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Champion Sneak Peek - Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow

By NeeksNaman [1]

If you've been waiting for the League to acquire a true Renaissance man, then your long wait is over. Meet Jayce Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow. In addition to being a class act and charmer, this modern gentleman is one of Piltover's premier scientific geniuses.

This brazen, well-equipped man for all seasons sports hi-tech armor and wields the skull-crushing Transform Mercury Hammer.png Mercury Hammer that also transforms into the Transform Mercury Cannon.png Mercury Cannon. Whether you want to get up close and personal to punish enemies with a gigantic blunt instrument or shake things up by peppering opponents with energy blasts from a distance, Jayce has the skills it takes to deliver.

Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow Revealed

By NeeksNaman [2]

If you're ready to add a little versatility to your fighter or ranged carry game, look no further than Jayce Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow. Jayce's transforming weapon allows him to adapt to nearly any situation, making him an extremely versatile champion for whatever role you need filled on the Fields of Justice.

The lynchpin in Jayce's kit is his ultimate. Starting with a free rank at Level 1, Jayce can activate his ultimate to transform his weapon into either the short range Transform Mercury Hammer.png Mercury Hammer or the long range Transform Mercury Cannon.png Mercury Cannon. Each time he transitions he'll receive a bonus effect on his next basic attack that either shreds the target's defensive stats (Transform Mercury Cannon.png ranged mode) or deals significantly increased damage (Transform Mercury Hammer.png melee mode)

Selecting the right weapon type for your current engagement is the key to playing Jayce effectively. While Transform Mercury Cannon.png ranged, Jayce can pepper enemies with ranged attacks, deploying Shock Blast.png Shock Blast and Hyper Charge.png Hyper Charge to wear down opponents while utilizing Acceleration Gate.png Acceleration Gate to keep his team at a safe distance. Having worn an enemy down in this manner, Acceleration Gate.png Acceleration Gate can be repurposed to give chase, allowing him to shift his weapon into its Transform Mercury Hammer.png hammer form and leap into the fray with To the Skies!.png To the Skies!

Once he's closed the distance, he can utilize Thundering Blow.png Thundering Blow to pick up a quick kill, while the additional Armor from being in Transform Mercury Hammer.png melee mode gives him the toughness necessary to either withdraw or continue fighting at close range. However you choose to play Jayce, canny shifting between his weapon modes will make or break your success on the battlefield.

Jayce Screenshots
Abilities (Mercury Hammer)

Hextech Capacitor
Hextech Capacitor

Jayce gains a quick burst of movement speed and ignores unit collision each time Transform Mercury Cannon.png Transform is cast.

To the Skies!
To the Skies!

Jayce leaps to an enemy, dealing physical damage and Slow icon slowing enemies.

Lightning Field
Lightning Field
  • Passive: Jayce restores mana per strike.
  • Active: Jayce creates a field of lightning, damaging nearby enemies for several seconds.

Thundering Blow
Thundering Blow

Jayce deals magic damage to an enemy based on their maximum health and Airborne icon knocks them back a short distance.

Transform - Mercury Cannon
Transform Mercury Cannon

Transforms the Transform Mercury Hammer.png Mercury Hammer into the Mercury Cannon, gaining new abilities and increased range. The first attack in this form reduces the target's Armor and Magic Resistance.

Abilities (Mercury Cannon)

Hextech Capacitor
Hextech Capacitor 2

Jayce gains a quick burst of movement speed and ignores unit collision each time Transform Mercury Hammer.png Transform is cast.

Shock Blast
Shock Blast

Jayce fires an orb of electricity that detonates upon hitting an enemy (or reaching the end of its path) dealing physical damage to all enemies in the area of the explosion.

Hyper Charge
Hyper Charge

Jayce gains a burst of energy, increasing attack speed to maximum for several attacks.

Acceleration Gate
Acceleration Gate

Jayce deploys an Acceleration Gate, increasing the movement speed of all allies who pass through it. If Shock Blast.png Shock Blast is fired through the gate, the missile speed, range, and damage will increase.

Transform - Mercury Hammer
Transform Mercury Hammer

Transforms the Transform Mercury Cannon.png Mercury Cannon into the Mercury Hammer, gaining new abilities and increasing Armor and Magic Resistance. The first attack in this form deals additional magic damage.


Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow - Login Screen01:07

Jayce, the Defender of Tomorrow - Login Screen

Jayce's Theme

League of Legends - Jayce Art Spotlight06:43

League of Legends - Jayce Art Spotlight

  • Jayce Concept (by Riot Artist Paul 'Zeronis' Kwon)
  • Jayce Model (by Riot Artist Josh 'GrumpyMonkey' Singh)
  • Jayce Hammer Concept (by Riot Artist Paul 'Zeronis' Kwon)
  • Jayce Hammer Model (by Riot Artist Sam 'cgsammu' Yang)
  • Full Metal Jayce Concept (by Riot Artist Anton 'Manton' Kolyukh)
  • Full Metal Jayce Model (by Riot Artist Sam 'cgsammu' Yang)
  • Debonair Jayce Promo
  • Debonair Jayce Concept (by Riot Artist Larry 'TheBravoRay' Ray)
  • Jayce Brighthammer Concept (by Riot Artist Duy Khanh Nguyen)
  • Jayce Brighthammer Model 1 (by Riot Artist Duy Khanh Nguyen)
  • Jayce Brighthammer Model 2 (by Riot Artist Duy Khanh Nguyen)
  • Jayce Brighthammer Model 3 (by Riot Artist Duy Khanh Nguyen)
  • RPG Skins Splash Concept 1 (by Riot Artist Christian Fell)
  • RPG Skins Splash Concept 2 (by Riot Artist Christian Fell)


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