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  • The many betrayers Kalista is currently targeting include:
    1. Cassiopeia Cassiopeia for backstabbing Sivir Sivir.
    2. Hecarim Hecarim for betraying the trust of Kalista herself.
    3. LeBlanc LeBlanc (who she betrayed is currently unknown)
    4. Lissandra Lissandra for murdering her sister Avarosa and defecting to the Frozen Watchers.
    5. Twisted Fate Twisted Fate for abandoning Graves Graves to be imprisoned in the Locker (Burning Tides revealed the Card Master did try to get the Outlaw out, and they have since settled that dispute, yet Kalista seems to try to convince Graves Graves to 'give in to his hate')
    6. Xerath Xerath for plotting against Azir Azir and laying waste to Ancient Shurima.
    7. Zed Zed for murdering Shen Shen's father Kusho, slaughtering the Kinkou Order, and founding the Order of Shadow over the remains of their monastery.
    8. Strangely enough she is not targeting Warwick Warwick for trying to murder Soraka Soraka to extract her heart (it would seem the Starchild is above such grudges)
  • 'The Spear of Vengeance' (the specter Kalista became after Blade of the Ruined King item.png the Ruination) is a hivemind of betrayed souls (hence she referring to herself as 'we') while Kalista herself is buried deep beneath them all, with every new soul burying her ever deeper within the entity she has become.[1]



KalistaSquare.png Blood Moon Kalista [S|L]
KalistaSquare.png Championship Kalista [S|L]
KalistaSquare.png SKT T1 Kalista [S|L]


  • Kalista is Blade of the Ruined King item.png the Ruined King's niece (making her royalty) and in life she was a general in his army.


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