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  • Ivern knows and was maybe involved in 'the Kumungu Affair'.
  • Ivern travels with a squirrel called Mikkus, voiced by a Riot employee called 'Ampson'. [3]
    • Mikkus was intended to die in extremely early versions of Ivern's backstory (the development team were all very upset with Matthew 'FauxSchizzle' Dunn because of it)
  • Ivern was amongst the first Freljordians (therefore the first outsider) to set foot in Ionia after its centuries-old isolation from the rest of the world. [4]
  • Ivern's life goal is to succeed the God-Willow he struck down back when he was human. He is 'close' (a relatively long time from a human perspective) to completing this objective. [5]
  • Ivern is essentially immortal (but not invincible) [6]



IvernSquare.png Classic Ivern [S|L]
IvernSquare.png Candy King Ivern [S|L]


  • Ivern sees almost all the forest creatures as friends (not so much Dragon Dragon) but he finds the Rift Herald Rift Herald scary.
  • As Ivern the Cruel, Ivern once led a rebellion against the Frozen Watchers and the Iceborn.
  • Ivern has been all over Runeterra, but he has yet to visit the Blessed/Shadow Isles, and is thus unaware of Maokai's existence.
  • Bard, Kindred, and Ivern are all familiar with each other on some level.
  • He once met a scorpion, this could be Skarner Skarner.


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