Champion Select

  • Kayn Select
    Kayn: "Will you prove worthy?"
    • Rhaast "Probably not."
  • Kayn Ban
    Kayn: "The weak fear the shadows."
    • Rhaast "Fear controls them."


First blood

  • Kayn: "That was for Zed."
  • Kayn: "Merely the first to die. There will be more."
  • Rhaast: "Ooohhh, that felt gooood."
  • Rhaast: "You never forget your first kill, nope, that's not right, I've already forgotten it."


  • Kayn: "My potential has been realized."
  • Rhaast: "The reaping has begun."


  • Kayn: "You wanted mercy? Not from me!!!"
  • Rhaast: "Where are the worthy?"


  • Kayn: "That's four by my count."
  • Rhaast: "Stand back! Kayn doesn't know how deadly this thing gets!"

When using Shadow Step

  • Kayn: "I am everywhere."
  • Kayn: "Here we go."
  • Rhaast: "I do like this."


Taunt - enemy Yordle

  • Rhaast: "Yordles.... uggghhh, you sicken me."

Taunt - ally Aatrox

  • Rhaast: "Death and war, this will be delicious."

Taunt - ally Varus

  • Rhaast: "We find Aatrox... and it's a party of murder. A murder party."

Taunt - ally Zed

  • Kayn: "Together... we are unstoppable, zed."


  • Rhaast: "I smell, it's you. You smell...bad."
  • Kayn: "I wield a sentient weapon of doom, denied blood for eons. You think I am scared of you?"


When Transforming into Rhaast Rhaast via The Darkin Scythe.png The Darkin Scythe

  • Kayn.darkinTransform01
    Rhaast: "Goodbye Kayn. Reaping will commence. Now!"
  • Kayn.darkinTransform02
    Rhaast: "It's all Rhaast now."
  • Kayn.darkinTransform03
    Rhaast: "Poor Kayn. All those plans for naught."
  • Kayn.darkinTransform04
    Rhaast: "Destruction, wrath, fury! As it was meant to be."