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Kassadin OriginalCircle Classic Kassadin [S|L]
Kassadin FestivalCircle Festival Kassadin [S|L]
Kassadin DeepOneCircle Deep One Kassadin [S|L]
Kassadin Pre-VoidCircle Pre-Void Kassadin [S|L]
  • This is him before being transformed by the Void (meaning he is deep within Icathia).
  • The tentacles grabbing him might be referencing Vel'KozSquare Vel'Koz's species.
Kassadin HarbingerCircle Harbinger Kassadin [S|L]
  • This is him having been convinced by and having joined forces with MalzaharSquare Malzahar in ushering the Voidborn into Runeterra.
Kassadin CosmicReaverCircle Cosmic Reaver Kassadin [S|L]


  • Even though he is from Shurima, his ties to his homecountry are very weak, due to his preoccupation with the void.
  • Kassadin is on a mission to avenge his daughter Kai'SaSquare Kai'Sa and his wife, who were taken by the Void 10 years in the past, his mission also includes stop the Void  from spreading across Runeterra and to keep the veil separating both planes from shattering completely.
  • Kassadin and Malzahar are polar opposites. While Kassadin tries to fight the void, Malzahar tries to bring it to Runeterra.
    • In the new lore, Kassadin blamed Malzahar for open the Void rift that killed his wife and daugther .
      • But different from what Kassadin thinks, his daughter survived and now hunts Voidborns in the underground of Shurima .
  • In the old lore, Malzahar tried several times to recruit Kassadin, to no avail. Later on, Malzahar was directly responsible for sending Kassadin's daughter to the void.