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Upon Selection

  • Janna Select
    "The tempest is at your command."


  • Janna.attack1
    "The tempest is upon them."
  • Janna.attack2
    "The storm approaches."
  • Janna.attack3
    "Gale winds unleashed."
  • Janna.attack4
    "For tranquility."
  • Janna.attack5
    "By your command."
  • Janna.attack6
    "At once."


  • Janna.move1
    "As you wish."
  • Janna.move2
    "With ease."
  • Janna.move3
  • Janna.move4
  • Janna.move5
    "In harmony."
  • Janna.move6
    "Upon the wind."


  • Janna.taunt
    "And you thought it was just a harmless breeze!"


  • Janna.joke1
    "Yes, it's true. For only $2.95 a minute, I will leave you breathless."
  • Janna.joke2
    "Say hello to the winds of--- (double cough, clears throat) I don't know what came over me."


  • Janna.laugh1
    Janna laughs.
  • Janna.laugh2
    Janna laughs.
  • Janna.laugh3
    Janna laughs.
  • Janna.laugh4
    Janna laughs.

Upon Starting a Game on...

Summoner's Rift
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (3)
    "This is Janna, live at Summoner's Rift! Hopefully I stay that way."
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (7)
    "It's going to be another beautiful day in Summoner's Rift! Again."
Twisted Treeline
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (4)
    "This is Janna, live at the Twiiiisted Treeeeline! Hopefully I stay that way."
Howling Abyss
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (6)
    "This is Janna, live at the - brr - Howling Abyss! Hopefully I stay that way."
Crystal Scar
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (5)
    "This is Janna, live at the Crystal Scar! Hopefully I stay that way."
A Team Consisting of Nasus Nasus, Warwick Warwick, Nidalee Nidalee, and Rengar Rengar
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (10)
    "I'm live at the scene and it's just... cats and dogs here."


  • JannaForecast.attack01
    "Pressure is building!"
  • JannaForecast.attack02
    "You're in tornado alley!"
  • JannaForecast.attack03
    "Heavy winds approaching!"
  • JannaForecast.attack04
    "Hold on to your hats!"
  • JannaForecast.attack05
    "They're in for the storm of the century!"
  • JannaForecast.attack06
    "Death counts rising into the double digits tonight!"
  • JannaForecast.attack07
    "Perfect weather for a teamfight."
  • JannaForecast.attack08
    "High risk of severe thunderstorm."
  • JannaForecast.attack09
    "We're seeing a distinct chance of pentakills!"
  • JannaForecast.attack10
    "Pain front rolling in!"
  • JannaForecast.attack11
    "I didn't spend five years studying journalism for this."
  • JannaForecast.attack12
    "Bringing you the most accurate weather."
Upon Attacking Baron Nashor Baron Nashor
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (8)
    "Likelihood of acid rain nearing one-hundred percent!"
Upon Annie Annie and Brand Brand Fighting Each Other
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific
    "This is shaping up to be a scorcher!"
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (2)
    "Things are really heating up here."
Upon Nocturne Nocturne Activating Paranoia.png Paranoia
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (14)
    "Unknown weather pattern!"
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (15)
    "Scary clouds!"


  • JannaForecast.move01
    "Expect sporadic ganks."
  • JannaForecast.move02
    "Stay indoors today."
  • JannaForecast.move03
    "I get the worst assignments..."
  • JannaForecast.move04
    "Mic check! Am I coming in?"
  • JannaForecast.move05
    "We're looking on a one hundred percent chance of carnage!"
  • JannaForecast.move06
    "Let's take a look at the minimap."
  • JannaForecast.move07
    "I'm gonna need a new umbrella."
  • JannaForecast.move08
    "We're seeing ideal conditions for a gorgeous lane."
  • JannaForecast.move09
    "I'm on location, and it's - whoo! - not skirt weather!"
  • JannaForecast.move10
    "Trust me, I'm a weatherwoman."
  • JannaForecast.move11
    "Wait, are we rolling?"
  • JannaForecast.move12
    "What a scoop!"
  • JannaForecast.move13
    "Expect a spawn of Dragon Dragons every 6 minutes today."
  • JannaForecast.move14
    "Let my winds - and the teleprompter - guide you!"
  • JannaForecast.move15
    "Stock up wards for low visibility locations."
  • JannaForecast.move16
    "Five day forecast: sunshine, rainbows and bloodshed!"


  • JannaForecast.taunt01
    "And this harass is gonna continue on into the evening!"
  • JannaForecast.taunt02
    "It looks like there's a low chance any skillshots are gonna hit us!"
  • JannaForecast.taunt03
    "Surrender is likely with high pressure systems all over the map."


A stormcloud forms above Janna and she opens her umbrella but is then shocked by lightning.
  • JannaForecast.joke01
    "We may see a couple of clouds but nothing to worry abou- ahhh!"
  • JannaForecast.joke02
    "A little bit of precipitation is nothing to have a bad hair- urgh!"
  • JannaForecast.joke03
    "So long as Janna's on stormwatch, you've got nothing to fe- agh!"


  • JannaForecast.laugh01
    Janna laughs.
  • JannaForecast.laugh02
    Janna laughs.
  • JannaForecast.laugh03
    Janna laughs.
  • JannaForecast.laugh04
    Janna laughs.

Upon Using Zephyr.png Zephyr

  • JannaForecast.spellcastW
    "Bundle up!"
  • JannaForecast.spellcastW (2)
    "Incoming gale!"
  • JannaForecast.spellcastW (3)
    "Cold front!"
  • JannaForecast.spellcastW (4)
    "It's gusty!"

Upon Using Recall.png Recall

  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (11)
    "We'll be right back with more pain and death after these messages!"
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (12)
    "We'll be right back after a word from our summoning platform!"
  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (13)
    "And back to you, shopkeeper!"'

Upon Death

  • JannaForecast.dying21
    "Janna signing off... !"
  • JannaForecast.dying22
    "Back to you... !"

Upon Respawning

  • JannaForecastChampionSpecific (9)
    "We're going to edit that out, right?"


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