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  • When Jayce's lore turned Viktor Viktor into a 'Saturday morning cartoon villain' it was rewritten.
    • Before him Shyvana Shyvana had also had her lore changed due to the playerbase.
  • Jayce appears to have a dominant left eye (he holds the Transform Mercury Cannon.png Mercury Cannon like a soldier would a rifle) and a dominant right hand (with which he holds the Transform Mercury Hammer.png Mercury Hammer near the top)



JayceSquare.png Classic Jayce [S|L]
JayceSquare.png Full Metal Jayce [S|L]
JayceSquare.png Debonair Jayce [S|L]
JayceSquare.png Forsaken Jayce [S|L]
JayceSquare.png Jayce Brighthammer [S|L]



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