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  • Classic jinx Skingallerybutton
  • Mafia Jinx Skingallerybutton
    975 RP / 10-Oct-2013
  • Firecracker Jinx Skingallerybutton
    1350 RP / 10-Feb-2015
  • Slayer Jinx Skingallerybutton
    (Legacy skin, no longer available) 1350 RP / 05-Nov-2015


  • X FirstAppearance

    Jinx as seen on GravesSquare.png Pool Party Graves skin splash art.


    Jinx's arm and feet in the foreground

    Jinx was designed by RiotTeaTime, Gypsylord and Ransom. [1]
  • Jinx's production name was "Psycho Arsenal".[2]
  • Jinx is voiced by Sarah Anne Williams.
  • Prior to her reveal, Ransom described Jinx as having a unique personality and a hair color shared by only Sona one other champion.
  • Jinx was inspired by the Joker, Gollum, and Helena Bonham Carter. This was noted here by one of her concept and splash artists, RiotTeaTime.
  • The first reference to Jinx's name was in a post made by CertainlyT about the next champion, "No (tm)? You've jinxed us."[3]
  • Jinx made her first appearance in the GravesSquare.png Pool Party Graves splash art, and her second appearance in the Pool Party Poster.
X&#039;s Weapon

Jinx's weapon

  • On September 20th, Jinx committed an act of vandalism on Vi's champion page on the League of Legends website. She signed it with "X wuz here".[4]
  • The visual effects designer for Jinx's log-in screen was Anthony Possobon.
  • The Official League of Legends site confirms that Jinx is from Zaun.
  • There is an in-game event whenever Jinx is against Vi Vi and/or Caitlyn Caitlyn, called Catch me if you can!
  • The wanted poster in Jinx's reveal lists her crimes as: murder, unprovoked assault, disturbing the peace, public indecency, murder again, unauthorized property re-coloration, unflattering impersonation of an officer, reckless hexplosive detonation, destruction of the peace, really petty larceny, exorbitant weapon size, some more murders, inciting mass hysteria, making fun of the peace, aggravated jaywalking and forging of official wanted posters.
  • Jinx's minigun, Pow-Pow, wears a small pair of bunny ears which are visible near her right arm.
  • It's important to remember that there is somewhat of a method to Jinx Jinx's madness. While at first it may seem that everything she does is crazy and random it's all with the underlying goal of entertaining herself and making things (currently Piltover) more "exciting".
    • Example: If Jinx saw a Piltover citizen standing alone in a dark alley looking scared and all she had was a knife she WOULD NOT be at all interested in running up and stabbing him to death. Boooring. However, if that same Piltovian was sitting on a pile of fireworks and she had Fishbones on hand she wouldn't think twice about taking a shot at the firework pile with pretty much zero concern for the guy sitting on top. Those explosions are gonna be sooooo cool!
    • This makes Jinx's antagonism of Vi all the more interesting. What type of entertainment is she getting out of going after Vi in such a targeted manner?" [5]
  • Jinx's weapons were inspired by the movie "Sucker Punch", specifically the same weapons were used by the second Samurai who was fighting against Babydoll.
  • Her dance animation is a reference to Jake the Dog from the television series Adventure Time. A side by side comparison can be seen here
  • Jinx's appearence resembles Cammy and Decapre, two characters from the popular fighting game Street Fighter
  • Interestingly, VI, X and C are all Roman numerals. This has caused some players to speculate that they refer to a rank structure or nicknames in Vi's old gang. C is a character described in Caitlyn's lore, her arch-nemesis.
    • Though a coincidence, the Roman numeral CXVI represents 116; Jinx is the 116th champion. The only other properly-formed numeral that can be made using C, X, and VI, is XCVI (96).
  • Jinx can be seen in Officer Vi's splash art in the middle of a giant donut in the background.
  • When Jinx's ultimate explodes a smiley face appears in the blast radius, lasting for a second.
  • When her passive procs, a blur green smiley face pops up on her for a split second.
  • Jinx is the first champion to have a laugh animation that automatically loops.
  • Jinx, like many champions, has had her portrait modified so that it is more clear/defined on the in-game map.
  • When Jinx dies, her hair forms a heart. In her Mafia skin, her scarf forms a heart upon death instead.
  • Jinx is the only champion to currently have a login for all of her non-release skins, having a Lunar Revel and Slayer login for said skins.
  • Has special quotes for Vi Vi and Caitlyn Caitlyn.
  • JinxSquare.png Jinx's quote "Say hello to my friends of varying sizes!" is a parody of Tony Montana's infamous quote from the movie Scarface.
    • This quote is also a double entendre, as she is both referring to the varying sizes of her "friends" and the fact that each of her guns has variable size (between compact while stored, and huge while in-use).
  • Her quotes upon using Super Mega Death Rocket!.png Super Mega Death Rocket! plays homage to similar lines from the Worms videogames which are played on firing Bazooka-type weapons.
  • "I'm bringing guns to the knife fight! Hehe." is a playful parody of Jimmy Malone's quote "Isn't that just like a wop? Brings a knife to a gun fight." from the movie The Untouchables.
  • "'She's such a loser, always ready to cry!' T-T-T-Ta!" is sung to the same melody as ViSquare.png Vi's login theme, as well as being a reference to the lyrics of the song itself.
  • "Jinx? Stands for Jinx! Durr." is a paired joke with Vi Vi's quotes, "Vi? Stands for Violence / Vice / Vicious."
  • JinxSquare.png Jinx's "Three guns means never having to say I'm sorry." is homage to the famous quote from the 1970s Movie 'Love Story.'
  • JinxSquare.png Jinx's "Let's just behave... said no one, ever." is a reference to a popular internet meme Said No One Ever.
  • JinxSquare.png Jinx's quote "I'm wearing lots of belts! For no reason at all." may be a reference to Tetsuya Nomura's habit of adding belts to final fantasy's character designs like so.
JinxSquare.png Classic Jinx [S|L]
  • The background of her classic skin is the same as ViSquare.png Vi's classic skin, only ruined after her spree of crimes through Piltover.
  • Her outfit is described as Zaun's street fashion.
  • Under Jinxs right leg there is writing sprayed on the wall. Most of the text is hidden and impossible to read, there seems to be a repetition of "HE", indicating Jinx wrote it as her laughter, "HE HE HE".
JinxSquare.png Mafia Jinx [S|L]
  • Jinx is dressed as a flapper.
  • TwitchSquare.png Gangster Twitch, MissFortuneSquare.png Mafia Miss Fortune and UrgotSquare.png Urgot can be seen in the background.
  • The same kind of blue cards that Twisted Fate Twisted Fate uses can be seen at the bottom of Mafia Jinx's splash art. 
  • In this skin Pow-Pow the minigun becomes a violin case, referencing a common cliche in Noir stories where gangsters conceal firearms, such as a Thomson sub-machine gun, in instrument cases for attacks on rivals. 
  • Her dance animation is a reference to the 1920s "The Charleston". A side-by-side comparison can be seen here.
  • When Jinx uses dance the song "Get Jinxed" will play in the background.
  • Mafia Jinx is the second non-legendary skin to have special voiceover lines, with the others being JaxSquare.png Jaximus, KhaZixSquare.png Mecha Kha'Zix, Vel&#039;KozSquare.png Battlcast Vel'Koz, and KarthusSquare.png Pentakill Karthus.
  • Mafia Jinx is a possible reference to Harley Quinn in the animated series Batman: the Brave and the Bold.
JinxSquare.png Firecracker Jinx [S|L]
  • This skin was proposed by the community, as shown here.
  • It is inspired by Jacob "Jake" Long from American Dragon: Jake Long.
  • It was released 9 days before the Chinese New Year 2015.
JinxSquare.png Slayer Jinx [S|L]


  • Jinx Jinx, Vi Vi and Ekko Ekko used to be part of similar gangs, until Vi left for Piltover and Jinx went insane.
    • Ekko used to have a crush on Jinx, before she went crazy.
  • She has an antagonistic relationship with ViSquare.png Vi.
  • It is heavily implied that Jinx and ViSquare.png Vi are sisters, although every time Riot is presented the question they deflect with more fuel without specifically confirming. [6]
    • It has been confirmed that each champion has a sister, and we've heard many things about "Jinx's sister" and "Vi's sister" - however, their names have never been used in context of each other. [7][8]
    • It is apparent from Jinx's reveal that Vi does not know or recognize Jinx. On the contrary, law enforcers do intentionally ignore considerations of their families in order to maintain respectable foundation as part of their duty, equalizing even their own family members by law.
    • Interestingly, the two are strongly emphasized on their being opposites. ViSquare.png Vi has short pink hair and blue eyes, is one of the tallest females, has a more filled out body, uses melee combat and is fully armored while Jinx Jinx has long blue hair and pink eyes, is short, uses ranged combat and is barely clothed. 
    • It's entirely possible that the two are not actually sisters and that Riot hasn't confirmed their relationship because it's not true - and that Riot is merely enjoying the community's reaction while knowing that each champion's sister is still on the way.
      • Although, this is held by one of Jinx's quotes, "You think I'm crazy? You should see my sister.", anchored with Vi's arrogant personality, disobeying plans set out by her squad members in which contradicts her ideals of law enforcement.
      • The possibility that they might not be sisters at all can also be backed up by Lyte's quote from the Howling Abyss to ViSquare.png Vi: "You look like your sister! Er, wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that...". Vi and Jinx bear no resemblance to one another in terms of appearance. The sister he's talking about could be someone we haven't been introduced to yet.
  • According to a Reddit AMA, Jinx wants to hug ZiggsSquare.png Ziggs. Ziggs, however, is quite terrified of Jinx.[9]


Main Theme
League of Legends Music Get Jinxed02:53

League of Legends Music Get Jinxed


Vocals by: Agnete Kjølsrud from the band Djerv.

Jinx's Theme - "Get Jinxed"
Blah blah blablah.

Wanna join me, come and play.
But I might shoot you, in your face.
Bombs and bullets will, do the trick.
What we need here, is a little bit of panic!

Do you ever wanna catch me?
Right now I'm feeling ignored!
So can you try a little harder?
I'm really getting bored!

Come on, shoot faster,
Just a little bit of energy!
I wanna try something fun right now,
I guess some people call it anarchy!
Let's blow this city to ashes,
And see what Pow-Pow thinks.
It's such pathetic neatness,
But not for long 'cause it'll get jinxed!

So much better, so much fun.
Let's start from scratch and, blow up the sun!

Come on, shoot faster,
Just a little bit of energy!
I wanna try something fun right now,
I guess some people call it anarchy!
Let's blow this city to ashes,
And see what Pow-Pow thinks.
It's such pathetic neatness,
But not for long 'cause it'll get jinxed!

Come on!
Come on!
And get jinxed!

Easter Eggs

Some hidden messages and other champions can be seen or are referenced in the Music Video:

  • At 0:25, the message "HA HA HA" is written on the rocket Jinx is surfing.
  • At 1:17, a primate appears that's been vandalized by Jinx to look like the Joker from the Batman series.
  • At 1:25, the message "Jinx was here!" is written on the Rhino Jinx is riding.
  • At 1:29 one can see Ziggs Ziggs and his bombs with skulls depicted as balloons.
  • At 1:43, there is graffiti on the wall, saying "Nerf Heimerdinger" and "League of Jinx".
  • At 2:16, Tibbers lies atop the destroyed robots.

Related Themes

Jinx Login Screen - Rigging01:55

Jinx Login Screen - Rigging

Login Screen Spotlight

Jinx Champion Spotlight08:19

Jinx Champion Spotlight

Champion Spotlight


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