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Champion Update: Kassadin

By Conor 'fizzNchips' Sheehy [1]

Kassadin Kassadin's all gussied up and about ready to Riftwalk.png Riftwalk out of the champion update workshop!

Kassadin VU Screenshots

Similar to the updates we applied to Singed Singed and Maokai Maokai at the tail end of last year, we're giving Kassadin a visual-only brush up to his base model and skins. That means a new model and textures, plus a whole new set of animations, visual effects and spell effects. We've reworked Nether Blade.png his blade, too, so now it looks a little sharper while costing a bunch less in terms of resources. Even the Void loves toasters.

Cosmic Reaver Kassadin

Kassadin CosmicReaverSkin

Under the twinkle of the Southern Cross, Cosmic Reaver Kassadin rises to bring balance to the cosmos. With astral blade in hand, channel the power of the stars as you serve cosmic justice to your opponents.[2]

Kassadin Cosmic Reaver Screenshots
Inspired by Oceania
Kassadin Cosmic Reaver Southern Cross

Cosmic Reaver Kassadin’s astral appearance is inspired by the Southern Cross, the smallest constellation in the night sky. Communities all across Oceania treat the Cross with special reverence -- from the folk tales of the Maori to the symbolism of Australian Aboriginal astronomy, the constellation holds different meanings in various Oceanic countries.

The Southern Cross features most prominently in Cosmic Reaver Kassadin's Recall animation, in which he traces the shape of the constellation after opening a rift into space. His new weapon also takes on the shape of the Cross, being outlined in stars.

Launch Sale
Kassadin Cosmic Reaver model

Cosmic Reaver Kassadin will launch at half price in Oceania for two weeks, dropping the price from 1350 RP to 675 RP. During this period, Kassadin’s RP price will also be halved from 790 RP to 395 RP.

Charity Information

All revenue earned from the sale of Cosmic Reaver Kassadin in Oceania during the launch sale will be donated to charity. The Medical Services/Research category won the server vote so the donation will go to a cause in that field.

More updates will be posted on boards as this progresses.


Worlds 2016 Zedd - Ignite03:47

Worlds 2016 Zedd - Ignite


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