I still owe you some razor clams, Scuttles. You know I'm good for it."
Moving Near Gromp Gromp
  • Ivern.moveGromp01
    "Lord Grompulous Kevin Ribbitton of Croaksworth. I am at your service, my liege."
  • Ivern.moveGromp02
    "Gromp! The epitome of frogdom."
Moving Near Ancient Krug Krugs
  • Ivern.moveKrugs01
    "Krugs, you're a boulder amongst pebbles."
  • Ivern.moveKrugs02
    "I loved your last story, Krugs! Really need to punch up act three, though."
  • Ivern.moveKrugs03
    "Few understand the true spirit of the noble Krugs."
Moving Near Crimson Raptor Raptors
  • Ivern.moveRaptors01
    "When's the last time you had your beaks sharpened?"
  • Ivern.moveRaptors02
    "Have you hear the Crimson Raptor's singing? She's come a long way."
Moving Near Greater Murk Wolf Wolves
  • Ivern.moveWolves01
    "No, Wolves, we're not playing fetch now."
  • Ivern.moveWolves02
    "Wolves hate being alone, even the lone ones."
  • Ivern.moveWolves03
    "I told you to get that second head looked at, Wolfy."
  • Ivern.moveWolves04
    "Everyone needs to run with a wolf pack every now and then."


A Nearby Ally
  • Ivern.tauntAlly01
    "Have an unusual day."
  • Ivern.tauntAlly02
    "I'm a treehugger! You should know that about me."
A Nearby Enemy
  • Ivern.taunt01
    "Let reverence for life take root in your heart."
  • Ivern.taunt02
    "May the sun warm you all of your days."
  • Ivern.taunt03
    "All life is precious, yes... even yours."
  • Ivern.taunt04
    "Be grateful for the breeze and the grass beneath your feet."
An Enemy Jhin Jhin
  • Ivern.tauntJhin01
    "Life is so much more beautiful than death."
An Enemy Lulu Lulu
  • Ivern.tauntLulu01
    "Finally, someone who understands nature like I do."
An Enemy Malphite Malphite
  • Ivern.tauntMalphite01
    "Mountain man, it's me! The tree guy!"
An Enemy Maokai Maokai
  • Ivern.tauntMaokai01
    "Are you going to Treemoot this year? I'm going to dress up as a sassafras!"
An Enemy Rek'Sai Rek'Sai
  • Ivern.tauntRekSai01
    "Obviously, you're not a gopher."
An Enemy Zyra Zyra
  • Ivern.tauntZyra01
    "No need to be so thorny."
Upon an Enemy Taunting Nearby
  • Ivern.interactionTauntEnemy01
    "Yes, you too."
  • Ivern.interactionTauntEnemy02
    "Oh, you got me on that one!"
  • Ivern.interactionTauntEnemy03
    "Good one!"


  • Ivern.joke01
    "The druid abides."
  • Ivern.joke02
    "Be grateful for this moment. And this one. Oh, and this one. Oh, and this one's good too!"
  • Ivern.joke03
    "Have an Ivern-crisp apple. Don't ask how I make them."
  • Ivern.joke04
    "Hm. Fragrant, with notes of wormwood."


  • Ivern.dance01
    Ivern sings.
  • Ivern.dance02
    Ivern sings.
  • Ivern.dance03
    Ivern sings.
  • Ivern.dance04
    Ivern sings.
  • Ivern.dance05
    Ivern sings.


  • Ivern.laugh01
    Ivern laughs.
  • Ivern.laugh02
    Ivern laughs.
  • Ivern.laugh03
    Ivern laughs.

Upon Placing a Friend of the Forest.png Grove

  • Ivern.spellIsummon01
    "Always replace whatever you take."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon02
    "To take, one must first learn to give."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon03
    "Nature gives so much more than it asks for in return."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon04
    "I will use your essence well."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon05
    "Hurry! Get to safety!"
  • Ivern.spellIsummon06
    "Say hi to your spawn for me!"
  • Ivern.spellIsummon07
    "I gift my spark!"
  • Ivern.spellIsummon08
    "We are connected!"
  • Ivern.spellIsummon09
    "I am your friend!"
  • Ivern.spellIsummon10
    "Grant me your spirit."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon11
    "Our spirits are one."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon12
    "Malice is afoot."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon13
    "Do not linger here."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon14
    "We are one."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon15
    "May you blossom."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon16
    "Hunters overrun the forest."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon17
    "Danger is coming."
  • Ivern.spellIsummon18
    "Oh, hello."
Upon Placing a Friend of the Forest.png Grove Around the Blue Sentinel Blue Sentinel
  • Ivern.spellIsummonBlueSentinel01
    "You know me, Blue."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonBlueSentinel02
    "Stay calm, Blue."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonBlueSentinel03
    "Blue, stunning as always."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonBlueSentinel04
    "You look just like my friend Daisy."
Upon Friend of the Forest.png Freeing the Blue Sentinel Blue Sentinel
  • Ivern.spellIdispelBlueSentinel01
    "Thank you, Blue!"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelBlueSentinel02
    "They want to take your essence! Hide!"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelBlueSentinel03
    "I receive your power with gratitude."
  • Ivern.spellIdispelBlueSentinel04
    "You're my boy, Blue."
Upon Placing a Friend of the Forest.png Grove Around the Red Brambleback Red Brambleback
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRedBrambleback01
    "You know me, Brambleback."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRedBrambleback02
    "Be peaceful, Brambleback."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRedBrambleback03
    "Don't start fights, Brambleback."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRedBrambleback04
    "Looking good, Brambleback."
Upon Friend of the Forest.png Freeing the Red Brambleback Red Brambleback
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRedBrambleback01
    "Thank you, brother Brambleback!"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRedBrambleback02
    "Red! It's the Kumungu affair all over again!"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRedBrambleback03
    "Red, Code Red! Flee!"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRedBrambleback04
    "Run, they seek to steal your fire!"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRedBrambleback05
    "See you later, Red!"
When an Ally Friend of the Forest.png Collects a Buff
  • Ivern.spellIcollect01
    "Be valiant, like a honeybee."
  • Ivern.spellIcollect02
    "Let me help you grow."
  • Ivern.spellIcollect03
    "A gift from the forest."
  • Ivern.spellIcollect04
    "Given freely to those in need."
  • Ivern.spellIcollect05
    "Sharing is caring, says the dung beetle."
Upon Placing a Friend of the Forest.png Grove Around the Rift Scuttler Rift Scuttler
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRiftScuttler01
    "You know me, Scuttles."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRiftScuttler02
    "I'll be back soon, Scuttles."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRiftScuttler03
    "Scuttles, relax."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRiftScuttler04
    "Scuttles, you're a gentlecrab and a scholar."
Upon Friend of the Forest.png Freeing the Rift Scuttler Rift Scuttler
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRiftScuttler01
    "Thanks, Scuttles!"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRiftScuttler02
    "Quick, Scuttle Crab, hide!"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRiftScuttler03
    "Scuttle, keep an eye on that suspicious extradimensional monstrosity, would you?"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRiftScuttler04
    "Scuttle, watch the river for me."
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRiftScuttler05
    "Nothing escapes a Scuttle Crab's perception."
Upon Placing a Friend of the Forest.png Grove Around Gromp Gromp
  • Ivern.spellIsummonGromp01
    "You know me, Gromp."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonGromp02
    "Gromp ribbit Gromp."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonGromp03
    "Gromp, no leap races now!"
  • Ivern.spellIsummonGromp04
    "Top of the morning, Gromp."
Upon Friend of the Forest.png Freeing Gromp Gromp
  • Ivern.spellIdispelGromp01
    "Thank you, lord Gromp."
  • Ivern.spellIdispelGromp02
    "Return to your pond, Gromp."
  • Ivern.spellIdispelGromp03
    "Hide, Gromp, I'll find you later."
  • Ivern.spellIdispelGromp04
    "Go in peace, friend."
Upon Placing a Friend of the Forest.png Grove Around the Ancient Krug Krugs
  • Ivern.spellIsummonKrugs01
    "You know me, Krugs."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonKrugs02
    "May I come near, Krugs?"
  • Ivern.spellIsummonKrugs03
    "Krugs, there's danger afoot."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonKrugs04
    "Krugs, bring it in for a cuddle."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonKrugs05
    "Hey, Krugs, how's the wife?"
Upon Friend of the Forest.png Freeing the Ancient Krug Krugs
  • Ivern.spellIdispelKrugs01
    "Thank you, Krugs."
  • Ivern.spellIdispelKrugs02
    "Hide, Krugs, run back to your wife!"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelKrugs03
    "Live to finish your tale."
Upon Placing a Friend of the Forest.png Grove Around the Crimson Raptor Raptors
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRaptors01
    "You know me, Raptors."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRaptors02
    "Settle down, Raptors."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRaptors03
    "Have some bird seed."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonRaptors04
    "Raptor friends! Looking good, guys!"
Upon Friend of the Forest.png Freeing the Crimson Raptor Raptors
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRaptors01
    "Where did you Raptors get all this gold?"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRaptors02
    "Fly along, now, danger is nigh!"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelRaptors03
    "I treasure this essence."
Upon Placing a Friend of the Forest.png Grove Around the Greater Murk Wolf Wolves
  • Ivern.spellIsummonWolves01
    "You know me, Wolves."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonWolves02
    "Don't stay long, Wolves."
  • Ivern.spellIsummonWolves03
    "Wolves, be still."
Upon Friend of the Forest.png Freeing the Greater Murk Wolf Wolves
  • Ivern.spellIdispelWolves01
    "Thank you, dear Wolves."
  • Ivern.spellIdispelWolves02
    "Hunters on the prowl, run and hide!"
  • Ivern.spellIdispelWolves03
    "We'll play fetch later."

Upon Casting Rootcaller.png Rootcaller

  • Ivern.spellQ1
  • Ivern.spellQ2
  • Ivern.spellQ3
  • Ivern.spellQ4
  • Ivern.spellQ5

Upon Casting Brushmaker.png Brushmaker

  • Ivern.spellW1
    "Spring up!"
  • Ivern.spellW2
    "Spring up!"
  • Ivern.spellW3
  • Ivern.spellW4
  • Ivern.spellW5
  • Ivern.spellW6

Upon Casting Triggerseed.png Triggerseed

  • Ivern.spellE1
    "The forest protects us all."
  • Ivern.spellE2
    "Use this gift well."
  • Ivern.spellE3
    "Nature's surprise!"
  • Ivern.spellE4
    "Be protected."
  • Ivern.spellE5
    "A gift from the forest."
Upon Self-Casting Triggerseed.png Triggerseed
  • Ivern.spellEself01
    "I've got two thumbs and a shield!"
  • Ivern.spellEself02
    "Sometimes I need to treat myself."

Upon Casting Daisy!.png Daisy!

  • Ivern.spellR11
  • Ivern.spellR12
    "Watch out, Daisy's really protective of me."
  • Ivern.spellR13
    "Meet my friend Daisy."
  • Ivern.spellR14
    "I think Daisy has a crush on you."
  • Ivern.spellR15
    "High five, Daisy!"
  • Ivern.spellR16
    "Daisy, high five!"
  • Ivern.spellR17
    "High five, Daisy!"
  • Ivern.spellR18
    "Daisy, up high!"
  • Ivern.spellR19
    "Daisy, gimme' some leaf!"
  • Ivern.spellR110
    "Daisy, break up the fight!"
When Daisy!.png Daisy Attacks
  • Ivern.spellR21
    "Careful, Daisy doesn't know her own strength!"
  • Ivern.spellR22
    "Don't play possum! Daisy hates possums!"
  • Ivern.spellR23
    "Watch out, Daisy stampede!"
  • Ivern.spellR24
    "Daisy, be gentle."
  • Ivern.spellR25
    "Daisy just loves to hug!"
When Daisy!.png Daisy Expires
  • Ivern.spellR31
    "Bye, Daisy."
  • Ivern.spellR32
    "Bye, Daisy."
  • Ivern.spellR33
    "Bye bye, Daisy."
  • Ivern.spellR34
    "Thanks for playing, Daisy."
  • Ivern.spellR35
    "See you later, Daisy."

Upon Killing an Enemy Champion

  • Ivern.kill01
    "Once in a blue leaf, the earthworm will best the robin."

Upon Buying an Item

  • Ivern.item01
    "Take all the gold, I really don't need it."
  • Ivern.item02
    "Hey, it's a thingy people use. Thank you."
  • Ivern.item03
    "This looks like it's going to grow on me."
Upon Buying Boots of Speed item.png Boots of Speed
  • Ivern.itemBoots01
    "Oh, I love boots. Where do they go again?"
  • Ivern.itemBoots02
    "I hope I don't outgrow these."
  • Ivern.itemBoots03
    "These are so much better than the mudloafers I've been using."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • Ivern.ward01
    "Nature is always watching."
  • Ivern.ward02
    "What shall I see?"
  • Ivern.ward03
    "Keep an eye out for new friends."
  • Ivern.ward04
    "Let me know if anyone tramples you."
  • Ivern.ward05
    "Never hurts to be carefully carefree."
  • Ivern.ward06
    "Oh, a feather-backed caterpillar!"
  • Ivern.ward07
    "A worm's eye view often turns into a bird's eye view."
  • Ivern.ward08
    "Now I'll see them see me."

Upon Dying

  • Ivern.death01
  • Ivern.death02
  • Ivern.death03
  • Ivern.death04
    "Tree down!"
  • Ivern.death05
    "Tree down!"
  • Ivern.death06
    "Tree down!"
Upon Respawning
  • Ivern.respawn01
    "Oh, that old body was getting creaky."
  • Ivern.respawn02
    "Dying isn't so bad - now that the dying part's over."
  • Ivern.respawn03
    "The end of life is filled with life."
  • Ivern.respawn04
    "Hm. This new body's a little stiff! Must be an oak!"