• Jinx's dance references Jake from Adventure Time.
    • A side by side comparison can be seen here.
  • Caitlyn C (her nemesis' alias) Jinx X, and Vi VI are Roman numerals which coincidentally form CXVI (116) Jinx's 'release number'.
  • Super Mega Death Rocket!.png Super Mega Death Rocket!'s blast radius displays a smiley face upon impact.
    • Get Excited!.png Get Excited! also displays a smiley face over Jinx upon activation.
  • Jinx is the first champion whose laugh animation automatically loops as well as the only one to currently have a login screen for all of her non-release skins.
  • Jinx's braids (her scarf in Mafia) form a heart when she dies.
  • Whenever Jinx is on the opposing team, Vi Vi and/or Caitlyn Caitlyn each gain the Catch me if you can! cosmetic debuff.




JinxSquare.png Classic Jinx [S|L]
  • The background is the same as ViSquare.png Classic Vi [S|L]'s but in ruins.
  • The right side of her body is tattoed with blue smoke and pink bullets. She couldn't stay still for long so the other half wasn't finished.
  • Pow-Pow.png Pow-Pow wears kitty ears.
    • In early stages, the minigun was named Mr. Pew-Pew and had a cat face painted on its guncannon.
JinxSquare.png Mafia Jinx [S|L]
JinxSquare.png Firecracker Jinx [S|L]
  • She has a green Chinese dragon tattooed on her right arm.
  • This skin was inspired from a fan-created concept sketch by Anti-Pioneer and was released 9 days before Chinese New Year 2015.
JinxSquare.png Slayer Jinx [S|L]
  • The original concept for a zombie-killing Jinx was a real-world zombie apocalypse survivor. However, designers decided to change the idea to zombie slayer since it'd fit better her personality.
    • When talking about zombie-killing theme, Jinx was the first champion thought for the concept.
  • Her look is based on an anime-style, schoolgirl-type monster slayer.
  • She uses homemade weaponry: a V-twin motorcycle engine minigun, a molotov cocktails and propane tanks launcher, a launchable taser and some severed-heads chompers.
  • She has black hearts tattooed on her right arm.
  • She shares this theme with PantheonSquare.png Slayer Pantheon [S|L].
  • BrandSquare.png Zombie Brand [S|L] can be seen in the background.
JinxSquare.png Star Guardian Jinx [S|L]


  • Jinx is a Zaunite criminal who is wreaking havoc across Piltover 'for fun' and to provoke Vi Vi.
    • Jinx and Vi Vi are implied to be sisters ("You think Jinx I'm crazy? You should see my sister", Lyte: "Vi You look like your sister! Er, wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that... ")
    • It is suspected Jinx is fixated on Vi Vi because the Enforcer forgot their early childhood together and she is trying to force her to remember (Jinx allegedly told Vi Vi this when they confronted each other deep within Piltover's Ecliptic Vaults)
  • Ekko Ekko remembers Jinx from before she went mad ("I had a crush... until you started talking to the gun")
  • Jinx constantly wants to hug Ziggs Ziggs (he is quite terrified of her)