Champion Spotlight

Ivern Champion Spotlight06:38

Ivern Champion Spotlight

Recommended Items

Summoner's Rift
Starting Ancient Coin item Health Potion item3 Warding Totem item
Early Sightstone item Glacial Shroud item Ionian Boots of Lucidity item
Essential Talisman of Ascension item Aegis of the Legion item Zeke's Convergence item
Aggressive Rylai's Crystal Scepter item Hextech Protobelt-01 item Banshee's Veil item
Protective Locket of the Iron Solari item Ardent Censer item Knight's Vow item
Consumables Refillable Potion item Control Ward item Elixir of Sorcery item
Summoner's Rift (Jungler)
Starting Hunter's Talisman item Refillable Potion item Warding Totem item
Early Tracker's Knife item Ionian Boots of Lucidity item
Essential Tracker's Knife (Runic Echoes) item Athene's Unholy Grail item Redemption item
Aggressive Rylai's Crystal Scepter item Hextech Protobelt-01 item Banshee's Veil item
Protective Locket of the Iron Solari item Ardent Censer item Knight's Vow item
Consumables Refillable Potion item Control Ward item Elixir of Sorcery item
Twisted Treeline
Starting Doran's Ring item2 Health Potion item
Early Boots of Speed item Catalyst of Aeons item Glacial Shroud item
Essential Mercury's Treads item Rod of Ages item Frozen Heart item
Defensive Spirit Visage item Dead Man's Plate item Randuin's Omen item
Situational Righteous Glory item Iceborn Gauntlet item Abyssal Mask item
Consumables Health Potion item Elixir of Iron item
Twisted Treeline (Jungler)
Starting Hunter's Talisman item Doran's Ring item Health Potion item2
Early Skirmisher's Sabre item Bami's Cinder item Boots of Speed item
Essential Skirmisher's Sabre (Cinderhulk) item Mercury's Treads item Rod of Ages item
Defensive Spirit Visage item Frozen Heart item Dead Man's Plate item
Situational Righteous Glory item Abyssal Mask item Iceborn Gauntlet item
Consumables Health Potion item Elixir of Iron item
Howling Abyss
Starting Catalyst of Aeons item Boots of Speed item
Essential Mercury's Treads item Rylai's Crystal Scepter item Rod of Ages (Crystal Scar) item
Defensive Athene's Unholy Grail item Spirit Visage item Knight's Vow item
Situational Ardent Censer item Righteous Glory item Abyssal Mask item
Consumables Corrupting Potion item Elixir of Iron item


Playing As Ivern Ivern
  • Try to help allies follow up a good Rootcaller.png Rootcaller hit with Triggerseed.png Triggerseed!
  • Use Brushmaker.png Brushmaker to set up future ambush spots!
  • Daisy!.png Daisy can block skillshots and slow down enemies. Use her to peel for your teammates!
Playing Against Ivern Ivern
  • Ivern can be deceptively slippery. Be careful chasing him too far.
  • Ivern's Brushmaker.png brush has a long duration. Watch out for ambushes!
  • Be careful when fighting Ivern alone if he has Daisy!.png Daisy ready to help!


Ability Usage
  • Friend of the Forest.png Friend of the Forest is Ivern Ivern's passive. It allows him to set groves around non-epic monster camps to set them free rather than fighting them.
    • Each grove costs health and mana and has a short channel time to create. The cost of this ability cannot kill Ivern Ivern so it provides a pseudo safety net against getting executed. However, this means that an enemy counterjungle can easily result in your death if they catch you at low health and mana.
    • After a camp has been marked, Ivern Ivern can come back to collect it after 40 - 6 seconds depending on his level or Smite.png Smite it to instantly reap its rewards. This grants Ivern Ivern near unparalleled counter jungling capability himself so long as Smite.png Smite is up as he simply needs 2 seconds to make a grove. On the other hand, camps can still be taken after being marked so enemies can exploit its long delay early game to steal a camp.
    • Finally, a copy of either Crest of Insight.png blue buff or Crest of Cinders.png red buff will be produced after Ivern Ivern reaches level 5 which an ally can collect after Ivern Ivern clears the camp. If an ally kills the monster themselves, a copy will be made that only Ivern Ivern can pick up.
  • Rootcaller.png Rootcaller is a slow moving, long range skillshot that Root icon roots the first enemy hit and allows Ivern Ivern and his allies to dash to the victim, putting them at their autoattack range. This should be maxed second as it is fairly powerful even at low levels.
    • This ability vastly helps immobile champions, especially Juggernauts, to get into the fray be it a teamfight or simply a gank follow-up.
    • Rootcaller.png Rootcaller can also hit non-epic monster camps which roots them and allows the subsequent dash although it won't deal damage due to Friend of the Forest.png Friend of the Forest. This can aid Ivern Ivern in reaching camps faster or making him more slippery when on the run.
    • Ivern Ivern can reactivate the ability instead of right-clicking enemies to dash to them. (Think Lee Sin Lee Sin's Sonic Wave.png Sonic Wave and Resonating Strike.png Resonating Strike combo.)
  • Brushmaker.png Brushmaker allows Ivern Ivern to create patches of brush on a stock system. It also passively increases his autoattack range and grants them bonus magic damage when in any brush lasting for a short while after leaving the brush. This should be maxed last as it gain minimal benefit from further ranks compared to his other two abilities.
    • While affected by Brushmaker.png Brushmaker's passive, Ivern Ivern is considered a ranged champion for the purposes of things like Runaan's Hurricane item.png Runaan's Hurricane, Relic Shield item.png Relic Shield items and the distance that Ivern Ivern dashes via Rootcaller.png Rootcaller.
    • Brushmaker.png Brushmaker buffed autoattacks apply spell effects like Rylai's Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter's Slow icon slow and Liandry's Torment item.png Liandry's Torment's burn. The extra damage also works against structures so place a brush while taking a tower to destroy it faster
    • Use this ability's passive in conjunction with Crest of Cinders.png Crest of Cinders by creating a brush during a gank to get the buff's slow off easier. It also provides more damage to help kill your opponent.
    • Brushmaker.png Brushmaker can also be used to deny vision of epic monsters to make steal attempts much harder to pull off. In a similar vein, the vision denial can be used while sieging enemy turrets to provide cover or create massive zoning pressure with champions like Blitzcrank Blitzcrank and Thresh Thresh. Bear in mind that True Sight from turrets can reveal bushes (the brush will have an exclamation mark above it is in turret range.)
  • Triggerseed.png Triggerseed shields an ally for 2 seconds after which it will burst, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies. This should be maxed first as it composes a bulk of Ivern's damage, utility and survivability.
    • Use this while ganking to slow enemies for a good Rootcaller.png Rootcaller. Alternatively, cast Triggerseed.png Triggerseed on yourself or an ally before going in on a rooted enemy to slow them after the root ends.
    • The explosion will still occur even if the shield is broken.
    • At 45% CDR, Triggerseed.png Triggerseed's cooldown will be reduced to a mere 4.4 seconds, leaving a downtime of 2.4 seconds between shields.
    • The damage on this ability is deceptively high over the course of an extended fight and is thus Ivern's main source of damage aside from Daisy!.png Daisy!.
  • Daisy!.png Daisy! summons a pet golem which attacks enemies. Her third consecutive attack will knock up enemies in a line (similar to Glacial Fissure.png Glacial Fissure) after which they will be immune to further knockups for a short duration.
    • Ivern can cast Triggerseed.png Triggerseed on Daisy Daisy and she will also dash to enemies afflicted by Rootcaller.png Rootcaller.
    • Daisy Daisy works well as a meat shield. Just be wary of things like Smite.png Smite, Consume.png Consume, Feast.png Feast and The Culling.png The Culling which can dispatch her easily.
    • The cooldown on Daisy!.png Daisy! begins as soon as she is summoned. With 45% CDR, she will have a downtime of 6 seconds assuming she isn't killed early.
    • Daisy Daisy can attack towers which, along with Brushmaker.png Brushmaker's passive, helps Ivern take objectives better. For inhibitors and the Nexus, be sure to Alt/Option + right-click to ensure she attacks the structure.
Mastery Usage
Item Usage
  • Even, if Brushmaker.png Brushmaker's passive component tempts for building attack speed, it is mostly way too risky to have a use of it. Ability Power is way better on him.
  • Ivern is a melee mage. Consider getting him items that grant both Ability Power and durability.
    • Rod of Ages item.png Rod of Ages grants Ivern Ivern all attributes he needs, from survivability through mana to cast spells to ability power, which increases his damage.
    • Another option may be Rylai's Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It also grants health and ability power, but also allows you to stick to your targets when it's safe. Note, that Rootcaller.png Rootcaller's root and Triggerseed.png Triggerseed's slow overcome this of Rylai's Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter's , making it only effective on Brushmaker.png Brushmaker enchanted attacks and Daisy!.png Daisy!'s attacks. The stats it grants make it worth though.
    • When in need of armor, Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass and Zeke's Convergence item.png Zeke's Convergence are items that will suit him well. The first will grant him useful stasis to mitigate enemy onslaught or give you a chance to self-cast Triggerseed.png Triggerseed and root enemy via Rootcaller.png Rootcaller, possibly getting a kill or just safely run away.
    • When needing magic resistance, Ivern Ivern's melee nature makes Abyssal Mask item.png Abyssal Mask useful. Not only grants it increased ability power and magic resistance, but also allows you to cast spells more frequently and increases magic damage surrounding enemies take. When not willing to sit in your enemies's faces, consider Banner of Command item.png Banner of Command instead.