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JaxSquare.png Jaximus [S|L]


JaxSquare.png Classic Jax [S|L]
JaxSquare.png Vandal Jax [S|L]
JaxSquare.png Jaximus [S|L]
JaxSquare.png PAX Jax [S|L]
JaxSquare.png The Mighty Jax [S|L]
JaxSquare.png Temple Jax [S|L]
  • He wields a 方天畫戟 (Chinese: 'Square sky decorated halberd')
JaxSquare.png SKT T1 Jax [S|L]
JaxSquare.png Warden Jax [S|L]


  • Jax is Gragas Gragas' drinking buddy.
  • Fiora Fiora is Jax's rival-in-arms (her 'worthy opponent' so to speak)
  • Even though his origins are a mystery, the game's official website lists Jax as an Ionian.


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