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Upon Selection

  • Kassadin Select
    "The balance of power must be preserved."


  • Kassadin.attack1
  • Kassadin.attack2
    "Your magic is powerless against me!"
  • Kassadin.attack3
    "Justice will be served."
  • Kassadin.attack4
    "Balance above all else."
  • Kassadin.attack5
    "You are null and void."
  • Kassadin.attack6
    "As you wish."
  • Kassadin.move2
    "I'm on my way!"


  • Kassadin.taunt
    "Try that again!"


  • Kassadin.joke
    "I tried to silence my mother once. Boy, did I regret that."


  • Kassadin.laugh1
    Kassadin laughs.
  • Kassadin.laugh2
    Kassadin laughs.
  • Kassadin.laugh3
    Kassadin laughs.


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