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  • In-universe, the name Jax is Ionian[1], though its bearer is Icathian.
  • Jax's Classic artwork once featured a shadowy figure which resembled AatroxSquare Aatrox.
  • Jax's favorite food is eggs, particularly those from a certain caravansary in the Shuriman City of Uzeris.


JaxSquare Jaximus [S|L]


JaxSquare Classic Jax [S|L]
JaxSquare Vandal Jax [S|L]
JaxSquare Jaximus [S|L]
JaxSquare PAX Jax [S|L]
JaxSquare The Mighty Jax [S|L]
JaxSquare Temple Jax [S|L]
  • He wields a fāngtiān huàjǐ 方天畫戟 (lit. "Matching-Heaven Painted Halberd")
JaxSquare SKT T1 Jax [S|L]
JaxSquare Warden Jax [S|L]
JaxSquare God Staff Jax [S|L]
  • This skin may also have been inspired by the video-game Asura's Wrath, with Jax's appearance closely resembling the game's protagonist, Asura.
  • This is his first skin where his hair is fully visible.
  • He shares this theme with Lee SinSquare God Fist Lee Sin [S|L].


  • Jax is GragasSquare Gragas' drinking buddy.
  • FioraSquare Fiora is Jax's rival-in-arms (her 'worthy opponent' so to speak)
  • In the most recently version of his lore, Jax is confirmed to be an Icathian, though bearing an Ionian name.