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Kienan Lafferty

Kienan Lafferty

Kienan 'Knockwurst' Lafferty is a Splash and Concept Artist working for Riot Games Inc. He used to be the lead artist doing Art Spotlights before Riot started using more than one artist for a single splash art.


Diana OriginalSkin

Example of his work.

Swain TyrantSkin

Example of his work.

Tristana RocketGirlSkin

Example of his work.

Lulu Winter Wonder concept 2

Example of his work.

Maokai VU concept

Example of his work.

  • Concept art:
    • Diana Diana (Classic)
    • Fiora Fiora (Nightraven VU)
    • Gangplank Gangplank (Classic VU, Minuteman VU)
    • Lulu Lulu (Winter Wonder)
    • Maokai Maokai (Classic VU, Charred VU, Festive VU)
    • Miss Fortune Miss Fortune (Classic VU, Cowgirl VU, Waterloo VU)
    • Poppy Poppy (Classic VU, Noxus VU, Lollipoppy VU, Ragdoll VU, Blacksmith VU, Battle Regalia VU, Scarlet Hammer VU)
    • Rammus Rammus (Guardian of the Sands)
    • Skarner Skarner (Guardian of the Sands)
    • Taric Taric (Classic VU, Armor of the Fifth Age VU)
    • Yordle race


KNKL 315 Taric VU!28:49

KNKL 315 Taric VU!

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