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Upon Selection

  • Jinx Select
    "Rules are made to be broken... like buildings! Or people!"


  • Jinx.attack01
    "Stay still! I'm trying to shoot you!"
  • Jinx.attack02
    "I'll give you to the count of - time's up!"
  • Jinx.attack03
    "Duck! Hehe, just kidding, that won't help."
  • Jinx.attack04
    "Gotta' die sometime!"
  • Jinx.attack05
    "Smile! It's called gun play."
  • Jinx.attack06
    "Any last words? Ha! No, just die."
  • Jinx.attack07
    "Seriously, screaming helps... not at all."
  • Jinx.attack08
    "No need to be scared - or alive."
  • Jinx.attack09
    "You're starting to bore me."
  • Jinx.attack10
    "I accidentally did that on purpose."
  • Jinx.attack11
    "You're my favorite waste of bullets."
  • Jinx.attack12
    "You're not laughing."
  • Jinx.attack13
  • Jinx.attack14
  • Jinx.attack15
    "Everybody, panic!"
  • Jinx.attack16
    "I feel like I forgot to shoot something... "
JinxSquare.png Mafia Jinx [S|L]
  • MafiaJinx.attack01
    "Scream along if you know the words!"
  • MafiaJinx.attack02
    "I've got a recital, and everyone's invited!"
  • MafiaJinx.attack03
    "Who wants a solo?"


  • Jinx.move01
    "Let's just behave... said no one, ever."
  • Jinx.move02
    "Wait, I'm thinking! Urgh... how do people do this?"
  • Jinx.move03
    "I'm trying to care but I just can't!"
  • Jinx.move04
    "Jinx? Stands for Jinx! Durr."
  • Jinx.move05
    "Whatever, let's just start shooting!"
  • Jinx.move06
    "Now where was I? Oh, right, wreaking havoc!"
  • Jinx.move07
    "Hold on! I'm about to say something really cool!"
  • Jinx.move08
    "Ask me if I'm listening! Hint: I'm not!"
  • Jinx.move09
    "I don't even think once about blowing stuff up!"
  • Jinx.move10
    "She's such a loser, always ready to cry!' T-t-t-ta!"
  • Jinx.move11
    "You think I'm crazy? You should see my sister!"
  • Jinx.move12
    "I have the best intentions!"
  • Jinx.move13
    "I'm wearing lots of belts! For no reason at all."
  • Jinx.move14
  • Jinx.move15
    "Who needs reasons?"
  • Jinx.move16
    "I'm crazy! Got a doctor's note."
  • Jinx.move17
    "All part of the plan I just made up!"
  • Jinx.move18
    "What if I had a gun that... shot other guns?"
  • Jinx.move19
    "Aww, c'mon, what's the worst that could happen?"
  • Jinx.move21
    "I really need a new gun. But don't tell my other guns."
JinxSquare.png Mafia Jinx [S|L]
  • MafiaJinx.move01
    "What's in my violin case? Violence."


  • Jinx.taunt01
    "Guns don't kill people. I mean, until you shoot them. Then they kill everything!"
  • Jinx.taunt02
    "I'm bringing guns to the knife fight! Hehe."
  • Jinx.taunt03
    "Say hello to my friends of varying sizes!"
  • Jinx.taunt04
    "Three guns means never having to say 'I'm sorry'."
Taunting an Enemy Caitlyn Caitlyn
  • Jinx.Caitlyntaunt01
    "Welcome to Snoresville, hat lady! Population: you."
  • Jinx.Caitlyntaunt02
    "But where are your other guns, hat lady?"
Taunting an Enemy Vi Vi
  • Jinx.Vitaunt01
    "You're gonna chase me, fat hands?"
  • Jinx.Vitaunt02
    "Vi? Stands for stupid!"
  • Jinx.Vitaunt03
    "I'm over here, fat hands!"


Jinx pulls out Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher.png Fishbones and mimics talking with him like a puppet.
  • Jinx.joke01
    "Hey Fishbones, should we blow something up? 'You might inconvenience people and hurt their feelings.' You're the worst weapon ever!"
  • Jinx.joke02
    "Fishbones, you know what we oughta' do? 'Do the laundry, wash dishes and pay some bills.' Stupid dumb rocket launcher."
  • Jinx.joke03
    "Hey Fishbones, think we can wreak havoc forever? 'No, you should buy a home and save for retirement.' You know I can replace you, right?"
  • Jinx.joke04
    "Maybe we should settle down and live peaceful lives. 'Really? I always hoped one day you'd---' Haha, nope! You're a death machine for life!"


JinxSquare.png Mafia Jinx [S|L]
  • MafiaJinx.dance01
    Jinx dances next to a gramophone playing 'Get Jinxed'.


Jinx falls to the ground and starts giggling hysterically.
  • Jinx.laugh01
    Jinx laughs.
  • Jinx.laugh02
    Jinx laughs.
  • Jinx.laugh03
    Jinx laughs.
  • Jinx.laugh04
    Jinx laughs.

Upon Using Zap!.png Zap!

  • Jinx.W1
JinxSquare.png Mafia Jinx [S|L]
  • Jinx.MafiaW1
    "Drink up!"
  • Jinx.MafiaW2
    "Pop the cork!"

Upon Using Super Mega Death Rocket!.png Super Mega Death Rocket!

  • Jinx.R1
    "See ya!"
  • Jinx.R2
    "Bye bye!"
  • Jinx.R3
    "Watch this!"
  • Jinx.R4

Upon Using Recall.png Recall

  • Jinx.recall02
    "Three, forty-one, nine and lift off!"
  • Jinx.recall03
    "I'll be right back! No one die screaming without me!"

Upon Death

  • Jinx.dying
    "They... got me... "
  • Jinx.dying02
    "Awww... "
Upon Surviving Ace in the Hole.png Ace in the Hole
  • Jinx.ChampionSpecific01
    "That really hurt... my feelings."
  • Jinx.ChampionSpecific02
    "That was almost not close at all!"

Upon Starting a Game

  • JinxStarGuardian.start01
    "Slogan, catchphrase, tagline!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.start02
    "To infinity and - uh, oops. Wrong catchphrase!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.start03
    "You're not dreaming - I'm a Star Guardian now."
  • JinxStarGuardian.start04
    "Here comes a rising star."
  • JinxStarGuardian.start05
    "Let's get the sparkle party started."
  • JinxStarGuardian.start06
    "How do you like my extreme makeover?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.start07
    "Armed and dangerous - with sparkles."


  • JinxStarGuardian.attack01
    "I'm a shooting star!" (laughs)
  • JinxStarGuardian.attack02
    "I'll try to make this painless. Honest."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attack03
    "Oh, no, don't make me break the Guardian code."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attack04
    "Sorry, it's my duty to destroy you."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attack05
    "I've got your starlight right here."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attack06
    "Nothing personal, I'm obligated to trash you."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attack07
    "I almost feel guilty about this."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attack08
    "This is the best part of being a Star Guardian!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.attack09
    "Sorry, First Star made me do this."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attack10
    "Say hello to my little friends."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attack11
    "Alright, who's feeling ferocious?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.attack12
    "Don't be so hard on yourself... I'll do it for you."
Upon Attacking Baron Nashor Baron Nashor
  • JinxStarGuardian.attackBaron01
    "Ew! Somebody got hit with an ugly stick."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attackBaron02
    "Hey, Baron, I've seen black holes with more charm."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attackBaron03
    "Three heads - and not one of them has a brain."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attackBaron04
    "Hey, Baron, want to give us a... hand?" (laughs)
Upon Attacking the Dragon Dragon
  • JinxStarGuardian.attackDragon01
    "Slaying dragons is not in my job description."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attackDragon02
    "Star Guardians have better things to destroy than dragons."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attackDragon03
    "Glitter trumps fire every time."
  • JinxStarGuardian.attackDragon04
    "Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the cave."


  • JinxStarGuardian.move01
    "Protecting the universe, one bullet at a time!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.move02
    "Can you believe I was chosen for this?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.move03
    "Don't let the sparkles fool you."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move04
    "Being noble takes all the fun out of fighting."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move05
    "What do you think? Mercy, or mayhem?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.move06
    "What, your guns don't talk to you?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.move07
    "I'm fighting for peace, and justice and... er... eh, whatever."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move08
    "Jury's still out on this whole Star Guardian thing."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move09
    "This is not my idea of magical."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move10
    "Hate to be ruthless but - oh, wait, no I don't!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.move11
    "Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move12
    "Glory to the First Star... whatever that means."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move13
    "Star Guardian to the rescue! Am I doing it right?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.move14
    "Onward to glitter and glory!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.move15
    "We're on a mission! Just... don't remember what."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move16
    "What's next? Is it shooting? I love shooting."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move17
    "Who's up for a round of Hide and Go Shoot?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.move18
    "Yeah, I got this Star Guardian thing down."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move19
    "Does First Star have to deal with this many sparkles?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.move20
    "Warning! My guns are getting restless."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move21
    "Look at me! Pandemonium with a purpose."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move22
    "Ugh... why do Star Guardians have to play 'nice'?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.move23
    "Glitter and guns - now that's a winning combo."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move24
    "Shiro and Kuro are ready for action."
  • JinxStarGuardian.move25
    "First Star says this is all part of the plan."


  • JinxStarGuardian.joke01
    "So, what's your favourite part about being a Star Guardian?"
    • Shiro squeaks
      • JinxStarGuardian.joke02
        "Now, now, Shiro. First Star doesn't like the word slaughter."
  • JinxStarGuardian.joke03
    "Hey, Shiro, what do you call someone with their head blown off?"
    • Shiro squeaks
      • JinxStarGuardian.joke04
        "I don't know either. Let's find out!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.joke05
    "So, Shiro, what was in the Star Guardian contract I signed?"
    • Shiro squeaks
      • JinxStarGuardian.joke06
        "Yeah, TLDR."
  • JinxStarGuardian.joke07
    "What's your favourite part about being a Star Guardian, Kuro?"
    • Kuro squeaks
      • JinxStarGuardian.joke08
        "I had no idea you loved sparkles so much."
  • JinxStarGuardian.joke09
    "Hey, Kuro, you know what I call five dead enemies?"
    • Kuro squeaks
      • JinxStarGuardian.joke10
        "A great start!" (laughs)
  • JinxStarGuardian.joke11
    "What do you think, Kuro? Is Star Guardian a good look for me?"
    • Kuro squeaks
      • JinxStarGuardian.joke12
        "Next time, just lie."


  • JinxStarGuardian.taunt01
    "Aw, did I hurt your feelings?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.taunt02
    "Believe in yourself - not that it'll help."
  • JinxStarGuardian.taunt03
    "You're so cute when you're losing."
  • JinxStarGuardian.taunt04
    "I've got a fistful of glitter with your name on it!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.taunt05
    "Ready to get glitter bombed?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.taunt06
    "Not scared of my sparkles? You should be."
Taunting an Enemy Jinx Jinx
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntJinx01
    "Got to say, I don't miss my old guns at all."
Taunting an Enemy JinxSquare.png Star Guardian Jinx [S|L]
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntJinxStarGuardianEnemy01
    "Wait. I look like that?"
Taunting JannaSquare.png Star Guardian Janna [S|L]
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntJannaStarGuardianAlly01
    (Ally) "Is it me, or is Janna getting way too old for this?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntJannaStarGuardianEnemy01
    (Enemy) "Hey, Janna! You might want to look into a retirement plan."
Taunting LuluSquare.png Star Guardian Lulu [S|L]
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntLuluStarGuardianAlly01
    (Ally) "When First Star talks to you, something's lost in translation."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntLuluStarGuardianAlly02
    (Ally) "Do your thing, Lulu... whatever that is."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntLuluStarGuardianAlly03
    (Ally) "You can learn a lot from Lulu. Just not sure what."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntLuluStarGuardianEnemy01
    (Enemy) "Quit while you're ahead, Lulu. Oh, wait, that's never."
Taunting LuxSquare.png Star Guardian Lux [S|L]
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntLuxStarGuardianAlly01
    (Ally) "Loosen up, Lux. Fighting evil's supposed to be fun."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntLuxStarGuardianAlly02
    (Ally) "Lux even makes boring beautiful."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntLuxStarGuardianEnemy01
    (Enemy) "I'm positive this will hurt."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntLuxStarGuardianEnemy02
    (Enemy) "Only Lux could make battle so boring."
Taunting PoppySquare.png Star Guardian Poppy [S|L]
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntPoppyStarGuardianAlly01
    (Ally) "You take this Guardian thing way too seriously."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntPoppyStarGuardianAlly02
    (Ally) "Chill out, Poppy. Leave some for the rest of us."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntPoppyStarGuardianAlly03
    (Ally) "Watch out, Poppy's off to save the world again."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntPoppyStarGuardianEnemy01
    (Enemy) "Got a present for you, Poppy. It's called defeat."
Taunting an Enemy Mecha
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntMecha01
    "Looks like you're getting rusty."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntMecha02
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntMecha03
    "Hey, mech! The only good robot is a deactivated robot!"
Taunting an Enemy PROJECT
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntPROJECT01
    "Guardians rules, PROJECT drools!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntPROJECT02
    "PROJECT? Ha! More like reject."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntPROJECT03
    "All those PROJECT enhancements and you're still pathetic."
Taunting an Enemy Voidborn
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntVoidborn01
    "Let's bring a little starlight into the Void."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntVoidborn02
    "Wait, does Void refer to your home, or your head?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntVoidborn03
    "Ugh, is everything in the Void this ugly?"
Taunting an Enemy Caitlyn Caitlyn
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntCaitlyn01
    "Hey, Hat Lady! Say hello to the new me."
Taunting Vi Vi
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntViAlly01
    (Ally) "Poor Vi, must be killing you not to punch me."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntViEnemy01
    (Enemy) "Now it's my turn to be the hero, Vi."
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntViEnemy02
    (Enemy) "Hey, Vi. I'm a Star Guardian now. Jealous much?"
Taunting an Enemy Graves Graves
  • JinxStarGuardian.tauntGraves01
    "Hey, Graves! Have a taste of destiny!"


  • JinxStarGuardian.laugh01
    Jinx laughs.
  • JinxStarGuardian.laugh02
    Jinx laughs.
  • JinxStarGuardian.laugh03
    Jinx laughs.
  • JinxStarGuardian.laugh04
    Jinx laughs.

Upon Casting Pow-Pow, the Minigun.png Switcheroo!

Upon Switching to Pow-Pow, the Minigun.png Shiro
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQ4
    "Ready to roll?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQ5
    "Your turn!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQ6
    "Meet Shiro!"
While Idling with Pow-Pow, the Minigun.png Shiro Active
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQidle01
    "Yes, Kuro, all my enemies fear you."
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQidle02
    "No, Kuro, I'm the Guardian, you're the gun."
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQidle03
    "Don't worry, Kuro, your time is coming."
Upon Switching to Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher.png Kuro
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQ1
    "Ready to rock?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQ2
    "Unleash the beast!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQ3
    "Meet Kuro!"
While Idling with Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher.png Kuro Active
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQidle04
    "Patience, Shiro, First Star claims it's a virtue."
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQidle05
    "Don't be jealous, Shiro, I love both my guns."
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellQidle06
    "Relax, Shiro, I'll save some for you."

Upon Casting Zap!.png Zap!

  • JinxStarGuardian.spellW1
    "Not so fast!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellW2
    "Starlight express!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellW3
    "Talk to the hand!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellW4
    "Hold up!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellW5
    "Finger of doom!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellW6
    "I point, you die."

Upon Casting Flame Chompers!.png Flame Chompers!

  • JinxStarGuardian.spellE1
    "Watch your step!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellE2
    "Stunning, isn't it?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellE3
    "My gift to you."
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellE4
    "I have the best toys."

Upon Casting Super Mega Death Rocket!.png Super Mega Death Rocket!

  • JinxStarGuardian.spellR1
    "Double trouble!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellR2
    "Better together!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellR3
    "Two for one!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellR4
    "Double hatter!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spellR5
    "Combo platter!"

Upon Buying an Item

  • JinxStarGuardian.item01
    "Can you say... shopping spree?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.item02
    "Can't I have one of everything?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.item03
    "Ooh, shiny!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.item04
    "I'm kind of a high roller."
  • JinxStarGuardian.item05
    "No limit on my first star card."
  • JinxStarGuardian.item06
    "Just put this on my Star Guardian tab."
Upon Buying B. F. Sword item.png B. F. Sword
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemBFSword01
    "Who wants to hold the sword?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemBFSword02
    "Look, Shiro, a new toy."
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemBFSword03
    "Present for you, Kuro!"
Upon Buying The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemBloodthirster01
    "Who wants the red shield?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemBloodthirster02
    "Look, Kuro, legendary."
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemBloodthirster03
    "Shiro will love this."
Upon Buying Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemGuardianAngel01
    "A guardian for a Guardian!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemGuardianAngel02
    "Angels? Whatever!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemGuardianAngel03
    "Look, Kuro! Life insurance!"
Upon Buying Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemInfinityEdge01
    "Now we're talking, Shiro!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemInfinityEdge02
    "Kuro loves edgy."
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemInfinityEdge03
    "Infinitely awesome."
Upon Buying Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemLastWhisper01
    "The only kind of whisper I like."
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemLastWhisper02
    "Just for you, Kuro."
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemLastWhisper03
    "Quiet, Shiro, it's a whisper."
Upon Buying Mercurial Scimitar item.png Mercurial Scimitar
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemMercurialScimitar01
    "Can't keep a Star Guardian down."
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemMercurialScimitar02
    "Eh, just strap it to my gun."
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemMercurialScimitar03
    "Shiro's been asking for this."
Upon Buying Rapid Firecannon item.png Rapid Firecannon
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemRapidFirecannon01
    "Faster guns? Sold."
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemRapidFirecannon02
    "Look, Shiro! Speed boost."
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemRapidFirecannon03
    "Hope Kuro's not jealous."
Upon Buying Statikk Shiv item.png Statikk Shiv
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemStatikkShiv01
    "Eh, it needs starlight... but I'll take it."
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemStatikkShiv02
    "I'd be shocked if Shiro doesn't like this."
  • JinxStarGuardian.itemStatikkShiv03
    "Kuro, look what I've got."

Upon Killing a Champion

  • JinxStarGuardian.kill01
    "That was stellar! Get it? Star Guardian? Stellar?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.kill02
    "Bam! It's lights out for you!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.kill03
    "It wasn't me! My guns have minds of their own."
Killing an Enemy Janna Janna
  • JinxStarGuardian.killJanna01
    "You'll be missed, Janna!" Jinx laughs. "Not by me."
  • JinxStarGuardian.killJanna02
    "Make room for the new kid on the block!"
Killing an Enemy Lulu Lulu
  • JinxStarGuardian.killLulu01
    "So, how did that taste, Lulu?"
Killing an Enemy Lux Lux
  • JinxStarGuardian.killLux01
    "This almost breaks my heart, Lux."
Killing an Enemy Poppy Poppy
  • JinxStarGuardian.killPoppy01
    "I killed Poppy!" Jinx laughs. "Who's next?"
Killing an Enemy Caitlyn Caitlyn
  • JinxStarGuardian.killCaitlyn01
    "Now that you're dead... can I keep the hat?"
Killing an Enemy Urgot Urgot
  • JinxStarGuardian.killUrgot01
    "Sorry, Urgot. It's just a Star Guardian thing."
Upon Going on a Killing Spree
  • JinxStarGuardian.spreeKillingSpree01
    "Justice never felt so good!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spreeKillingSpree02
    "It's more fun when they fight back."
  • JinxStarGuardian.spreeKillingSpree03
    "What's wrong with a little carnage?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.spreeKillingSpree04
    "I'm feeling generous. Bullets for everyone!"
Upon Getting a Pentakill
  • JinxStarGuardian.pentakill01
    "You get a bullet! You get a bullet! Everyone gets a bullet!"

Upon Destroying a Turret

  • JinxStarGuardian.tower01
    "Star light, star bright, another turret destroyed tonight!"

Upon Using a Health Potion item.png Health Potion

  • JinxStarGuardian.useHealthPotion01
    "Can't get enough of these."
  • JinxStarGuardian.useHealthPotion02
    "I'm amazing. Not immortal."
  • JinxStarGuardian.useHealthPotion03
    "Bottoms up."
  • JinxStarGuardian.useHealthPotion04
    "Sweet. Don't mind if I do."
  • JinxStarGuardian.useHealthPotion05
    "Snack time."
  • JinxStarGuardian.useHealthPotion06
    "Delicious and nutritious."

Upon Placing a Ward

  • JinxStarGuardian.ward01
    "You can't hide from starlight."
  • JinxStarGuardian.ward02
    "This'll shed some light on things."
  • JinxStarGuardian.ward03
    "Now I see everything."
  • JinxStarGuardian.ward04
    "Peekaboo." Jinx laughs.

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • JinxStarGuardian.recall01
    "I was just getting warmed up!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.recall02
    "Say goodbye, my little guns!"
  • JinxStarGuardian.recall03
    "They say parting is such sweet sorrow... they're idiots."
  • JinxStarGuardian.recall04
    "I'm taking my guns and going home."
  • JinxStarGuardian.recall05
    "Ugh, I hate this dancing part."
While Recall.png recalling near an Allied LuxSquare.png Star Guardian Lux [S|L]
  • JinxStarGuardian.recallStarGuardianLux01
    "Don't worry, Lux. You know I'll be back."
  • JinxStarGuardian.recallStarGuardianLux02
    "Hey, Lux, do Guardians get lunch breaks?"

Upon Dying

  • JinxStarGuardian.death01
    "Don't forget... to miss me, Lux... "
  • JinxStarGuardian.death02
    "Ugh... whatever... "
  • JinxStarGuardian.death03
    "...seriously? That's a bummer... "
  • JinxStarGuardian.death04
    "The horror... the horror... ha ha... "
  • JinxStarGuardian.death05
    "Oh no. I'm dying."
  • JinxStarGuardian.death06
    "Don't... worry... Kuro... we'll be back."
  • JinxStarGuardian.death07
    "Relax, Shiro... revenge is sweet."
  • JinxStarGuardian.death08
    "The money's... buried in the... "
Upon Respawning
  • JinxStarGuardian.respawn01
    "Oops, forgot to read my Guardian handbook."
  • JinxStarGuardian.respawn02
    "Back in action! Miss me?"
  • JinxStarGuardian.respawn03
    "You can't keep a Star Guardian down."


  • Play "Ugh, enough with the glitter!"
  • Play "My guns need to be brushed - or something."
  • Play "The worst part about being a Star Guardian - all this glitter."
  • Play "Shiro and Kuro have a serious shedding problem."
  • Play "What kind of guns like sparkles anyway?"
  • Play "Glitter bomb!"
  • Play "Seriously, you two need a bath."
  • Play "I never realised stardust was so... messy."
  • Play "Always wanted to leave a mark... but not so sparkly."
  • Play "Spring cleaning!"
  • Play "Only as good as your guns."
  • Play "A Star Guardian's best friend."
  • Play "Twinkle, twinkle, lethal star!"


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