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  • Death Defied Death Defied is one of only three abilities that allow their casters to continue attacking after death, the others being Icathian Surprise Icathian Surprise and Glory in Death Glory in Death.
  • Requiem Requiem was likely named after Requiem Mass referencing Karthus' singing for/about the dead.
  • A glass case reading 'Press Requiem R to Win' can be seen in the game's Mac Version launch trailer.
  • Before 2016 Karthus had been disabled for every single Ultra Rapid Fire edition (most likely to prevent 'Spam Requiem R to Win' abuse cases)
  • Karthus' vocals in Smite and Ignite are provided by ZP Theart ('Deathfire Grasp' and 'Last Whisper') and by Jørn Lande (the rest).


KarthusSquare Classic Karthus [S|L]
KarthusSquare Pentakill Karthus [S|L]


KarthusSquare Phantom Karthus [S|L]
KarthusSquare Statue of Karthus [S|L]
KarthusSquare Grim Reaper Karthus [S|L]
KarthusSquare Pentakill Karthus [S|L]
KarthusSquare Fnatic Karthus [S|L]
KarthusSquare Karthus Lightsbane [S|L]


  • In life Karthus was a tally-man of KindredSquare Kindred and, to this day, he wears the vestments and carries the staff, which he still etches every time he 'releases' a mortal soul from life.
  • Unlike most Shadow Isles champions, who have a direct relation to Blade of the Ruined King item the Ruined King and/or the Ruination that destroyed the Isles, Karthus is one of two champions with no connection to the Isles' origin (the other being EvelynnSquare Evelynn)
  • MordekaiserSquare Mordekaiser embarked on a metal-fueled journey to recruit Karthus, YorickSquare Yorick, SonaSquare Sona, and OlafSquare Olaf in order to form Pentakill so they would Smite Smite and Ignite Ignite the whole of Runeterra with their music.[1]