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  • Ivern Ivern had some dealings with The Kumungu affair.
  • Mikkus is a squirrel that travels with Ivern.
    • In extremely early backstories, Mikkus was intented to die. The development team were all very upset with FauxSchizzle about it.
    • A Riot employee known as Ampson voiced Mikkus.[3]
  • Ivern was among the first Freljordian, and among the first outsiders to discover Ionia after its centuries of isolation from the rest of the world.[4]
  • Ivern will eventually become the new God-Willow. It's the ultimate fulfillment of his character arc, which he is close to achieving.[5] Considering his extremely long life thus far, it's safe to assume that "close" in this case is still a relatively long time from a human perspective.
  • He is essentially Immortal, but he is not invincible.[6]


- "Trust me, you need this" Might be a reference to a "Legend of Zelda" quote "It's dangerous to go alone, take this!"

- "No one who wanders is ever truly lost." is a reference to the line "Not all who wander are lost" from Tolkien's poem. He shares this quote reference with Taliyah Taliyah's "Not all who wander are lost" quote.

- "Oh look, a happy little cloud!" is a refence to famous lines from  Bob Ross. as he always talks about "happy little trees" and "happy little clouds".

- "You're my boy blue!" is a quote reference from the movie Old Skool.

- "Are you going to treemoot this year? I'm going to dress up as a sasserfrass" Is a reference to The Lord of the Rings' Entmoot.

- "Obviously, you're not a gopher" may be a quote reference from the movie The Big Lebowski's line "Obviously, you're not a golfer".


IvernSquare.png Classic Ivern [S|L]
  • His appearance was heavily inspired by Treants and Ents from Mythology and Fantasy, being a Treant himself.
IvernSquare.png Candy King Ivern [S|L]


  • Ivern Ivern sees almost all the creatures of the forest as his friends.


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