Champion Select

  • Jhin.move69
    "In carnage, I bloom, like a flower in the dawn."
  • Jhin.move07
    "My genius will be understood - eventually."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Jhin.start01
    "Our performance begins."
  • Jhin.start02
    "The stage is set."
  • Jhin.start03
    "I suppose I must make do with this tawdry setting."
  • Jhin.start04
    "This stage is beneath my talent, but I shall elevate it."
  • Jhin.start05
    "I will bring them an opera of death."
  • Jhin.start06
    "And now, the curtain rises."
  • Jhin.start07
    Jhin hums.
  • Jhin.start08
    Jhin hums.
  • Jhin.start09
    Jhin hums.


  • Jhin.attack01
    "You will be poetry."
  • Jhin.attack02
    "You will be beautiful."
  • Jhin.attack03
    "Watch my puppets dance."
  • Jhin.attack04
    "This is your curtain call."
  • Jhin.attack05
    "Your life had no value before me."
  • Jhin.attack06
    "I feel inspired."
  • Jhin.attack07
    "Art is worth the pain."
  • Jhin.attack08
    "Beauty is pain."
  • Jhin.attack09
    "I will make you famous."
  • Jhin.attack10
    "You will perform."
  • Jhin.attack11
    "This is my love."
  • Jhin.attack12
    "Each bullet is a song."
  • Jhin.attack13
    "Each bullet will be a dance."
  • Jhin.attack14
    "How can we make this fresh?"
  • Jhin.attack15
  • Jhin.attack16
    "Smiles, everyone, smiles!"
  • Jhin.attack17
    "Places, please!"
  • Jhin.attack18
  • Jhin.attack19
  • Jhin.attack20
  • Jhin.attack21
    "The composition needs something."
  • Jhin.attack22
  • Jhin.attack23
  • Jhin.attack24
  • Jhin.attack25
  • Jhin.attack26
  • Jhin.attack27
    "Symmetry is so boring."
  • Jhin.attack28
    "I've outdone myself this time."
  • Jhin.attack29
    "When they find you, they will cry."
  • Jhin.attack30
    "I will touch your heart."
  • Jhin.attack31
    "They're gonna live, until they die."
  • Jhin.attack32
    "This is my calling."
  • Jhin.attack33
    "Places everyone, places!"
  • Jhin.attack34
    "Shall we dance?"
  • Jhin.attack35
    "Sing for me!"
  • Jhin.attack36
    "I rehearsed this!"
  • Jhin.attack37
    "There is no drama in a peaceful death!"
  • Jhin.attack38
    "Dance for me."
  • Jhin.attack39
    "Right. On. Cue."
  • Jhin.attack40
  • Jhin.attack41
    "The show never ends!"
  • Jhin.attack42
    "How lovely!"
  • Jhin.attack43
    "Center stage!"
  • Jhin.attack44
    "I couldn't miss your performance."


  • Jhin.move01
    "The work is what matters."
  • Jhin.move02
    "Art requires a certain cruelty."
  • Jhin.move03
    "The end is important in all things."
  • Jhin.move04
    "My audience awaits."
  • Jhin.move05
    "I must wait until a composition is perfect."
  • Jhin.move06
    "They're puppets. I pull their strings, and then they dance."
  • Jhin.move07
    "My genius will be understood - eventually."
  • Jhin.move08
    "Art must exist beyond reason."
  • Jhin.move09
    "They call me mad. All artists are mad."
  • Jhin.move10
    "I will not suffer this ugliness."
  • Jhin.move11
    "I cannot be good. I must be perfection."
  • Jhin.move12
    "Every element must be in place."
  • Jhin.move13
    "I'm misunderstood. Beauty can't be evil."
  • Jhin.move14
    "This performance needs more... zazz."
  • Jhin.move15
    "It's so difficult to work under these conditions."
  • Jhin.move16
    "My talent justifies all actions."
  • Jhin.move17
    "I am at my best only during the performance."
  • Jhin.move18
    "I am pure. My work is pure."
  • Jhin.move19
    "My theater is the mind."
  • Jhin.move20
    "Art should terrify."
  • Jhin.move21
    "No poet's words could match my craft."
  • Jhin.move22
    "Death should never be quick. It should be an opera."
  • Jhin.move23
    "I shall choreograph this affair."
  • Jhin.move24
    "What sweet sadness is killing?"
  • Jhin.move25
    "The world is cruel. It does not have to be ugly."
  • Jhin.move26
    "Everyone wears a mask. I just chose to create my own."
  • Jhin.move27
    "This art is a compulsion. I cannot resist it."
  • Jhin.move28
    "Perfection isn't good enough."
  • Jhin.move29
    "Behind every mask... is another mask."
  • Jhin.move30
    "There is nothing for me but this."
  • Jhin.move31
    "I never hurt anyone. It is the performance that kills."
  • Jhin.move32
    "Until they stop me, I will keep going."
  • Jhin.move33
    "I am the singer without a voice. The dancer without legs."
  • Jhin.move34
    "Only to the audience do I show my true face."
  • Jhin.move35
    "Each bullet is a piece of my soul. Each shot is a piece of me."
  • Jhin.move36
    "I swear each performance is the last, but I lie every time."
  • Jhin.move37
    "I am a slave to this passion."
  • Jhin.move38
    "My work asks questions, it never has answers."
  • Jhin.move39
    "Which is the lie? The mask, or my face?"
  • Jhin.move40
    "An icon doesn't have to explain himself."
  • Jhin.move41
    "I wonder what they think when they see me."
  • Jhin.move42
    "Yes, the gun is ironic."
  • Jhin.move43
    "I like a violent composition."
  • Jhin.move44
    "This would be easier if blood came in more colours."
  • Jhin.move45
    "Let's start the show."
  • Jhin.move46
    "The ecstasy of opening night."
  • Jhin.move47
    "Smiles and screams, I bring both."
  • Jhin.move48
    "If I keep getting interrupted, how can I be expected to work?"
  • Jhin.move49
    "I was paid to put on a killer show."
  • Jhin.move50
    "My clients expect the best."
  • Jhin.move51
    "They will dance, they will sing, they will die!"
  • Jhin.move52
    "A costume, some makeup, a spray of blood."
  • Jhin.move53
    "It's very simple - when I shoot, they dance."
  • Jhin.move54
    "My critics are... usually short-lived."
  • Jhin.move55
    "If I get this outfit dirty, I'm going to be so annoyed."
  • Jhin.move56
    "I serve a discerning clientele."
  • Jhin.move57
    "Death is certain, but killing doesn't have to be ugly."
  • Jhin.move58
    "I provide catharsis for my clients, and my victims."
  • Jhin.move59
    "I... orchestrate death."
  • Jhin.move60
    "I get nervous before every performance, but I need that feeling."
  • Jhin.move61
    "The moment before the shot... is painful."
  • Jhin.move62
    "It is only when the gun fires that I am alive."
  • Jhin.move63
    "Mmm... the ecstasy of killing."
  • Jhin.move64
    "The trigger on a loaded weapon... it whispers for us to act."
  • Jhin.move65
    "I can't live without the euphoria of performance."
  • Jhin.move66
    "Happiness... is a warm gun."
  • Jhin.move67
    "I want to feel everything. The gun makes it so I do."
  • Jhin.move68
    "I envy silence... because I must be loud."


  • Jhin.taunt01
    "You lack imagination."
  • Jhin.taunt02
    "I have elaborate plans for you."
  • Jhin.taunt03
    "Killing you will be one of my finest works."
  • Jhin.taunt04
    "You are mediocrity. My genius will supplant you."
  • Jhin.taunt05
    "Only my actions will make you memorable."
  • Jhin.taunt06
    "It hurts so good..."
Taunting an Enemy Ionian
  • Jhin.tauntIonian01
    "You only understand harmony. Discord is required for contrast."
  • Jhin.tauntIonian02
    "My dear countryman, you remind me how little our culture has advanced."
  • Jhin.tauntIonian03
    "I am avant-garde - you are stuck in the past."
  • Jhin.tauntIonian04
    "The Noxian invasion should be a wake-up call. We need more elaborate productions."
  • Jhin.tauntIonian05
    "I do what others will not. That alone is innovation."
Taunting an Enemy Shen Shen
  • Jhin.tauntShen01
    "I remember your father! He thought he could censor me."
  • Jhin.tauntShen02
    "I have been planning your final performance for a very... long... time."
  • Jhin.tauntShen03
    "You helped lock me away. You tried to stop my work. My art cannot be contained."
  • Jhin.tauntShen04
    "Your father was a merciful man. Only his failure will be remembered."
  • Jhin.tauntShen05
    "Your father's death denied me a performance. You will be his stand-in."
Taunting an Enemy Zed Zed
  • Jhin.tauntZed01
    "You wanted to kill me back then, didn't you? You will learn - art cannot be killed."
  • Jhin.tauntZed02
    "You think you can stop my performance?"
  • Jhin.tauntZed03
    "An understudy can't upstage me."
  • Jhin.tauntZed04
    "I remember your master. He was worth remembering."
  • Jhin.tauntZed05
    "You were wrong to kill your master. I needed him for this performance."
  • Jhin.tauntZed06
    "You belong in the shadows. No audience could love you."
  • Jhin.tauntZed07
    "I offer an exclusive service. You'll find I murder the competition."
Taunting an Enemy Noxian
  • Jhin.tauntNoxian01
    "I've been asked to do so many boring performances in your nation."
  • Jhin.tauntNoxian02
    "Your people mistake loudness for import."
  • Jhin.tauntNoxian03
    "Noxians treat killing as a sport. It is an art."
  • Jhin.tauntNoxian04
    "How gauche your nation is."
  • Jhin.tauntNoxian05
    "Your war was an impressive production, but it lacked soul."
Taunting an Enemy Draven Draven
  • Jhin.tauntDraven01
    "You shout and throw machetes? How quaint."
  • Jhin.tauntDraven02
    "Clearly you've never performed in Ionia."
  • Jhin.tauntDraven03
    "I find your work very, very... obvious."
Taunting an Enemy Bard Bard
  • Jhin.tauntBard01
    "Wait for your cue! You're only here to herald my entrance."
  • Jhin.tauntBard02
    "What a terrible arrangement."
Taunting an Enemy Garen Garen
  • Jhin.tauntGaren01
    "The always-enchanting tale of star-crossed lovers."
Taunting an Enemy Illaoi Illaoi
  • Jhin.tauntIllaoi01
    "When you speak, I don't hear god, I hear an idiot babbling."
  • Jhin.tauntIllaoi02
    "Here's the thing, I don't need your god, I need more time for my production."
  • Jhin.tauntIllaoi03
    "You can take my soul... if you'll shut up."
  • Jhin.tauntIllaoi04
    "There is such a thing as 'too much gold', my dear."
  • Jhin.tauntIllaoi05
    "I thought diamonds were a girl's best friend."
Taunting an Enemy Jinx Jinx
  • Jhin.tauntJinx01
    "So many guns, all lacking in meaning or artistry."
Taunting an Enemy Katarina Katarina
  • Jhin.tauntKatarina01
    "Your finale will be a duet."
Taunting an Enemy Lucian Lucian
  • Jhin.tauntLucian01
    "Your story is revenge with guns and ghosts. How droll."
Taunting an Enemy Rek'Sai Rek'Sai
  • Jhin.tauntRekSai01
    "I suppose you embody a primitive minimalism, but you lack my technique."
Taunting an Enemy Sion Sion
  • Jhin.tauntSion01
    "Break a leg! Hehe, oh. 'Break a leg', hehe... ah, delightful. I do cut myself up."
Taunting an Enemy Sona Sona
  • Jhin.tauntSona01
    "Your music lacks the cruelty of a masterpiece."
  • Jhin.tauntSona02
    "You should learn the power of silence."
  • Jhin.tauntSona03
    "Step out of my light! They call it background music!"
  • Jhin.tauntSona04
    "Your work will be forgotten. I am ahead of my time!"
Taunting an Enemy Tahm Kench Tahm Kench
  • Jhin.tauntTahmKench01
    "How inelegant your words are. Surely a fool wrote your script."
  • Jhin.tauntTahmKench02
    "You have too many lines."
  • Jhin.tauntTahmKench03
    "Why would anyone listen to a creature so ugly?"
  • Jhin.tauntTahmKench04
    "Heh... hehe... that hat is ridiculous, now... who let you wear that horrible thing?"
  • Jhin.tauntTahmKench05
    "Oh, before you ask, yes, your whole ensemble makes you look fat. Very fat."


Jhin tries to spin his weapon but drops it by mistake.
  • Jhin.joke01
    "Only perfectio - gah! ... only perfection is acceptable."


  • Jhin.laugh01
    Jhin laughs.
  • Jhin.laugh02
    Jhin laughs.
  • Jhin.laugh03
    Jhin laughs.

Upon Firing Whisper.png Whisper's...

  • Jhin.I1
  • Jhin.I2
  • Jhin.I3
  • Jhin.I4
  • Jhin.I5
  • Jhin.I6
Fourth Shot
  • Jhin.I7
  • Jhin.I8
  • Jhin.I9
While Whisper.png Whisper's Fourth Shot is Loaded
  • Jhin.I10
    "You... inspire me."
  • Jhin.I11
    "You will learn what beauty truly is."
  • Jhin.I12
    "Through my work, you shall transcend."
  • Jhin.I13
    "Smile! Everyone is watching!"
  • Jhin.I14
    "Breathe in the atmosphere."
  • Jhin.I15
    "Bliss comes only in the moment before I fire."
  • Jhin.I16
    "There is art here, waiting."
  • Jhin.I17
    "I inspire action."
  • Jhin.I18
    "One, two, three, four, two, two, three, four."
  • Jhin.I19
    "This... passion... compels me."

When a Champion Steps on a Captive Audience.png Lotus Trap

  • Jhin.E1
    "Now that is what I want to see."
  • Jhin.E2
    "Art shall blossom from your fear."
  • Jhin.E3
    "Life has no meaning, but your death shall."
  • Jhin.E4
    "I live for the applause, you will die for it."
  • Jhin.E5
    "I knew you would find your mark, eventually."
  • Jhin.E6
    "You've awoken something deep inside me."
  • Jhin.E7
    "Face the crowd, and bleed for them."
  • Jhin.E8
    "The face of your killer is identical to mine."
  • Jhin.E9
    "With my technique, killing blooms into artwork!"

Upon Casting Curtain Call.png Curtain Call

  • Jhin.R1
    "Prepare... for your finale."
  • Jhin.R2
    "Your final scene begins."


  • Jhin.UltimateTheme1
    Jhin Ultimate Theme
  • Jhin.UltimateTheme2
    Jhin Ultimate Theme
  • Jhin.UltimateTheme3
    Jhin Ultimate Theme
  • Jhin.UltimateTheme4
    Jhin Ultimate Theme
  • Jhin.UltimateTheme5
    Jhin Ultimate Theme
  • Jhin.UltimateTheme6
    Jhin Ultimate Theme
  • Jhin.UltimateTheme7
    Jhin Ultimate Theme
  • Jhin.UltimateTheme8
    Jhin Ultimate Theme

Upon Buying...

Banshee's Veil item.png Banshee's Veil
  • Jhin.itemBansheesVeil01
    "I love to perform, but I hate crowds."
Berserker's Greaves item.png Berserker's Greaves
  • Jhin.itemBerserkersGreaves01
    "These were clearly designed by a caveman."
Essence Reaver item.png Essence Reaver
  • Jhin.itemEssenceReaver01
    "The essence of a thing is found only in its absence."
Executioner's Calling item.png Executioner's Calling
  • Jhin.itemExecutionersCalling01
    "I always execute with style."
Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel
  • Jhin.itemGuardianAngel01
    "Gold is my power colour."
Haunting Guise item.png Haunting Guise
  • Jhin.itemHauntingGuise01
    "We all wear masks. Mine are just better-crafted."
Ionian Boots of Lucidity item.png Ionian Boots of Lucidity
  • Jhin.itemIonianBootsOfLucidity01
    "Ionian footwear. Sadly, so obvious."
Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper
  • Jhin.itemLastWhisper01
    "Sometimes, silence is loud."
  • Jhin.itemLastWhisper02
    "I prefer my equipment to make a bang."
Liandry's Torment item.png Liandry's Torment
  • Jhin.itemLiandrysTorment01
    "Not sure I needed another mask, but oh well."
Mercurial Scimitar item.png Mercurial Scimitar
  • Jhin.itemMercurialScimitar01
    "Art is such a fickle thing."
Phantom Dancer item.png Phantom Dancer
  • Jhin.itemPhantomDancer01
    "Start the music. I will make them dance."
Rapid Firecannon item.png Rapid Firecannon
  • Jhin.itemRapidFirecannon01
    "Rapid fire? Huh. Where's the drama in that?"
Runaan's Hurricane item.png Runaan's Hurricane
  • Jhin.itemRunaansHurricane01
    "The storm is in their hearts. I calm them."
Statikk Shiv item.png Statikk Shiv
  • Jhin.itemStatikkShiv01
    "It is by my will alone I set my mind in motion."
  • Jhin.itemStatikkShiv02
    "I do prefer my work to have a brisk tempo."
The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster
  • Jhin.itemBloodthirster01
    "Red is a primary color."
  • Jhin.itemBloodthirster02
    "I have a thirst for melodrama."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • Jhin.move69
    "In carnage, I bloom, like a flower in the dawn."
  • Jhin.move70
    "I have risen from the filth and muck. I am the lotus blossom. I am beauty."
  • Jhin.move71
    "That delightful moment before the curtain goes up."
JhinSquare.png SKT T1 Jhin [S|L]
  • JhinSKTT1.recall01
    Jhin dances to a dubstep-like tune.

Upon Spinning Whisper.png Whisper's...

Fourth Shot
  • JhinHighNoon.PassiveMusic1
    High Noon Jhin fourth shot theme
  • JhinHighNoon.PassiveMusic2
    High Noon Jhin fourth shot theme
  • JhinHighNoon.PassiveMusic3
    High Noon Jhin fourth shot theme

Taunting an Enemy...

Caitlyn Caitlyn
  • JhinHighNoon.tauntCaitlyn01
    "You shoot to kill, you better hit the heart."
Miss Fortune Miss Fortune
  • JhinHighNoon.tauntMissFortune01
    "While you're here, consider a wardrobe upgrade."

Upon Casting Curtain Call.png Curtain Call

  • JhinHighNoon.UltimateMusic1
    High Noon Jhin Ultimate Theme
  • JhinHighNoon.UltimateMusic2
    High Noon Jhin Ultimate Theme
  • JhinHighNoon.UltimateMusic3
    High Noon Jhin Ultimate Theme
  • JhinHighNoon.UltimateMusic4
    High Noon Jhin Ultimate Theme
  • JhinHighNoon.UltimateMusic5
    High Noon Jhin Ultimate Theme


  • JhinHighNoon.UltimateChannelMusic1
    High Noon Jhin channelling theme
  • JhinHighNoon.UltimateChannelMusic2
    High Noon Jhin channelling theme
  • JhinHighNoon.UltimateChannelMusic3
    High Noon Jhin channelling theme

Upon Curtain Call.png Curtain Call Killing an Enemy...

  • JhinHighNoon.RkillNoxian01
    "Kill Noxians and get paid for it? What's not to like?"
Fiddlesticks Fiddlesticks
  • JhinHighNoon.RkillFiddlesticks01
    "People scare better when they're dying."
Illaoi Illaoi
  • JhinHighNoon.RkillIllaoi01
    "The truth comes only at the moment of dying."
Rek'Sai Rek'Sai
  • JhinHighNoon.RkillRekSai01
    "It's better to be above ground doing this than below ground doing nothing."
Teemo Teemo
  • JhinHighNoon.RkillTeemo01
    "I like the way you die, boy."
Yasuo Yasuo
  • JhinHighNoon.RkillYasuo01
    "It's fun to kill a man, to take all that he had, and could ever have."

Upon casting Recall.png Recall

  • JhinHighNoon.recall01
    A piano plays.

Upon death

  • JhinHighNoon.DeathMusic1
    High Noon Jhin dying

Upon Spinning Whisper.png Whisper's...

Fourth Shot
  • JhinBloodMoon.PassiveMusic1
    Blood Moon Jhin fourth shot theme
  • JhinBloodMoon.PassiveMusic2
    Blood Moon Jhin fourth shot theme

Upon Casting Curtain Call.png Curtain Call

  • JhinBloodMoon.UltimateMusic
    Blood Moon Jhin Ultimate Theme


  • JhinBloodMoon.UltimateChannelMusic1
    Blood Moon Jhin channelling theme
  • JhinBloodMoon.UltimateChannelMusic2
    Blood Moon Jhin channelling theme
  • JhinBloodMoon.UltimateChannelMusic3
    Blood Moon Jhin channelling theme
  • JhinBloodMoon.UltimateChannelMusic4
    Blood Moon Jhin channelling theme