Champion Select

  • Kindred Select
    Lamb: "Never one... "
    • Wolf: "...without the other."
  • Kindred.markSteal07
    Lamb: "You overstep."

Upon Starting a Game

  • Kindred.start01
    Wolf: "Never one... "
    • Lamb: "...without the other."
  • Kindred.start02
    Lamb: "Never one... "
    • Wolf: "...without the other."
  • Kindred.start03
    Lamb: "Every life... "
    • Wolf: "...ends with us."
  • Kindred.start04
    Wolf: "Tell me again, little Lamb, which things are mine to take?"
    • Lamb: "All things, dear Wolf."


  • Kindred.attack01
    Lamb: "Embracing life means accepting death."
  • Kindred.attack02
    Lamb: "Panic not when life ebbs."
  • Kindred.attack03
    Lamb: "All sparks kindle new flames."
  • Kindred.attack04
    Lamb: "Depart in peace."
  • Kindred.attack05
    Lamb: "Hush now. Rest."
  • Kindred.attack06
    Lamb: "You shine brightly."
  • Kindred.attack07
    Lamb: "Drift gently into oblivion."
  • Kindred.attack08
    Lamb: "How one dies shows how one lived."
  • Kindred.attack09
    Wolf: "Run if you can!"
  • Kindred.attack10
    Wolf: "They struggle! Good!"
  • Kindred.attack11
    Wolf: "They break too easy!"
  • Kindred.attack12
    Wolf: "Feet tire fast!"
  • Kindred.attack13
    Wolf: "Ready to chase? Too bad!"
  • Kindred.attack14
    Wolf: "This will hurt - lots!"
  • Kindred.attack15
    Wolf: "No more words!"
  • Kindred.attack16
    Wolf: "Tear out the throat!"
  • Kindred.attack17
    Wolf: "Rip them to bits!"
  • Kindred.attack18
    Wolf: "My claws never dull!"
  • Kindred.attack19
    Lamb: "This one is yours."
    • Wolf: "Yes!"
  • Kindred.attack20
    Wolf: "Lamb calls!"
    • Lamb: "Wolf strikes."
  • Kindred.attack21
    Lamb: "A careless step... "
    • Wolf: "...then teeth!"
  • Kindred.attack22
    Lamb: "Life is ours... "
    • Wolf: " end!"
  • Kindred.attack23
    Lamb: "Go easily."
    • Wolf: "No! Thrash! Flee!"
  • Kindred.attack24
    Lamb: "Time to... "
    • Wolf: "...end this."
  • Kindred.attack25
    Wolf: "Mine?"
    • Lamb: "Ours."
  • Kindred.attack26
    Lamb: "Flee - or stand firm."
    • Wolf: "Doesn't matter!"
  • Kindred.attack27
    Lamb: "Day always turns to... "
    • Wolf: "!"


  • Kindred.move01
    Lamb: "Those who dread us grant us the most power."
  • Kindred.move02
    Lamb: "We are not dreams. We are the waking."
  • Kindred.move03
    Lamb: "The only true death is to never live.
  • Kindred.move04
    Lamb: "There are so many ways to die.
  • Kindred.move05
    Lamb: "Those who run from death... stood still in life.
  • Kindred.move06
    Lamb: "All will know us... in time.
  • Kindred.move07
    Lamb: "Beauty fades. That is why it is beautiful."
  • Kindred.move08
    Lamb: "Wolf chases what does not willingly go."
  • Kindred.move09
    Lamb: "Tomorrow is a hope, never a promise."
  • Kindred.move10
    Wolf: "Hurry, Lamb. Faster."
  • Kindred.move11
    Wolf: "I smell their fear."
  • Kindred.move12
    Wolf: "None can hide."
  • Kindred.move13
    Wolf: "Follow their tracks."
  • Kindred.move14
    Wolf: "Bits of them stick in my claws!"
  • Kindred.move15
    Wolf: "Fear makes the chase more fun!"
  • Kindred.move16
    Wolf: "All who run are mine!"
  • Kindred.move17
    Wolf: "Can't wait for them to flee!"
  • Kindred.move18
    Wolf: "I smell prey!"
  • Kindred.move19
    Lamb: "How does hunger feel?"
    • Wolf: "Always there."
  • Kindred.move20
    Lamb: "I wonder how they see me."
    • Wolf: "Ashes on wool."
  • Kindred.move21
    Wolf: "What sound do they make?"
    • Lamb: "Feathers falling on fresh snow."
  • Kindred.move22
    Wolf: "None can hide!"
    • Lamb: "Though many try."
  • Kindred.move23
    Wolf: "They race from us!"
    • Lamb: "Only to find us sooner."
  • Kindred.move24
    Lamb: "The weft and weave of fate guides---"
    • Wolf: "Words spoil the chase!"
  • Kindred.move25
    Lamb: "All things linger... "
    • Wolf: " our shadow."
  • Kindred.move26
    Wolf: "They know we'll come."
    • Lamb: "Yet they are never prepared."
  • Kindred.move27
    Wolf: "How long will we be together?"
    • Lamb: "Forever more."
  • Kindred.move28
    Lamb: "Peacefully, they go."
    • Wolf: "Hungry, we follow!"
  • Kindred.move29
    Lamb: "They laugh."
    • Wolf: "And scream!"
      • Lamb: "And dance."
        • Wolf: "And flee!"
  • Kindred.move30
    Wolf: "And everywhere Lamb went... "
    • Lamb: "...Wolf was sure to follow."
  • Kindred.move31
    Lamb: "And everywhere Lamb went... "
    • Wolf: "...Wolf was sure to follow!"


  • Kindred.taunt01
    Wolf: "I see water!"
    • Lamb: "They are called... tears."
  • Kindred.taunt02
    Wolf: "Chasing is the best game in the world... and I always win!"
  • Kindred.taunt03
    Wolf: "I'll give you a running start!"
    • Lamb: "Not that it will help."
  • Kindred.taunt04
    Wolf: "It thinks it can beat us!"
    • Lamb: "This is called... denial."
  • Kindred.taunt05
    Lamb: "Choose now - my arrows... "
    • Wolf: "...or my teeth?!"
Taunting an Enemy Amumu Amumu
  • Kindred.tauntAmumu01
    Lamb: "We understand your loneliness, but... "
    • Wolf: "...stay away!"
Taunting an Enemy Bard Bard
  • Kindred.tauntBard01
    Wolf: "Pop the balloon!"
Taunting an Enemy Ekko Ekko
  • Kindred.tauntEkko01
    Lamb: "We know your name child. Woven across countless almost-lives."
Taunting an Enemy Gangplank Gangplank
  • Kindred.tauntUnknown01
    Lamb: "Rushing to meet us again, I see."
  • Kindred.tauntUnknown02
    Wolf: "Have we met before?"
Taunting an Enemy Karthus Karthus
  • Kindred.tauntKarthus01
    Wolf: "His song sounds good."
    • Lamb: "The singer mistakes melody for substance."
Taunting an Enemy Katarina Katarina
  • Kindred.tauntUnknown03
    Lamb: "Long have we shadowed your deeds."
    • Wolf: "Turn and face us now!"
Taunting an Enemy Maokai Maokai
  • Kindred.tauntMaokai01
    Wolf: "Trees make a boring chase!"
Taunting an Enemy Rengar Rengar
  • Kindred.tauntRengar01
    Wolf: "Chase the cat!"
  • Kindred.tauntRengar02
    Lamb: "Rengar is well-versed in the ways of the hunter."
    • Wolf: "Now, he's prey!"
Taunting an Enemy Sion Sion
  • Kindred.tauntSion01
    Lamb: "Come, Sion, let us end this mockery."
Taunting an Enemy Urgot Urgot
  • Kindred.tauntSion02
    Lamb: "Sometimes, death is a blessing."
Taunting an Enemy Warwick Warwick
  • Kindred.tauntWarwick01
    Wolf: "There are no wolves like me!"


  • Kindred.joke01
    Lamb: "Hold still, Wolf."
    • Wolf: "Ahh! Don't shoot me!"
  • Kindred.joke02
    Wolf: "What happens if you miss?"
    • Lamb: "I don't know."
  • Kindred.joke03
    Wolf: "Words, words, la la la, pew twang pew!"
    • Lamb: "Are you imitating me?"
  • Kindred.joke04
    Lamb: "I'm hungry, I'm hungry, I'm bored, chase chase chase!"
    • Wolf: "You get it now!"
  • Kindred.joke05
    Lamb: "The weft and weave of fate guides... um... uh... how did that poem go again?"


  • Kindred.laugh01
    Lamb and Wolf laugh.
  • Kindred.laugh02
    Lamb and Wolf laugh.
  • Kindred.laugh03
    Lamb and Wolf laugh.


  • Kindred.idle01
    Lamb hums.
  • Kindred.idle02
    Lamb hums.
  • Kindred.idle03
    Lamb hums.
  • Kindred.idle04
    Lamb hums.
  • Kindred.idle05
    Lamb hums.
  • Kindred.idle06
    Lamb hums.

Upon Mark of the Kindred.png Marking an Enemy

  • Kindred.mark01
    Kindred: "The masks of the Kindred seek you!"
  • Kindred.mark05
    Lamb: "Our mark looms over you."
  • Kindred.mark06
    Lamb: "Treasure your final moments."
  • Kindred.mark08
    Lamb: "Eternal twilight calls for you."
  • Kindred.mark17
    Lamb: "Your next treat, dear Wolf."
  • Kindred.mark12
    Lamb: "Fate hunts you today."
  • Kindred.mark14
    Lamb: "A fine life reaches its conclusion."
  • Kindred.mark20
    Lamb: "Their path is destined to cross ours."
  • Kindred.mark03
    Wolf: "The hunt begins!"
  • Kindred.mark07
    Wolf: "This one is ready!"
  • Kindred.mark09
    Wolf: "Run! Now!"
  • Kindred.mark10
    Wolf: "There you are!"
  • Kindred.mark15
    Wolf: "I hope this one has strong legs!"
  • Kindred.mark16
    Wolf: "I will chase it until it's dead!"
  • Kindred.mark02
    Lamb: "We have your name."
    • Wolf: "And your scent!"
  • Kindred.mark04
    Lamb: "Your time has come."
    • Wolf: "Ready or not!"
  • Kindred.mark11
    Wolf: "We know your name!"
    • Lamb: "We have always known it."
  • Kindred.mark13
    Lamb: "When you see us... "
    • Wolf: "'s too late!"
  • Kindred.mark18
    Lamb: "Shall we, dear Wolf?"
    • Wolf: "Race you there!"
  • Kindred.mark19
    Wolf: "This next one will be easy."
    • Lamb: "And if not?"
      • Wolf: "More fun."
  • Kindred.mark21
    Wolf: Its heart beats fast now!"
    • Lamb: "It knows."
Upon Killing a Mark of the Kindred.png Marked Enemy
  • Kindred.markKill05
    Lamb: "Such befalls all who bear our mark."
  • Kindred.markKill09
    Lamb: "All your life has led to this moment."
  • Kindred.markKill10
    Lamb: "All life is temporary."
  • Kindred.markKill15
    Lamb: "Well hunted, dear Wolf."
  • Kindred.markKill17
    Lamb: "Return to nothing."
  • Kindred.markKill03
    Wolf: "That was a good chase!"
  • Kindred.markKill07
    Wolf: "Hahahahaha, that was fun!"
  • Kindred.markKill12
    Wolf: "Fun chase!"
  • Kindred.markKill01
    Wolf: "We take our mark!"
    • Lamb: "Only to place it elsewhere."
  • Kindred.markKill02
    Lamb: "Our mark is lifted."
    • Wolf: "Who's next?!"
  • Kindred.markKill04
    Wolf: "No match for me!"
    • Lamb: "None are, dear Wolf."
  • Kindred.markKill06
    Wolf: "We win!"
    • Lamb: "Always, dear Wolf."
  • Kindred.markKill08
    Wolf: "Who's next?"
    • Lamb: "Everyone."
  • Kindred.markKill11
    Lamb: "All things, great and small... "
    • Wolf: "...die."
  • Kindred.markKill13
    Wolf: "No match for us!"
    • Lamb: "Few are, dear Wolf."
  • Kindred.markKill14
    Wolf: "The chase ends!"
    • Lamb: "More lie ahead, dear Wolf."
  • Kindred.markKill16
    Lamb: "If it draws breath... "
    • Wolf: " meets us."
  • Kindred.markKill18
    Lamb: "The weft and weave of fate guides---"
    • Wolf: "The hunt is back on!"
When a Mark of the Kindred.png Marked Monster Dies to an Enemy Champion
  • Kindred.markSteal03
    Lamb: "That was meant to be ours."
  • Kindred.markSteal04
    Lamb: "We shall remember this theft."
  • Kindred.markSteal05
    Lamb: "What folly it is to snatch our marks."
  • Kindred.markSteal07
    Lamb: "You overstep."
  • Kindred.markSteal01
    Wolf: "No! That was mine!"
  • Kindred.markSteal02
    Wolf: "You stole my chase!"
  • Kindred.markSteal08
    Wolf: "How fast can you run?"
  • Kindred.markSteal06
    Lamb: "An emboldened thief."
    • Wolf: "I will eat it!"
  • Kindred.markSteal09
    Lamb: "You steal from us... "
    • Wolf: "...we steal from you."

Upon Casting Wolf's Frenzy.png Wolf's Frenzy

  • Kindred.W1
    Lamb: "Go, Wolf!"
    • Wolf: "Run them down!"
  • Kindred.W2
    Wolf: "My turn!"
    • Lamb: "Chase to your heart's content."
  • Kindred.W3
    Lamb: "Now, Wolf!"
    • Wolf: "My turn!"

When Triggering Mounting Dread.png Mounting Dread

  • Kindred.E1
    Wolf: "Mine!"
  • Kindred.E2
    Wolf: "Now!"
  • Kindred.E3
    Lamb: "Now!"

Upon Casting Lamb's Respite.png Lamb's Respite

  • Kindred.R1
    "Shine once more, before the end."
  • Kindred.R2
    "Savour life's closing act."
  • Kindred.R3
    "Not here, not yet."

Upon Buying...

Guardian Angel item.png Guardian Angel
  • Kindred.itemInfinityEdge01
    Wolf: "For us, or them?"
Infinity Edge item.png Infinity Edge
  • Kindred.itemInfinityEdge02
    Lamb: "Sharp enough to slice the veil between life and death."
  • Kindred.itemInfinityEdge03
    Lamb: "A sharper blade makes for a cleaner death."
Last Whisper item.png Last Whisper
  • Kindred.itemLastWhisper01
    Lamb: "They shall only hear my voice."
  • Kindred.itemLastWhisper02
    Wolf: "Cut them deeper!"
The Black Cleaver item.png The Black Cleaver
  • Kindred.itemLastWhisper03
    Lamb: "Strip away their armor."
    • Wolf: "Rip it to shreds!"
The Bloodthirster item.png The Bloodthirster
  • Kindred.itemBloodthirster01
    Wolf: "I thirst more!"
  • Kindred.itemBloodthirster02
    Lamb: "It courses with stolen lives."
  • Kindred.itemBloodthirster03
    Lamb: "They shall not ignore us so easily."
Blade of the Ruined King item.png Blade of the Ruined King
  • Kindred.itemBotRK01
    Lamb: "Forged in a land unwelcome to us."

While Waiting to Respawn

  • Kindred.unknown02
    Wolf: "Lamb, tell me a story."
    • Lamb: "There was once a pale man with dark hair who was very lonely."
      • Wolf: "Why was it lonely?"
        • Lamb: "All things must meet this man, so they shunned him."
          • Wolf: "Did he chase them all?"
            • Lamb: "He took an axe and split himself in two right down the middle."
              • Wolf: "So he would always have a friend?"
                • Lamb: "So he would always have a friend."
  • Kindred.unknown01
    Lamb: "Are you there, dear Wolf?"
    • Wolf: "I am, little Lamb."
      • Lamb: "Are you sad?"
        • Wolf: "I am."
          • Lamb: "What does it feel like?"
            • Wolf: "A long hunt with no kill."
  • Kindred.unknown03
    Wolf: "Is it time?"
    • Lamb: "We will soon awaken from this pale slumber."
  • Kindred.unknown04
    Wolf: "Is this what it feels like to end?"
    • Lamb: "I do not know, for this is not our end."
      • Wolf: "Do others come back?"
        • Lamb: "Those who do, wish they hadn't."
  • Kindred.unknown05
    Wolf: "How old are we, Lamb?"
    • Lamb: "Older than those whose footsteps are long vanished."
      • Wolf: "Many years."
        • Lamb: "I remember them all."
  • Kindred.unknown06
    Wolf: "Have they forgotten us yet, little Lamb?"
    • Lamb: "All still know us, though they try to forget. Soon we will remind them."
  • Kindred.unknown07
    Lamb: "What do all stories have in common, dear Wolf?"
    • Wolf: "They end."