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For the Howling Abyss shopkeeper, see Lyte


Jeffrey 'Lyte' Lin was an employee previously working for Riot Games Inc. as the Lead Designer of Social Systems of League of Legends.


Lyte has a Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience with a master's degree in cognitive psychology from the University of Washington.[1][2] While working on his Ph.D., Riot Games offered Lyte a job developing features related to player behavior; he officially joined Riot Games in February 2012.[3] He is 28 years old and used to work in a research lab.[4][5] Lyte played EverQuest in the same guild with Kevin 'Geeves' O'Brien and Christina 'kitae' Norman almost a decade ago, and has been playing League of Legends since August 2011 after being introduced to it by Geeves.[6][7] Before joining Riot Games, Lyte was an employee at Valve Software.

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