Champion Select

  • Karthus Select new
    "Agony, ecstasy, peace. Every passing has a beauty all its own."
  • Karthus.attack14
    "Ah, the kiss of death."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Karthus.start01
    "So many souls await."
  • Karthus.start02
    "We all have a place among the divine. We have only to accept it."
  • Karthus.start03
    "My pilgrimage begins."


  • Karthus.attack01
    "Join the chorus of death."
  • Karthus.attack02
  • Karthus.attack03
    "Revel in the undoing."
  • Karthus.attack04
    "Your time has come."
  • Karthus.attack05
    "Release your mortal coil."
  • Karthus.attack06
    "Rest in peace."
  • Karthus.attack07
    "Sleep now, child."
  • Karthus.attack08
    "Darkness envelops you."
  • Karthus.attack09
    "Hear my song."
  • Karthus.attack10
    "The rhythm of your life slows."
  • Karthus.attack11
    "I sing the word of death."
  • Karthus.attack12
    "It is written."
  • Karthus.attack13
    "I crave the parting."
  • Karthus.attack14
    "Ah, the kiss of death."
  • Karthus.attack15
    "Die by my hand, and rise anew."
  • Karthus.attack16
    "Sleep without dreams."


  • Karthus.move01
    "In the end, only the dead shall remain."
  • Karthus.move02
    "We are forever."
  • Karthus.move03
    "Hear the elegy of the lost."
  • Karthus.move04
    "I can give you certainty."
  • Karthus.move05
    "You all die, why not choose how?"
  • Karthus.move06
    "Have you ever felt a calling?"
  • Karthus.move07
    "You are only the cocoon."
  • Karthus.move08
    "Solace comes with a still heart."
  • Karthus.move09
    "Soon, all will wane."
  • Karthus.move10
    "The Shadow Isles sing louder than any siren."
  • Karthus.move11
    "What trickery is life?"
  • Karthus.move12
    "Truth is what I offer."
  • Karthus.move13
    "Death is but a horizon."
  • Karthus.move14
    "Death is a song all will hear."
  • Karthus.move15
    "Follow my voice, and slip away."
  • Karthus.move16
    "You have been dying from your first breath."
  • Karthus.move17
    "The faithful never fear the grave."
  • Karthus.move18
    "Never hunger, never tire, never fear."
  • Karthus.move19
    "May death free us all."
  • Karthus.move20
    "You will forget breath, you will forget love."
  • Karthus.move21
    "Shed no tears for the dead."
  • Karthus.move22
    "You are the candle burning unto nothing."
  • Karthus.move23
    "You are a doomed vessel."
  • Karthus.move24
    "Pain is the herald of your salvation."


  • Karthus.joke01
    "I'm putting your name in my little black necronomicon."
  • Karthus.joke02
    "Do you have a moment to talk about death?."
  • Karthus.joke03
    "What's the incantation again... yes, erm... oh, right, R!"
  • Karthus.joke04
    "Listen, mortals, as I speak the word of... my cookbook."
  • Karthus.joke05
    "Dear diary, met a wonderful ghoul today..."
  • Karthus.joke06
    "Sorry, I'm booked through... er, brrrr... forever."
Joking Near an Enemy Urgot Urgot
  • Karthus.jokeUrgot01
    "Urgot, hm, I highly recommend death at this point."


  • Karthus.taunt01
    "I will shred your body, and burn your soul!"
  • Karthus.taunt02
    "Your death will be excruciating!"
  • Karthus.taunt03
    "Life clings like a parasite to a soul!"
  • Karthus.taunt04
    "The song of your life will be brief."
  • Karthus.taunt05
    "To feel the caress of death for the first time... I envy you!"
Taunting an Enemy Elise Elise
  • Karthus.tauntElise01
    "You deceive your followers. I will enlighten them."
Taunting an Enemy Hecarim Hecarim
  • Karthus.tauntHecarim01
    "Death's horse needs no bridle."
  • Karthus.tauntHecarim02
    "You are but the herald, Hecarim. Remember who you truly serve."
Taunting an Enemy Leona Leona
  • Karthus.tauntLeona01
    "Your light is but a candle in the infinite dark."
Taunting an Enemy Lucian Lucian
  • Karthus.tauntLucian01
    "Lucian! Join her!"
  • Karthus.tauntLucian02
    "Abandon your mortality, and find your precious Senna."
  • Karthus.tauntLucian03
    "You can always join her, Lucian. It will be bliss!"
Taunting an Enemy Mordekaiser Mordekaiser
  • Karthus.tauntMordekaiser01
    "You give the dead purpose, Mordekaiser. I give them meaning."
  • Karthus.tauntMordekaiser02
    "A shell of flesh or a shell of metal? Both ring hollow."
Taunting an Enemy Sion Sion
  • Karthus.tauntSion01
    "Sion, we must free your soul from the prison of flesh."
  • Karthus.tauntSion02
    "You are only the echo of greatness, but I can give you a voice again!"
Taunting an Enemy Thresh Thresh
  • Karthus.tauntThresh01
    "Death has more meaning than torment alone, warden."
  • Karthus.tauntThresh02
    "You may shackle the living, but the dead must walk free."
Taunting an Enemy Urgot Urgot
  • Karthus.tauntUrgot01
    "Abomination, you have cheated death too long."
Taunting an Enemy Varus Varus
  • Karthus.tauntVarus01
    "You are on the eve of liberation, Varus."


  • Karthus.laugh01
    Karthus laughs.
  • Karthus.laugh02
    Karthus laughs.
  • Karthus.laugh03
    Karthus laughs.
  • Karthus.laugh04
    Karthus laughs.


  • Karthus.dance01

Upon Triggering Death Defied.png Death Defied

  • Karthus.I1
    "I am become death!"
  • Karthus.I2
    "Gaze upon me and despair!"
  • Karthus.I3
    "Behold your undoing!"
  • Karthus.I4
    "The shell means nothing!"

Upon Using Wall of Pain.png Wall of Pain

  • Karthus.W1
    "Cross over."
  • Karthus.W2
    "You cannot escape."
  • Karthus.W3
    "Feel the frailty of life!"
  • Karthus.W4
    "Your bodies betray you!"
  • Karthus.W5
    "To flee is to suffer."

Upon Using Defile.png Defile

  • Karthus.E1
    "You will not die alone."
  • Karthus.E2
    "Sing, my children."
  • Karthus.E3
    "Behold my chorus."
  • Karthus.E4
    "Feel the spirits."
  • Karthus.E5
    "Rise and sing!"
  • Karthus.E6
    "Countless voices in unison!"

Upon Using Requiem.png Requiem

  • Karthus.R1
    "Listen and rejoice in death!"
  • Karthus.R2
    "A dirge for those who remain!"
  • Karthus.R3
    "Hear me, mortals!"
  • Karthus.R4
    "Sing with your final breath!"
  • Karthus.R5
  • Karthus.R6
  • Karthus.R7
  • Karthus.R8
    "Cease to be!"

Upon Placing a Ward

  • Karthus.ward01
    "I watch."
  • Karthus.ward02
    "Death sees all."
  • Karthus.ward03
    "Dead eyes never blink."

Upon Buying...

Tear of the Goddess item.png Tear of the Goddess
  • Karthus.itemTear01
    "A tear of loss, a tear of joy."
Archangel's Staff item.png Archangel's Staff
  • Karthus.itemGuardianAngel01
    "Angels too are the messengers of death."
  • Karthus.itemGuardianAngel02
    "Host of angels, or murder of crows?"
Rod of Ages item.png Rod of Ages
  • Karthus.itemRodofAges01
    "Its power grows with time... as does mine."
  • Karthus.itemRodofAges02
    "A companion for all time."
Rabadon's Deathcap item.png Rabadon's Deathcap
  • Karthus.itemDeathcap01
    "A crown for the king of death."
  • Karthus.itemDeathcap02
    "Its old master served my patron well."
  • Karthus.itemDeathcap03
    "Ah, the song grows."
  • Karthus.itemDeathcap04
    "I hear the echo of a Rabadon; it is exquisite."
Rylai's Crystal Scepter item.png Rylai's Crystal Scepter
  • Karthus.itemRylais01
    "None can outrun death."
  • Karthus.itemRylais03
    "When death's grip finds you, it clings tightly."
  • Karthus.itemRylais04
    "This crystal will sing with me."
Void Staff item.png Void Staff
  • Karthus.itemVoidStaff01
    "No-one can hide from the end."
  • Karthus.itemVoidStaff02
    "It will turn their mantles to shrouds."
  • Karthus.itemVoidStaff03
    "What can protect you from the inevitable?"
Zhonya's Hourglass item.png Zhonya's Hourglass
  • Karthus.itemZhonyas01
    "The grave has all the time in the world."
  • Karthus.itemZhonyas02
    "The sands slip away like lives."
  • Karthus.itemZhonyas03
    "Freeze that moment, on the threshold of oblivion."
Athene's Unholy Grail item.png Athene's Unholy Grail
  • Karthus.itemAthenes01
    "Come, drink of the grail."

Upon Casting Recall.png Recall

  • Karthus.recall01
    "Death prevails."
  • Karthus.recall02
    "I go where death bids me."
  • Karthus.recall03
    "When I return, more shall join my choir."

Twisted Treeline Altar Capture Responses

ProfileIcon0576 Spirit of the Altar West Altar
  • WestAltar.Karthus1
    "What kind of man embraces death?"
  • WestAltar.Karthus2
    "No good will come from your sorcery, Karthus."
  • WestAltar.Karthus3
    "I also hear the songs of the dead."
East Altar
  • EastAltar.Karthus1
    "A man who chose to join us... glorious."
  • EastAltar.Karthus2
    "Unleash us, Karthus!"
  • EastAltar.Karthus3
    "I serve you willingly, Lich!"
  • EastAltar.Karthus4
    "The dark requiem will be the last thing they hear!"

The following are in addition to his Classic quotes.


  • PentakillKarthus.attack01
    "Silence, groundwalker."
  • PentakillKarthus.attack02
    "Die for metal."
  • PentakillKarthus.attack03
    "Join me in this duet of demise."
  • PentakillKarthus.attack04
    "It's time... to wake the dead."
  • PentakillKarthus.attack05
    "Lights out - forever."


  • PentakillKarthus.move01
    "Metal is the only heartbeat I need."
  • PentakillKarthus.move02
    "Amp it up."
  • PentakillKarthus.move03
    "Tower diver! Gotta' get away, get away!"
  • PentakillKarthus.move04
    "We totally topped the charts in the Freljord!"
  • PentakillKarthus.move05
    "Death is blacker than the blackest black... times infinity."


  • PentakillKarthus.joke01
    "When the going gets tough, the tough get a Deathcap!"
  • PentakillKarthus.joke02
    "What have I done? Created beauty by simply rocking! That's all."
  • PentakillKarthus.joke03
    "What is that sound? It's the pounding of creation's hammer on the anvil of time!"


  • PentakillKarthus.dance01
  • PentakillKarthus.dance02
  • PentakillKarthus.dance03

Upon Triggering Death Defied.png Death Defied

  • PentakillKarthus.I1
    "You can't kill the metal!"
  • PentakillKarthus.I2
    "The sustain! Listen to it!"
  • PentakillKarthus.I3
    "This is eleven!"
  • PentakillKarthus.I4
    "Time for my encore!"
  • PentakillKarthus.I5

Upon Using Requiem.png Requiem

  • PentakillKarthus.R1
    "I am the lightbringer!"
  • PentakillKarthus.R2
    "Everyone will falter when you die!"
  • PentakillKarthus.R3
    "My son, smite them all!"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "Let me show you an alternative to life."
Player Team Victory
  • "You have earned a page in my book."
Player Team Defeat
  • "GG!"
  • "My song is death."