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Upon Selection

  • Kayle Select
    "Into the fray!"


  • Kayle.attack1
    "Lead me to battle."
  • Kayle.attack2
    "Into the fray!"
  • Kayle.attack3
    "Who's next?"
  • Kayle.attack4
    "Your time has come."
  • Kayle.move3
    "An eye for an eye."


  • Kayle.taunt
    "Come here! I'll teach you all about the afterlife."


Kayle throws her sword into the ground and balances on its hilt with one foot.
  • Kayle.joke
    "Are... you sure you're not in the wrong league?"


  • Kayle.laugh1
    Kayle laughs.
  • Kayle.laugh2
    Kayle laughs.
  • Kayle.laugh3
    Kayle laughs.


  • AetherWingKayle.attack1
    "Ugh, dust in the clockwork."
  • AetherWingKayle.attack2
    "Let my blade speak the law!"
  • AetherWingKayle.attack3
    "Transcend imperfection."
  • AetherWingKayle.attack4
    "To rebuild we must first destroy."
  • AetherWingKayle.attack5
    "Faith and steel unbroken."
  • AetherWingKayle.attack6
    "There will be no compromise."
  • AetherWingKayle.attack7
    "This is for the greater good."
  • AetherWingKayle.attack8
    "By wing and blade."
  • AetherWingKayle.attack9
    "Order, through time and space."
  • AetherWingKayle.attack10
    "A future forged in light and steel."


  • AetherWingKayle.move1
    "Everything in its place."
  • AetherWingKayle.move2
    "I bring a vision of utopia."
  • AetherWingKayle.move3
    "Perfection unto eternity."
  • AetherWingKayle.move4
    "Trust in my vision."
  • AetherWingKayle.move5
    "Prosperity through technology."
  • AetherWingKayle.move6
    "The whole world in our image."
  • AetherWingKayle.move7
    "Nothing left in flux."
  • AetherWingKayle.move8
    "Crafted in divine light."
  • AetherWingKayle.move9
    "I see into infinity."
  • AetherWingKayle.move10
    "In time, all will understand."


Kayle's wings malfunction and she falls to the ground.
  • AetherWingKayle.joke1
    "What? No! Ugh... Hmm. Sometimes you just need to reboot the system."
  • AetherWingKayle.joke2
    "Uh, malfunction? What I... Uh, I mean... That was all part of the grand plan!"
  • AetherWingKayle.joke3
    "Uh, oh, ah, wha- wait. See? Perfection."


  • AetherWingKayle.taunt1
    "So long as I have my wings, you will always stand in my shadow."
  • AetherWingKayle.taunt2
    "The future is perfection. It's a pity you will not live to see it."


  • AetherWingKayle.laugh1
    Kayle laughs.
  • AetherWingKayle.laugh2
    Kayle laughs.
  • AetherWingKayle.laugh3
    Kayle laughs.
  • AetherWingKayle.laugh4
    Kayle laughs.

Upon Using Reckoning.png Reckoning or Divine Blessing.png Divine Blessing

  • AetherWingKayle.spellcast1

Upon Using Intervention.png Intervention

  • AetherWingKayle.ultimate1
  • AetherWingKayle.ultimate2
  • AetherWingKayle.ultimate3
  • AetherWingKayle.ultimate4
    "Light protect you!"

Co-op vs. AI Responses

Match Start
  • "You shall be judged."
Against Player Morgana Morgana
  • "I will bring you to Justice, Morgana!"
Player Team Victory
  • "GG!"
Player Team Defeat
  • "Stay true in victory and defeat."


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